Sock Dreams Giveaway!

Please welcome back Sock Dreams to our advertisers!

Sock Dreams loves making your little feet happy, so to celebrate their newly redesigned shop and new ad run on Haute Macabre, we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate!

To enter to win, just leave a comment below telling us what your favorite foot treats on Sock Dreams are!  Winner will be announced on Friday, June 4.

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392 Responses to “Sock Dreams Giveaway!”

  1. Kira Says:

    I love the toe socks with grips on the bottom! Or, at least my husband does. I got them for him for Christmas this year.

  2. E.Bleak Says:

    The knit OTK socks I have in gray and charcoal stripes are my favorite socks of all time. They can go from comfy PJs to sexy in no time flat.

    I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t want to upgrade to cashmere OTKs or tights, though. It feels so amazing.

  3. Michelle Blanshard Says:

    I love the Arm / Leg warmers – universal and stylish!

  4. Julie H. Says:

    Oh I have a few pairs from there. I like to wear striped ones with ankle boots under longer skirts. Makes a nice contrast. I do like the floral pair you posted here!

  5. Nicole Says:

    My favorite socks are a pair of purple OTKs, so soft & cozy.

  6. Joana Says:

    The Opaque Thigh High with V Lace Back is definitely my favorite!

  7. Jessica Says:

    My favourite Sock Dreams socks are not even socks or stockings! It’s the gorgeous, yet versatile Polonova Longer Velvet Wrist Warmers. I don’t own them and have not yet tried them, but I stare lusting after their comfort and velvety feel. I imagine the grand adventures I could slip into with those gloves.

    If I had to pick socks or stockings, I like the wonderfully simple, Microfiber Stirrup Leggings. They are useful, practical and go with anything. Look great with a pair of wedges.

  8. Katy Says:

    Totally the Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks collection. Those would look fantastic with my fall boots!

  9. shal Says:

    It’s really hard to choose a favorite, but I’d have to say the Harajuku super loose socks or the cuffed knee-highs (both in black, of course) are my most-worn lately!

  10. Brandi Says:

    OOOOOOH me me me. It’s hard to pick what I want that I don’t already actually OWN (lol) but I have been eyeballing the Betsy’s Cozy Heart Cashmere stockings for a while but I haven’t wanted to spend the money on them. The gift card would be perfect.

  11. Leslie Says:

    I love the crochet tights! What a great giveaway.

  12. Isobella de los Muertos Says:

    Sheer Mesh Gloves, with Rhrinstone Trim?!
    I think my heart just stopped!
    It would be so incredibly delightfull to use these in one of my burlesque numbers. Time to start work on an Aubrey Beardsley act!

  13. Sandra Says:

    LOVE their patterned lace tights and sock garters! If I had loads more money, I’d spend a whole lot of it at Sock Dreams…

    New site looks great!

  14. Irene V. Says:

    I just love wearing knee high socks and a short skirt! Polonova Floral Lace socks have absolutely fabulous pattern and would look gorgeous with an otherwise black outfit!

  15. Sandra Says:

    @Brandi — the cozy heart tights are probably the most comfortable and cute tights I own, and perfect for dolling up an outfit in the NYC winter!

  16. MissDisfigured Says:

    Although I think this request – to pick one – is absurd because I want them ALL, I will give you one that falls in the category of top 50.

    100 Inch Super Ruched Socks
    I can think of thousands of things to do with them in so many ways – but I’ll keep them to myself.. :P

  17. Dysphoria Says:

    I love the Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks. They’re the last thing missing from my pretty pretty princess outfit.

  18. photographerleia Says:

    I have been moving over their fishnet/rhinestone fingerless gloves for ages along with their Black Harajuku Vitamin Arm Warmers. I’ve also been contemplating the purchase of one of their garter belts so that I would be able to wear the red and black vertical striped thigh highs (which I got from them) with shorter skirts. I positively adore the people at Sock Dreams. Both times I have purchased from them in the past year and a half, they have drawn a little smiley face, ow written “Thank You” on the inventory slip. No one does personal touches like that anymore.

  19. photographerleia Says:


  20. kelly Says:

    My best tights come from sock dreams…but I agree that the grey OTKs with the stripes are amazing…any of the OTKs really. I have a stripey reddish/orangish/black pair and the black button ones shown above too and LOVE them. Can’t wait to hit the actual store in a few weeks when I visit Portland!

  21. Des Says:

    I think the Sock It To Me Manatees are the cutest thing ever. Perfect for lounging around the house, playing video games or wearing out with flats during the spring/summer.

    Another one of my favorites and something that is much sexier are the Opaque Thigh Highs with Lace Panel. Extremely versatile in terms of what shoes to wear and easily dressed down as well as up.

  22. Emily Says:

    I love the bones tube socks, the striped stirrup socks, and the hook & eye knee highs!

  23. Mina Says:

    I adore giveaways! If I enter enough of them I’ll eventually win something :p And socks are wonderful.

    and I love most everything listed in .

