The Next Way

The Next Way by Tom Monro for Vogue Italia, December ’09

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5 Responses to “The Next Way”

  1. photographerleia Says:

    I can’t decide if I like this or not. Between the overly muted color palette, the mannequin nature of the models, and the camera shake (digitized or real) it seems like there is too much going on at one time. In concept though I like it.

  2. photographerleia Says:

    … and that white coat/top on the right model in the bottom picture is to die for.

  3. Ana Says:

    I agree about the camera shake. I don’t get its purpose…
    almost seems like it should create a 3d look?!

    I really really like the plastic armor.

  4. Mary Says:

    The makeup is great – a sexy but very cold, almost untouchable aspect to it. I can’t get enough of that extended pointy almond eye shape right now.

  5. All Women Stalker Says:

    I’m loving the whole Dune setting. (I really like Frank Herbert’s Dune.) Not too fond of the clothes except the last dress with the cape in the last photo. Where the women of Arrakis this fashionable? Hehehe.

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