Reed and Rader

Good morning, and happy April Fools Day from Haute Macabre. For some reason, this seemed just the thing to post. Creepy as shit images from Reed and Rader.

You have no idea how much I wish these were pictures of me and Samantha.

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10 Responses to “Reed and Rader”

  1. kristin Says:

    totally creepy. totally awesome.

  2. sinagtala Says:

    way cool!

  3. mlle ghoul Says:

    No matter how many times I see this it still freaks me the hell out! Although the tummy-rubbing one is hilarous…

  4. vivi Says:

    HOLY CRAP they move–!!

  5. Daniela Says:

    So amazing!!!!!

  6. arkityp Says:

    i hate these every time i see them… unnerving!

  7. SarahKate Says:

    I am in love with this aesthetic. The subtle animation really plays up the creepiness. They make me feel unsettled in a strangely good way.

  8. Jillian Rueter Says:

    Great images. I’m forwarding this to some of my friends that would love it :)

  9. Alice Says:

    Incredible. I guess there’s no need to mention how startling it is to come upon these while tipsy…

  10. ffiend Says:

    i like the tummy-rub one!!

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