  24. Lene Says:

    The spiked sock garters, for sure. And tuxido over the knee + industrial garter belt. RAWR.

  25. June Says:

    My favorite items are the sock garters, especially the faux leather ones. They are so versatile and go with nearly any sock.

  26. Brianne Says:

    My favorite foot treats are the Sheer Pinstriped Thigh Highs with Bows, but i love anything with vertical stripes that go over the knee! ; )

  27. sarah Says:

    never been able to afford cronert but I would dearly like a pair of their wool otk socks and those button knee socks are really cute, too!

  28. Jessica Says:

    I just received the ‘Zig Zag Side Seam’ fishnets a few weeks ago, and they are super awesome~ I love their Super Stripes socks as well <3

  29. Leah Says:

    I really like their footless tights :)

  30. Mija Says:

    The thigh highs are really amazing fit! I have short legs and wearing their stockings are always an eye catcher! They make me feel tall and confident!!

  31. Steph Says:

    Eyeball mid-calf socks for my red clogs!

  32. jesse l mabus Says:

    so many wonderful options to laud you for…

    the venice texture tights are elegant and sexy, while the bow lace stockings are simply some of the most gorgeous stockings in all of recorded history. i will have dreams of the peacock feather knee high socks for months to come…or until they arrive.

  33. Tonia Says:

    I love all the shorties but I have been dreaming about the spa shorties!!

  34. Angie Says:

    I’m in love with the Fast Lane, Button Ribbed, and Maya OTKs, and just about every pair of thigh-highs.

    Incidentally, June 4th is my birthday (really, it is).

  35. laloca Says:

    the opaque vertical stripes thigh highs are my current faves.

  36. Rae Says:

    i love the thigh highs! especially the opaque w/ V lace back. so flattering and sexy. the ballerina anklets are incredibly adorable!

  37. Garnprinzessin Says:

    Just for devilment: The tie dyed Tabis (from the Anklets-section)…

    Greetings from Germany!

  38. 'Lin Lawhn Says:

    I found Sock Dreams long before I knew about Haute Macabre… sorry, guys! :D

    Their tye-dyed OTK socks are so dreamy – I want ‘em in every color combo imaginable! (But my beau prefers their OTK stripeys.)

  39. Robin Says:

    So far, my fave item from Sock Dreams has been the leg warmers with brass snaps. I bought them last fall and wore them all fall and winter. Really cute and love the antique/ steam punk feel they bring to outfits :-)

  40. Xibalba Says:

    I love love love the stokkings on the first picture, but can’t find them on de website!?

  41. Shelby Says:

    Id have to say its a toss up between leg warmers and the kilt socks. The leg warmers just help add a nice shape to my legs when im wearing some platform shoes and a nice dress. And the kilt socks just have an all around comfy feeling as well as looking wonderful and elegant at the same time

  42. Heather Says:

    my faves at the moment (so many to love!) are the long cuffable scrunchable socks because not only do they have a great name but they’re cute AND nice’n’warm. I can wear ‘em with knee-high boots for day and with heels for night. <3

  43. Sarah S. Says:

    My favorite items are the lovely selection of leggings. Especially the Foot Traffic Cotton leggings.

  44. Vivka Says:

    Now would this be my favorite I own, or my favorite to own… cause both are long lists. Ive been obsessed with SockDreams for about 2-3 years now, and place orders in the bulk. Love love love…
    For some reason, the feel of tights makes my skin crawl… the cheap rayon feeling gives me goosebumps. I cant stand it on my skin. So therefore, my absolute favorites are the basic tall black socks. They are thin enough to wear on the warmer days, stay up well with a double cuff, and free me from the need of hosiery. The Long Cuffable Scrunchables are also my favorite for the winter… I live in them.
    If I got the gift card tho, I would use it to probably get these: [in Bronze]
    Such glorious designs… sophisticated and dark.

    Im also a big fan of the updated site! So much easier to navigate!

  45. Crystal Says:

    Oh frig. Lacey lacey black stuff, everything sheer or crocheted…and the strappy stuff. I’ve got myself the men’s sock garters and the heavy duty elastic hockey garter belt, which go great with my Norwegian Wood elastic harness annnnd not too much else :D

  46. Sara Says:

    Oh god, what aren’t my favorite treats from Sock Dreams? The glorious selection of socks and leggings, sexy tights in prints not found anywhere else, and the divine gloves? All of my favorite foot and hand-wear has come from Sock Dreams, although my steadfast favorite is probably the vertical striped thigh-highs in black and matte-black :3

  47. xenia Says:

    the Faux Corset Cuban Heel Pantyhose are so interesting, there are so many outfits that they can beautifully complete.

  48. Britton Says:

    Mmmm, the Cuban Heel Thigh Highs! What could be sexier?

