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China White

China White Photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue UK, March 2010


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  1. Agreed, the McQueen shoes in the third pic are Most God.

    I’ve always been a big fan of glacial glamour—glistening white powder make-up, the notion of a “Snow Queen,” the paradox of how a “white-out” is something overwhelming & dark…

    From the art direction to the outfits in the third and fourth images: pieces of perfect, yes:

    But the double-entendre of this editorial’s title & text accompanying it?

    “China White…Handle With Care”?

    Siiiick—& equal parts subtle & overt.

    (For the more pure at heart, so to speak: Type “China White”—in quotation marks, obviously—in a google search. Neither the first definition nor the first image result has to do with fine dining wear.)

    “Handle With Care,” indeed.

  2. I’m quite sure that those platform heels in the third picture are by Alexander McQueen. They look like the ones from his Ready-To-Wear spring ’10 show.

    The combination of Tim Walker and Alexander McQueen is just… Unf.

  3. !!!!! Third photo from the top! She’s wearing those AMAZING ORGASMIC heels that Lady Gaga wears in Bad Romance! WHO MAKES THOSE!? I’m curious of how many thousands they cost! And I want to see them in better detail!