One of our favorite DIY blogs, OutsaPop, tells us how to shred shirts!

It is done all by hand, pulled, but it´s not threads you´re pulling but LOOPS. Jersey is a lightweight knit so it is formed from small loops. If you take one loop from the bottom and pull that, the knit will start unraveling from each side. Unravel a complite layer from the whole bottom first. Then take one loop at a time, less than your fingers width from each other and start unraveling. It is easier to work the two sides first in sections and then the middle. For tools you´ll need maybe just one needle to aid you in getting a hold of the small loops.   Don´t loose the loops you´ve chosen. They are the ones keeping the whole shredded part together from botom to top.

Read the full article here!

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5 Responses to “Shredding”

  1. ivette Says:

    this post makes me happy! i saw a top like this that had the shirt back completely shredded for $90! i almost bought it but i tried it on and didnt like the fit( it was pulling in odd directions). sooo doing it myself :3

  2. Brandi Says:

    Super cool. It’s like a slicker version of my old school cut up spiderweb tank girl shirt. :)

  3. .typhoid Says:

    Pssh. Look at all the holes in that shirt. Buncha amateurs. Come back when you can sit for 6 hours straight and do a whole tank top with not a single hole. (Neener. Also, the arrogance is a joke. I think.) Also, thank you for validating my style and crafting choices, I don’t want to reveal too much but I was doubting whether it would be suitable to put a shredded piece in my swap parcel or whether my recipient would think “WTF is this junk that this jerk has sent me NEG NEG NEG”. Deconstruction win.

  4. Annie Says:

    Warning to anyone thinking about attempting this: It’s super-easy and highly, highly addictive. Soon, you will be tempted to shred every item in your closet. Proceed with caution.

  5. purrsnicketty Says:

    I tried this once. It made me go a bit cross eyed and it took FOREVER. Looks gorgeous though!

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