  49. PonPon Says:

    I love the leg avenue layered tulle petticoat, I really want one~ I bought the striped fishnet knee highs in black and they look so amazing, especially with a contrasting color tights or thigh highs underneath. I -really- want the paris trouser sock, the one with the fleur de lis. I love sheer or lace knee highs with thigh highs or tights.

  50. Caitlin Says:

    I just love everything thigh high by them, I really can’t pick a favorite! Mmmmmm so much good stuff…

  51. Lorna Says:

    I’m dying for a pair of vertical striped thigh highs. I’ve been eyeing them for months.

  52. Emily Says:

    You want to know my favorites? All of them. Every single one. I don’t discriminate. There’s nothing more amazing then socks, especially from Sock Dreams! I do have a special place in my heart for argyle, though.

  53. miss amelia Says:

    is it cheating to say all of them? I’ll have to say the 100 inch ones are pretty damn fine…

  54. Miss. Ankh Says:

    I love all of the over the knee sock designs. Before Sock Dreams I was unaware of just how integral stylish socks could be to a wardrobe. My favorite pair is probably the button ribbed otk, because they are simple, elegant, and vintage looking yet versatile.

  55. Aima-skia Says:

    The Cuban Heal Thigh High :D Classy and sexy, makes you want to dance the salsa paired with a fiery red dress and high heeled dancing shoes *swoon*

  56. Emily Broden Says:

    Lace, Lace, Lace:)

  57. Lolla Says:

    mostly their winter selection…like the super comfy O Dreamy and Super Dreamy collection!!! hmmm

  58. Anna F. Says:

    I love tights and leg warmers like there’s no tomorrow. I live in California, though, so it’s never too cold to wear either one of those but I still tend to…and stay indoors.

  59. ElisaDay Says: are incredibly cute and as well!

    I could link 100 things easily. I hope they get a wish-list soon!

  60. Erin Says:

    I love the Sock it to me brand, but my favorite socks I’ve ever gotten are the Foot Traffic Blue Harlequin nylon socks. They’re just a fabulous print and hold up well!

  61. Lizz Says:

    i adore the dublin textured tights and ‘fast lane’ knee highs. so great.

  62. KT Says:

    I love that Sock Dreams carries fishnets for us curvy ladies. When I was a more active burlesque dancer, I ordered tons of stuff from them every month.

  63. Steph Says:

    Thigh-high sock garters for me, I’ve wanted some for aaaaaages! ^_^

  64. Errant Says:

    I really liked some striped over-the-knee socks I got from them last year, but I’ve been craving a pair of stripey stockings for so, so long now… I can’t stand tights and it’s so hard to find gorgeous stockings like and Sexy stockings like those vs. the bright, cute stripey socks they do so well – so hard to choose!

  65. Manya Says:

    I love everything on sockdreams pretty much! But my favorite pair at the moment have to be Faux Corset Cuban Heel Pantyhose! So sexy and cute!

  66. Rochelle Says:

    The Tye-Dyed M Stripes! No words can express how much I adore these things.They are my go-to leg-wear on sad days. They are my rainbow of happiness on murky, melancholy Mondays. Just knowing I have them waiting in my sock drawer is like knowing that there would be a warm blueberry pie baked by my grandmother on the counter when I came home from a long day of school. That is how much I love these socks.

    Oh, and the Ribbed Ms are great for every day wear – I have them in a few colours. The black ones are a wardrobe staple if I’ve ever had one – sexy, comfy, cute. I have a thing for thigh-highs, it seems… and Sock Dreams!

  67. Skully Says:

    Ever since 5th grade, (in my sqort and patent leather mary janes) I have been sporting the thigh highs. There’s just something so school girl/sexy about them, and Sock Dreams is like my thigh high heaven! Ive been noticing the new garter trend on quite a few blogs and even tights with a garter design on them. I have been eyeing the new Suspender Clip Industrial garter belt from Sock Dreams because it ties in both my love for suspenders/garters while fashionably keeping my cute thigh highs up! Im going to be adding them to my wardrobe asap!

  68. Jia Says:

    I love the selection of vertical thigh highs. It makes a girl look a little taller.

  69. Anny Says:

    I love everything from their Polonova page but I think my favorites were the Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks. What amazing patterns!

  70. Marcella Says:

    100 inch super ruched socks, and Harajuku legwarmers, if I was -forced- to choose.

    I love me some scrunchin’ and bunchin’!

    Such things are essential elements in making an easy, somewhat impractical, mostly comfy and certainly adorable textural outfit, amirite?

    We love you so, Sock Dreams.

  71. amechan Says:

    I especially love the Music Legs striped thigh highs, and the arm warmers are to die for!

  72. Masse Says:

    I love the fuzzy toe socks! I have them both in purple and black and it feels like I’m walking on a soft fluffy carpet when I wear them. I must get them in pink some day.

