China White

China White Photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue UK, March 2010


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8 Responses to “China White”

  1. ffiend Says:

    where do yu find white afro-y wigs like that?

  2. Rachel Says:

    !!!!! Third photo from the top! She’s wearing those AMAZING ORGASMIC heels that Lady Gaga wears in Bad Romance! WHO MAKES THOSE!? I’m curious of how many thousands they cost! And I want to see them in better detail!

  3. Sara Says:

    All of these shoes are very striking. I’d be interested to know who made them too :3

  4. Julie Says:

    I’m quite sure that those platform heels in the third picture are by Alexander McQueen. They look like the ones from his Ready-To-Wear spring ’10 show.

    The combination of Tim Walker and Alexander McQueen is just… Unf.

  5. Talia Says:

    Those china print stockings are devine, I can’t read the who makes them though :( can anybody make it out, or tell me stright up?

  6. Serena Says:

    The tights are from They have other amazing stuff on there too from the looks of it!

  7. Clint Catalyst Says:

    Agreed, the McQueen shoes in the third pic are Most God.

    I’ve always been a big fan of glacial glamour—glistening white powder make-up, the notion of a “Snow Queen,” the paradox of how a “white-out” is something overwhelming & dark…

    From the art direction to the outfits in the third and fourth images: pieces of perfect, yes:

    But the double-entendre of this editorial’s title & text accompanying it?

    “China White…Handle With Care”?

    Siiiick—& equal parts subtle & overt.

    (For the more pure at heart, so to speak: Type “China White”—in quotation marks, obviously—in a google search. Neither the first definition nor the first image result has to do with fine dining wear.)

    “Handle With Care,” indeed.

  8. All Women Stalker Says:

    The whole spread is so magical. I love how all the elements came together.

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