NYFW : Altuzarra

Altuzarra Fall / Winter 2010 at NYFW

I suddenly have the urge to change professions to Super Hero Nemesis, and be costumed solely in this.


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11 Responses to “NYFW : Altuzarra”

  1. MissMercurial Says:

    Oh god, YES.
    Your description and this collection are amazing.

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    holy crap! these are incredible!

  3. S. San Says:

    Gorgeous collection. This definitely comes to mind:

  4. trashtastika Says:

    Those high-collared coats, and the leggings are awe-inspiring :)

  5. Linda Says:

    It’s a real shame some of these models are so skinny, because the clothes are stunning! I find myself looking at the images and a part of me just doesn’t want to like the clothing because of the skinny legs! :(

  6. ffiend Says:

    yes to everything! *caps*

  7. Andreia Says:

    This collection is quite the head-turner. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen in years. Thanks for alerting us to it.

    And the Catwoman reference someone posted regarding this collection? Ahem. Not seeing any relation to that at all. None of that crap white stitching…Altuzarra is keeping it nice and classy with the noir-on-noir, and it’s working fabulously in my book.

  8. S. San Says:

    @Andreia – The stitch work on the second image to the right made me think of that particular Cat Woman costume. And I agree, it would be seriously improved and considerably less garish it had black instead of white stitches. But still, I’d like to think that if Tim Burton another Bat Man, these are the clothes that Selina Kyle and might wear. :)

  9. Talia Says:

    Goddamn, I just love me some high collars! I hope they’ll be something ‘off-the-rack’ that will come close to this!!

  10. Red Says:

    Amazing! The cutout dress, the catsuit… feeling faint…

    When I finally get that position as weekday museum director and weekend secret agent, I’ll be wearing this line.

  11. All Women Stalker Says:

    Those are beautiful dresses. I love the collection.

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