  73. Comorbid Says:

    Always my favorites: Button Ribbed OTK, Cronert Ribbed Wool OTK, Sheer Vertical Stripes with Lace, B.ella Roni Dotted Diamond Trouser Socks, N40s, Floral Tights, Glitter Roses Tights, Two Tone Tights, Judi Rib Cuff Leg Warmers, Acrylic Ribbed Stirrup Leg Warmers, Super Long Open Crochet Leg Warmer, Fingerless Layered Fishnet Glove with Rhinestones, Rago Six Strap Garter Belt, aaannndd Faux Leather Sock Garters with Suspenders clips. <3

  74. Macabria Says:

    I’m madly in love with the Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks. Socks more gorgeous than those ones cannot possibly exist.

    (Thank you for reminding me that Sock Dreams exists, by the way!)

  75. Joan Says:

    I honestly don’t know how to choose – I just looked at their site for the first time, and I’m blown away. I guess I could say that most anything lace or crocheted catches my eye …

  76. Dana Says:

    Another Polonova fan here, but I already own a pair of the trouser socks. I’ve had my eye on their velvet gloves for winter, though.

  77. Rae Beta Says:

    I was lucky enough to spend three years living within walking distance of Sock Dreams’ brick-and-mortar store. Of all the (many) socks I’ve gotten there, my favorites remain my super stripes knee highs (actually closer to otk-length) in black and olive. The wide cuffs both keep them up incredibly well and have surprisingly smooth lines.

  78. Emily Ison Says:

    Given my obsession with polka dots, stripes, black/white, argyle and lacey boudoir-eque items, I’m obsessed with about 80% of the store. The saucy Cuban inspired threads make me want to go out dancing and the cutesy socks make me want to run around and slide about on my hardwood floors (to my cat’s dismay).

    My key faves:

    The Sock Garters have me reminisce to the days of Ren & Stimpy.

    And this ENTIRE section makes me never want to wear pants again. Luckily, I’m cute, so I’d make “friends” quickly in jail after I’m tossed away for numerous incidents of indecent exposure:

  79. Wicked Halo Says:

    Thoroughly undecided between the Opaque Polka Dot Stockings with Satin Bows and the Tuxedo Over the Knees

  80. Katana Barnett Says:

    I have spent hundreds (well, maybe two hundred) of dollars at SockDreams. I desperately want the patchwork lace fishnet, and my thigh-high striped socks (can’t quite remember what the style is exactly since they changed their website layout!) have lasted FOREVER (two years and counting?)

    Great quality stuff, I love it.

  81. Emily Ison Says:

    @ ‘Lin Lawhn – I found sock dreams a la Bitch Magazine a while back. Is that where you came across the shop, or was it just googley type fun?

  82. Blake Says:

    i love the micro net footless tights with crochet ankle. for anytime dressy or casual.

  83. Katie Says:

    My favorite thing about Sock Dreams is that they have a super wide selection beautiful hosiery in plus sizes. Hard to find such a selection; equally hard to chose a favorite!

  84. Emily Ison Says:

    Given my obsession with polka dots, stripes, black/white, argyle and lacey boudoir-eque items, I’m obsessed with about 80% of the store. The saucy Cuban inspired threads make me want to go out dancing and the cutesy socks make me want to run around and slide about on my hardwood floors (to my cat’s dismay).

    My key faves:

    The Sock Garters have me reminiscing to the days of Ren & Stimpy.

    And this ENTIRE section makes me never want to wear pants again. Luckily, I’m cute, so I’d make “friends” quickly in jail after I’m tossed away for numerous incidents of indecent exposure:

  85. Emily Ison Says:

    Given my obsession with polka dots, stripes, black/white, argyle and lacey boudoir-eque items, I’m obsessed with about 80% of the store. The saucy Cuban inspired threads make me want to go out dancing and the cutesy socks make me want to run around and slide about on my hardwood floors (to my cat’s dismay).

    My key faves:

    The Sock Garters have me reminisce to the days of Ren & Stimpy.

    And the ENTIRE Polonova section makes me never want to wear pants again. Luckily, I’m cute, so I’d make “friends” quickly in jail after I’m tossed away for numerous incidents of indecent exposure.

  86. Apotromagpie Says:

    I own three pair of their thigh high socks – black, cream and Red and *adore* them!!! I can’t say how many times I’ve recommended Sock Dreams to people – great site.

  87. Kate Says:

    I can only pick one? Oh that burns.
    I’d have to say the Floral Tights. They are just fancy enough for me to wear with an obnoxious frou frou dress and sip ridiculously named martinis in an upscale bar and just casual enough to wear to the dirty grungy bar where my boyfriend’s band is playing down the street.

