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Black and Bandage

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I’m starting to track a nice color trend here and there that I can only call “Black and Bandage”, because I’m not quite sure what to call the medical-tape color involved.  You’ll see it in several editorials we’ve posted recently, like Olga and Fower. It’s not exactly camel, and it’s certainly not taupe. Putty? That’s a terrible name. Champagne? Too froufrou. For now, I’m calling it “Bandage”, but I’m open to suggestions.

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Olivia Harris

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  1. lol i call it “Prosthetic Leg”, i have nail polish in that color and i swear that name just epitomizes it. but i just love the whole black and nude trend going on right now, probably my two favorite combinations and so easily wearable and chic.

  2. at first i was like ‘??bandage??’ but i totally get it & agree the name fits perfectly, it is the exact color of bandages, like the cloth kind used to wrap wounds

  3. beige, nude, skin… but I like the name bandage. bandages are meant to be skin coloured but are generally deeper than nude, and more pink-hued. the first picture is a great example of the colour.