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Antique FemurBone Foot

What Does Flagyl Do, Available on the on-line shop only, Urban Outfitters has in stock teeny tiny little bone charm necklaces, ranging in price from $9.99 - $24.  I'm quite taken by the little mandible dangling from the two pictured above!

Thanks to reader Laura for pointing them out to me!

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8 Responses to “What Does Flagyl Do”

  1. mordicai Says:

    Valentine present part one: OBTAINED.

  2. Cate Says:

    Oh wow *wants* that ribcage one will go perfect with my new target dress!

  3. A Says:

    LOVE the ribcage!

  4. Maggie Says:

    Wow very cool

  5. T.S. Says:

    I have a think for ribcages in jewelery, I don’t know, I find them very aesthetic. I think I want that necklace, yes I do!

  6. Laura Says:

    Thanks for publishing my submission! :)

  7. Alice Says:

    I can’t believe something this cool is so affordable! Lovvvvvve!

  8. All Women Stalker Says:

    I thought I saw $99 but then I looked again and saw that it was only $9! I can’t believe these awesome accessories are so affordable. Love the ribcage design.

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