  88. Meredith Says:

    So many charming pairs of sock dreams have perfected outfits of mine. Asking me to choose a favourite is like asking me to choose a favourite kitten out of a litter or my favourite novel. Nonetheless, I’ll try. My EG ECO slinky knees in burgundy take good care of me. Their fit is ideal for an over the knee and they can keep me warm and cozy even on the dampest and greyest of days. All of my many pairs of Vertically Inclined OTKs come out of the sock drawer again and again. They get me more on the street compliments than nearly anything I own. Still, I think my first favourites, have to keep their place on top. I love my O Chevrons more than any socks ever. I have lilac, and black, and dark red and no socks can snap me into a fabulously stylish mood like they can.

    Thank you Sock Dreams!

  89. fashiontheorist Says:

    I own far too many pairs of the thigh-high Super Stripes, and wear them constantly in the cooler months.

  90. Lauri Says:

    I love the opaque thigh high with V lace back. I’d never seen any socks like it!

  91. Em Says:

    I love the cuban heel thigh highs and also there was a lot to love in the eco-friendly section. The ribbed leg warmers are super cute and simple too.

  92. Rebecca Says:

    My fav sock dreams socks that i have are a pair of M Squared knee highs. They’re cream with black squares and look lovely with black skirts and maryjanes. I would love to get all the other colors!

  93. Jenniver Von BrokenHymen Says:

    I looooove the extra xtra long leg warmers, in every color! The eye candy socks with eyeballs all over, the opaque stalkings, n e thing by sourpuss they carry especially the red&white striped knee highs with syringes & red crosses, the chandelier socks, sock garters, rainbow toe socks, the referee b&w striped, tuxedos, space dyed, all the grey selections, button accented leg warmers. Aaall the leg warmers!

    So, picking just one would be the extra extra longest leg warmers.

    Btw, i have all these +++…!!!

  94. Jennifer Says:

    Definitely adoring the 100 Inch Super Ruched Socks. I’m wondering if 100 inches is ridiculously long, though?

  95. Michelle Says:

    I think the Crochet Lover OTK socks are my definite favorite. And wowza, the Sock Dreams website is looking gooood!

  96. stephane Says:

    I really love your site very “raffiné”, Stéphane of

  97. Sonia Says:

    I love just about everything on the Sock Dreams website (including their awesome new look,) and I especially love the tights and OTKs, but I have a special place in my heart for the Codori crochet tights and the thigh highs with a lace panel.

  98. Sasha Says:

    There are TONS! Can I just have the whole catalog, please? Here are some I’m particularly lusting over:

    Fast Lane OTK
    Button Ribbed OTK
    Kawaii Skeleton OTK
    Floral TIghts
    Seamless Warning Net Pantyhose.

    SO. HOT.

  99. Chairokuma Says:

    I really like the Super-Long Ribbed Leg Warmers. They look so warm and comfy! Perfect for lounging.

  100. Sam Says:

    I like all the socks and tights, but if I have to choose one it would be the sock it to me chat noir knee highs. However, at this point in time almost everything on the site looks great.

  101. DerelictHat Says:

    Sock Dreams is the absolute best. The Ribbed M stockings are superlative for winter, but I’ve got my eye on the 100 Inch Super Ruched Sock for summer.

  102. Tracy Says:

    I absolutely adore the sock dreams label O basics! I have them in like 8 different colors already. And what? O Rayon? that’s new.

  103. Pamela Says:

    My favorite are the M Stripes, all thigh high socks really though, they’re cute with skirts and super toasty under jeans in winter.

  104. Deja Says:

    i LOVE the striped and plain colored tabi socks as well as all of the loose socks (i just love Japanese style…) Actually, there’s too much at Sock Dreams to list right now, but among my other favorites are the lace panel thigh highs and corseted lace tops, lace and ruffle anklets, the sheer vertical striped thigh highs, crinoline skirt and petticoat, all of the Sweet Marcel group, floarl tights, five toe tights (how clever!), Betsey’s fishnet tights and the superlong ribbed legwarmers! drool

  105. integgy Says:

    My favorite socks from Sock Dreams are O Basics, but that’s because so far, it’s the only type I have from them. However, I’ve had my eyes on those Diamond lace OTKs. They’re so very lovely.

  106. Amy Says:

    OK! I have finally narrowed it down to two favourites:

    1. Victoria over the knee, for their sweet innocence. Would look perfect with a peter pan collar dress and shiny black mary janes.

    2. Sheer and opaque vertical stripes. Such a classic noir look. Gorgeous.

  107. Electra Says:

    Oh, I love Sock Dreams! I never thought it was possible to spend so much money on socks :). My current wishlist includes:

    Vertical Stripe Tabis in black/white (very Tim Burton-esque)
    Tuxedo Stirrup Knee-Highs (out of stock! boo!)
    Leg Avenue Buttoned Spat Leg Warmers
    Floral Tights in Plum (GORGEOUS!)
    Deco Double Diamond Tights
    Chevron Sleeves in Dark Red/Black

  108. Hannah Says:

    I love the Julia Over the Knee Socks
    …and I’m wearing them right now!

  109. Jenny Says:

    Give me an “O” for O Yummies! Oh, which I see are leaving the store… pout. Well, I have my eyes on my thighs, or the Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs, to be exact. Delightful!

