The Haute List : $75 & Under

Randal Buckle Wedge †  Strong Shoulder Dress †  Bravo Lace-Up Boot

Sheer Striped Tunic †  Miami Chic Rosary †  Body Con Fringed Back Paneled Dress

Elle Over the Knee Boot †  Ruffle Jacket †  Lupo Zipper Bootie

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6 Responses to “The Haute List : $75 & Under”

  1. Style Revolution Says:

    Great Selections!!

  2. Dysphoria Says:

    I already own one of your recomendations. I feel so validated! I’ve had the Elle boots for a month or so now, and they are pretty much the coolest shoes I’ve ever owned.

  3. Alexia Anthem Says:

    I tried those high heel shoes not too long ago at DSW and they were half that price and incredibly uncomfortable.

  4. KJ Says:

    I’ve got that strong shoulder dress! Best investment ever, so versatile. love.

  5. All Women Stalker Says:

    Second time that I like all the items in The Haute List! The bootie is simply awesome….

  6. Nefairia Says:

    Yes, excellent selection! I’ve had the “Bravo” boots for years now…the price is excellent, I always get *mad* compliments on them whenever I wear them (and most often from older, conservative-looking men…what’s up with *that*?!!), they are *so* much more comfortable than my Fluevog Grand Nationals, and they’re a lot more durable than you’d ever expect. I highly recommend them, especially if you’ve got a thing for “f” heels, which I always thought Monsieur ‘Vog invented, but was actually created and patented by Salvatore Ferragamo decades before. Just a bit o’ shoe trivia for those of us who suffer from “Imelda-itis”!!

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