She Walks the Line

Model¬† Iselin Steiro gets a gradual deathrock makeover for the March Issue of Interview.¬† Somehow I’m betting no actual supermodel coiffure was harmed in the making of this editorial, but the juxtaposition of dramatic hair and makeup with soft, feminine wardrobe works well. I remain unconvinced on the vacuum-as-accessory concept, however.

Photography: Mario Sorenti

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5 Responses to “She Walks the Line”

  1. Hendrix Says:

    That’s no vacuum.


  2. Rachel Says:

    I like what twistedlamb did to this shoot. have you seen it?

    completely confusing setting. fo’ sho’

  3. ffiend Says:

    I really like the rufflled pantaloons in the 1st photo. Anyone know who makes those?

  4. amuchness Says:

    I second the liking of the pantaloons!

  5. AnaDroid Says:


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