  110. Sayward Says:

    I love Sock Dreams more than a person should. All their stripey long socks just set my heart aflutter. =)

  111. alexh Says:

    OMG! I loves me the Sock Dreams! I try to limit myself when ordering but always go overboard. I have to say, the ones I’ve gotten the most use out of are the cotton lined woollen tights from MP, super toasty without being scratchy!

  112. Sally Says:

    Faux leather sock garters all the way!! <3 Sock Dreams

  113. Shannon Says:

    My favorite are the Harajuku loose socks. They reliably can be pulled up over my chubby knees and that is awesome!

  114. Jenn Says:

    Wow, I love SO many of the socks at Sock Dreams! If I had to pick my favorites, it’d be the Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs. I love stripes, and these actually DO manage to be above-the-knee on my long legs!

  115. Mioche Says:

    I absolutely adore the tabisocks with the grumpy-looking owls on them– they fit my small feet perfectly. The buttoned black OTKs in the upper right photo are a close second, though.

  116. Trystan Says:

    Oh sweet socks, I can never pick just one.
    I have to go for the Extraordinary Striped Thigh Highs- classic striped socks go with everything, and I love the natural tones and the burgundy stripes.

  117. Vicky Says:

    I love my Super Dreamy Stockings in the winter & can’t wait to try the Extraordinary Thigh Highs. I wish I didn’t miss the Fern Lace Stay-Up Thigh Highs. I hope they come back.

  118. Vicki Says:

    Every pair of Sock Dream socks I own I absolutely LOVE. I think my all time fave are my OTK dark grey. I sleep in them and wear them with boots.

    Love Sock Dreams.!!!

  119. Katie Says:

    The polonova wrist warmers and Klimt socks are AMAZING. Also on the wishlist are the pinstriped thigh highs, the plum floral tights, and anything involving lace.

  120. Christine Says:

    The opaque tights. The royal blue and turquoise are probably the most amazing colours. Actually, the fushia is fun too.

  121. Stina Says:

    The “Industrial Net Knee Highs with Ruffles & Bows” are my favorites.

  122. Talia Says:

    Always been a huge fan of their crocheted tights and snap button spats!

    The new site looks brilliant <3


  123. Je Says:

    It’s the stripes. Anything with stripes. And the Victorian things with the tiny buttons, and of course… SOCK GARTERS!

  124. Renee Murphy Says:

    Stripes! Preferably knee highs or OTKs in red/black stripes. I have a problem with stripes and Sock Dreams is so not helping me kick this addiction. Don’t blame em either. The socks and service are simply wonderful!

  125. bluepaintred Says:

    Anything kbell or ashi dashi grabs my eye! And stripes. right now im in a stripes phase LOL

  126. beetleginny Says:

    The sheer vertical tights are lovely. And the super long ribbed legwarmers are just he best legwarmers ever.

    – ginny

  127. Shaneyl-Lynn Says:

    Picking one is really rather impossible!
    There isn’t much about sock dreams that doesn’t catch my eye as much of a cop-out answer that seems to be. Everything varies from “normal” to conversation starter- perfect for us haute macabrenians.

    Haute macabrenia…. no. I think I’d rather not repeat that.

    The garters have had my heart for some time and the Sealion Baby Socks tempted me into birthing my own mini human.

  128. Roison Says:

    My favorite by far from Sock Dreams are the Vertical Stripe Tabi OTK socks. They go with practically everything in my closet. The garters are pretty classy too.

  129. Sonia Says:

    I love all the patterned tights, and the warm wool socks. Yum!

  130. Rebecca Says:

    The things that’ve been tugging at my eyes are the Opaque Thigh High with Lace Up Back because they’re so delicious and the Cronert Cotton Overknee because they look so comfy and perfect for Canadian wear!

  131. Courtney Says:

    My favorite item from sock dreams are my O Dreamy stockings in Antique and Hibiscus. I LOVE the colors! Out of the items on the site that I covet, my favorites are the Lace Slouch Anklets, the EG ECO Scalloped Top crews, and the Surprise Ribs.

  132. Evv Says:

    I love the Japan-made ruched socks!

  133. (Sally) g0d5m15t4k3 Says:

    My favorite Sock Dreams socks are the Toe Toe OTK in stripes ( I have many pairs of these that we’re given to me as gifts and I am IN LOVE with them. They fulfill my toe-sock requirement at the same time they fulfill my over-the-knee requirement. With stripes to kick it off! I’d wear these every day if my other socks didn’t get so jealous.

  134. Carolyn Craft Says:

    MP Ribbed Wool OTKs! Love them layered with leggings & boots!

  135. Priscilla Says:

    I’m a big fan of Sock Dreams. I live in warm socks in cool weather, it’s hard to name a favorite. I think right now I am loving the Victoria OTKs best: they are just so gorgeous!

