Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap Update!

By now, everyone that participated in our Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap’s packages should be off and running!  We’ve been receiving lots of emails from people telling us that they’ve received their parcels already, and we’d love for all of you to share your goodies!  We had such an overwhelming amount of participants in this that we are certain it will become a regular event.

We’ve created a Flickr Group for you to upload pics to!

In a few weeks, we’ll do a feature article, so if anyone wants to add thank you notes or descriptions to your photos, please do so that we can include it in the article!

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21 Responses to “Giant Ridiculous Clothing Swap Update!”

  1. flightless Says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! I had fun. I didn’t end up with new wardrobe staples, but was very happy to see my old favorites (that no longer fit) finding a good home!

  2. Meredith Says:

    Should we be worried yet if nothing has arrived?

  3. k.d'a Says:

    Yeah, what Meredith said. I’ve sent mine out the day after I got the mailing address, but nothing has come for me…?

  4. Dilemmater Says:

    Well your senders could be like me and left the packages at work and then couldn’t go back to work for a week sick…. But mine are out now so hopefully someone somewhere will receive my nice things soon!

  5. Kitsune Says:

    I haven’t received mine yet either. But I’m sure this update post will remind those falling behind to step it up 😉

  6. HGE Says:

    When are you doing another swap? I didn’t get in on the last one and it sounds like so much fun!

  7. Red Says:

    Haven’t received mine yet, but I’m mailing Hannah’s this week! :)

  8. smiles Says:

    I am also still waiting, but am pretty okay if something doesn’t come…just glad someone got my nice things…. also I want to see pictures of what other people got, upload and share!

  9. .typhoid Says:

    I tried to get in contact with my partner to find her shoe size but have received an eerie radio silence, so gave up holding off for a response and sent the package today. The lack of communication is worrying and I am starting to expect to not receive anything in return but I am proud of the parcel I put together regardless of what happens and took lots of pictures of my presentation as I enjoyed getting creative with it. Will add them to the group if I can.

  10. Nep Says:

    So, I’ve sent the parcel off a few weeks ago, but I have yet to receive anything.Hope nothing gets stopped in he mail..

  11. ffiend Says:

    yeah, i have 3 people to trade with & havent gotten anything yet. I am sending mine at the end of the week, it’s kinda hard putting so many items together but it’s totally worth it. Just thought it was strange that out of 3 people I havent seen anything come in.

  12. nevina Says:

    I got mine at the end of last week, and I didn’t expect there to be so many things! It was definitely a lovely surprise :)
    Do you reckon you’d be doing this annually, or more often than that?

  13. Samantha Says:

    We might start doing this semi-annually! Before we schedule another one, we want to get a gauge on how successful this one was (in other words, how many people wind up getting stiffed).

    In about six weeks or so, we’re going to check up on everyone!

  14. Dilemmater Says:

    I got my package. Was good. Ala first comment I cant see these becoming staples in my wardrobe but I’ll probably wear all of them atleast once. And I got lollies!!!

  15. Lady 'Lin Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one still waiting… I sent off a skirt I made, and even included contact info. Not a peep. :(

  16. Julie Says:

    I got my parcel within a week and it included some wonderful things. An amazing black dress and some candy among other things. I was very pleased and can hopefully participate again, should there be a next time! Thanks Ann and thank you guys for arranging this swap :)

  17. Red Says:

    I got my package on Friday. Loved what I received! Thanks, Pamela in Kansas! 😀

  18. baby j Says:

    i got an amazing package and while it included my senders home address, i was looking to get ahold of her email.. i plan on sending her a thank you card and also wanted to send some other goodies her way, but was hoping to get in touch with her first! i hope everyone gets their packages and are as happy as i was with mine!

    thanks to Heather in boston!

  19. Pamela Says:

    I’m glad mine was well received. I’m still excitedly waiting for mine to arrive. Sending packages in the mail is so much fun.

  20. Sara Says:

    I sent out but didn’t receive yet .. :(

  21. Von Eells Says:

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