Neurotica A/W 2010, music by Bat For Lashes

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5 Responses to “Batty”

  1. drea Says:

    The clothing is wonderful, but why do so many models stand with their shoulders all hunched forward like that?
    It isn’t attractive and doesn’t make the clothes look any better.

  2. tam Says:

    I loved the vampire poses: bat wings via extended elbows, spin to transform from vampire to bat and the berserk head shakes, fantastic!

  3. ffiend Says:

    Batzzz & Bat for Lashes!!! oh yeah. this post made my nite.

  4. Amado Detzler Says:

    great post but you should check this yt vid:

  5. Paul jones Says:

    Brilliant write up! I shall certainly be back to read more. bbs!

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