  136. Alice Says:

    As much as I adore socks and stockings, I’ve gotta put in a vote for SockDream’s sock garter selection. The bf and I both rely on them, and it’s SO hard to find nice, classy garters, but SD comes to the rescue every time!

  137. Heather Says:

    Codori Crochet Tights… meow! But there are so many!

  138. .typhoid Says:

    Sock. Garters. A godsend for people like me with skinny legs who like to purchase socks without a lot of grip up top. They look darned cute and add an extra little bit to your outfit at the same time as being entirely practical. What more could you want?

  139. DreamWoven Says:

    oh my……..such choices. I love, love, love the Polonova Floral Lace Trouser Socks in any of the colours. These are sexy but can also be worn in a more traditional situation… practical while titillating, dressed up with pumps or alone with an overly large man’s shirt.

  140. Jen Says:

    If you were a kid in the 90’s, you might remember the Bigfoot lollipop. A lolli shaped like a foot that you dip in this envelope of sour, Pop Rockish powder and then suck off the foot. Fruit By The Foot in a close second. The K. Bell Over-the-Knee rainbow stripes look like something kid-me (with 90’s sensibilities) would probably wear while eating said candies and watching The Sifl & Olly Show.

  141. Victorian Vulgar Says:

    MP Two Color Stripe Tights in Grey. Got them a while back and they inject just the right amount of Beetlejuice into my outfit for the day without looking like I just strolled out of the local Hot Topic. Plus they’re so comfy and warm, great for chilly weather.

  142. Skye Says:

    Definitely anything with a stripe! Especially anything in gray or teal.

  143. Metasynthesthia Says:

    I adore my Polonova trouser socks I picked up from there. Although, they hooked me with the craft socks and knitting socks!

  144. Cayla Christine Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the black Codori Crochet Tights! So pretty, so elegant, so vintage looking! I have the perfect pair of vintage leather ankle boots to pair with these.

  145. Sara of Kitty Baby Love Says:

    I love the printed thigh highs and also the cute baby socks.. like the penguin baby socks ^_^

  146. darkkatpouncing Says:

    I LOOOOOOOVE their OTK and their thigh high socks and stockings :) Stripes are my favorites :) Also their garters. Its too delightfull having a place to order socks that come in my size (long and thick) best accessory for my legs EVER :)

  147. Thalia Says:

    The cotton inklined OTKs are GORGEOUS.
    Actually, all of their over the knee styles are gorgeous. And the new website is awesome.

  148. mklprc Says:

    My favorites are the things I can never wear because I’m the wrong gender for them. I can dream, though.

  149. MishyC Says:

    Yarrrrrrrr! My favorite pair are the Sock It To Me Anchors socks. I think that I’ll get a pair to match my doggie’s little sailor dress.

  150. Jen Says:

    I love the polonova knee highs in black and silver -they’re gorgeous!

  151. Mary Says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one (SD, the Lays’ of stores), but for sheer comfort and class with ease, I think the Foot Traffic floral tights in gold win (pictured above! yay!)

  152. ChelseaD Says:

    Love…love… LOVE! Striped Leg Warmers with Snaps. Black and White of course >.<
    They look so fantastic with my Pointe shoes.

  153. Jessica Says:

    I have to honestly say I love everything on this webstore… though two of the items I like in particular are the pothole tights and the super-long legwarmers. :)

  154. Camilla Says:

    I adore vertical stripes socks in all incarnations.

  155. Briny Deep Says:

    Toe socks. Oh lawd, the toe socks. OTK and thigh high. Stripes make them even better.

  156. bixx Says:

    sheer vertical stripes with lace/ thigh highs.
    what a bastard tough call though.

  157. Annie Says:

    I can’t really decide which ones I like more… but the Patchwork Fishnet Legging, the Button Ribbed OTK, and the Rago Six Strap Garter Belt are on the top of the list right now.

  158. Linda Says:

    I love the long charcoal grey legwarmers, the black legwarmers with brass snaps and sock garters! Ooh, it’s so hard to choose.

  159. Kiwi Says:

    My favourite socks that I own are probably my thick knit grey & charcoal thigh high socks. They’re like wearing sweaters on my legs and are fantastic.

  160. spikedcolor Says:

    I love the fast lane OTKs for going out, and their multi-striped socks are perfect for roller derby :)

  161. Annastasia Says:

    I’ve been ordering from these guys since ye olde highschool days, and have never been dissapointed. However, my eternal love will always rest with the Super-Long Ribbed Leg Warmers. I could wear them every day, for every occasion. I often find myself in just those and an oversized T-Shirt, wandering the apartment before bedtime. When your socks become that comfortable, you know you’ve found something special
    Simply the best <3

  162. Jacquie Crass Says:

    The bones tube socks! The muscle socks. Intestine socks. I think I just have an anatomy thing.

  163. deirdre Says:

    I’ve lost track of everything I’ve gotten from Sock Dreams, but my consistent favorites come from SITM. They are cute and comfy and give me something to grin about , even in my most mundane work clothes!

