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Pattern Magic

This is really just one of those cruel posts about this cool thing I found that you can’t have. I found these photos over on I’m Revolting, from a pair of Japanese books (Pattern Magic Volumes 1 and 2 ). Of course I ran over to Amazon immediately to try and get them, but they are currently unavailable, with that rather depressing “we don’t know when OR IF these items will be back in stock”, and AbeBooks didn’t even have it listed. Le Sigh.

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  1. You can order it online now from Amazon, English translation is available and cheap too. The second book will be available from 2011.

  2. In repetition, but thank you for the introduction to these books. Amazing, amazing. Inspiring. We’ll see how much my skills will allow. Picked them up at Kinokuniya in SF over the weekend.

  3. I work in a bookstore and looked these up. They’re being re-released on the 1st of September this year. They look great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my god these books are fucking amazing- the senior class at my college, was doing dresses based off of the techniques in these books and what they came up with is crazyyyyy. Also if you’re in LA the fashion book store might still have these in stock because they needed to purchase them. I hate pattern making and I looked through these in awe. (it’s pretty funny though, one of the teachers had to translate some of it so the students could get a better idea of how to drape it, and the side note said something to the effect of ‘ warning this may not actually be physically possible’…)

  5. These books are the best I have ever purchased, and I have a lot. If you understand pattern cutting they are pure genius (obviously in Japanese, so you have to follow the diagrams). I bought mine on Ebay – have a look….you won’t regret it!!

  6. Both books are fabulous and I love them. If you have a good understanding of patternmaking, you can probably get what they are explaining without knowing Japanese. The diagrams are that clear. Of course it never hurts to either read Japanese or have a friend who does.

    If you want to purchase them, try Kinokuniya Bookstore. They have one in SF and one in Seattle (where I live and got mine). The books are not listed on their bookweb, but I’m pretty sure they have them in the store. You can call them and see if they will ship to you.

    If they won’t and you really must have them, I might be persuaded to go into the store and buy them for you and ship them myself. Last time I checked each volume was about $24 or so. Prices may have changed since then, though. It’s been a couple years. (If you post this reply, please remove this paragraph.)

    Good luck!