Edwardian recap: Hip*Stirr

Hip*Stirr belts and bags

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6 Responses to “Edwardian recap: Hip*Stirr”

  1. photographerleia Says:

    These aren’t something I would wear, but that third one is adorable.

  2. Piggy Says:

    Looks like something a Steampunk Batman would wear around his waist.

  3. Sutton Says:

    Love these…the name makes me sad, but they are very Steampunk so it’s get a pass. *thumbs up*

  4. scarabin Says:

    i see these on girls all over the burner party scene

  5. Cate Says:

    Love these, reminds me of Batman’s utility belt!

  6. All Women Stalker Says:

    I have to agree with everyone: They do look like Batman’s utility belt. I wouldn’t wear any of them but I like the first one. Simple and clean.

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