  164. drea Says:

    I love the all the pretty Victorian-inspired tights and thigh highs.

  165. Kaijah Says:

    Ohh, I love their thigh highs – the N40s and tube socks, and super stripes!

  166. Disposable Darling Says:

    One of my favorite pairs of socks I got from Sock Dreams has to be these:

  167. Jillian Says:

    OTK soft and dreamy in all available colors!

  168. Kitsune Says:

    The O Basics, in every color I can get my little paws on!

  169. April Says:

    Love the leg warmers they offer and I really love the crocheted over-the-knee offerings…

  170. S. Says:

    That’s hard to pick. But I do love the thigh-high, black and white striped ones.

  171. Katin Says:

    The Harlequin Trouser Socks. Perfect mix of crazy and awesome.

  172. Lenelein Says:

    My favourite socks are the “Kawaii Skeleton Over The Knee”, because they can add an unexpected twist to the usual “boring” black every day wear!

  173. Aubrey Warsop Says:

    Oh Sock Dreams! They don’t carry my favorites anymore, the curly cronerts, which I swear are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn. But there are so many other wonderful socks it’s hard to be upset. The B.ella and Polonova lines are my favorites at the moment, and I have to order another pair of the Klimt spiral trouser socks because I’ve worn through my third set! (I also really recommend the 100 inch super ruched socks. They turn a lot of heads!)

  174. Penny Dreadful Says:

    Good ol’ cotton-y matte black thigh highs – so hard to find!

  175. Morgan Says:
    In seafoam, I’ll take like 10 pairs plz <3

  176. Navi Says:

    I love my kawaii skeleton socks, but the grey and black Super Ms are so so wonderful!

  177. Gesina Says:

    Oh how I love my hunter green diamond rib knee highs!

  178. Seth Says:

    Like everyone else on here, I am in LOVE with their thigh-high sexies. <3 However, I was very happy to see that they also sell tabi! The designs are so adorable; I'll have to stock up when it gets too cool for yukata.

  179. Anna Says:

    I love the green striped thigh highs with the buckle top, the opaque vertical stripes, the kawaii skeleton over the knee and checkered thigh highs! they are very beautiful designs and its hard to pick a few when I like all of them haha!

  180. Lisa Says:

    Drooling over so many- the button ribbed OTK socks are top of the list at the moment tho.

  181. JMTolman Says:

    Their patterned tights- such a great selection! I can’t choose just one!

  182. Stephanie Says:

    I love the Nordic Texture Tights!! you guys rock.

  183. Vivi Says:

    Man, this is a really tough question, all their stuff is great… but I guess I should go with: because they’re simple and versitle.

  184. Jessica Otte Says:

    I love the Super Dreamy Stockings!!! they are all cuddly and show an ounce of hippy but would look swell with any monocromatic outfit.

  185. Jadé Antoinette Says:

    A cruel joke: “pick your favorite.”
    After browsing for 40 minutes, the Spiderweb Thigh High would have to be the lucky one. The design is phenomenal and the back seam would be awesome for sewing black/chrome sequins onto.
    Ah!! I want them too much!

  186. Adele Says:

    I’m a big fan of knee high socks. Especially those in bright colors and interesting designs. The Chat Noir are my current “I wants”.

  187. Kristin Says:

    All the Polonova styles. And any of the crochet tights.

  188. Jennifer Says:

    I love so much of their stuff, but probably the stripey knee high socks the most.

  189. Hannah Says:

    I love super-high opaque cotton, wool or silk stockings because they remind me of risque 18th century portraits…I just wish they still came with ribbon garters.

  190. Emma Says:

    so many things I like! But I really like the knee-high sailor socky things! :)

  191. Foxtongue Says:

    I was finding that my reflexology socks had begun falling down. Not to the point of continual adjustment, but enough that I decided it was time to invest in another quaint pair of sock garters, (my last ones having gone to the great fuzzy sock drawer in the sky several years ago). Foolishly, I decided my best course of action would be to hit up SockDreams, the most thorough stockings site on the planet. Did I get in and get out, immediately leaving with what I went in for? No, frankly, I did not. High caliber words like angora, silk, lace, chenille, and shimmer, small fantasies, such words, every one, dismantled my conviction and made me stay.

    Charcoal, dirty olive, raspberry and trembling dark plum…

    I barely escaped alive.

    Every category silently tore at me, promising comfort, confidence, femininity, warmth, cleverness, flirtatiousness or sex, laying out possibilities like tarot cards, a future with the top of my naked thigh slyly being touched under a table, a moment of enjoying someone watch me as I slowly roll them on, or perhaps only random conversation at some unknown bus-stop, “I’ve always liked teal.”, meeting, then, my future best friend. Tabs were being opened, spreading across the screen like bleeding, unrestricted stanzas of flashy curiosity equaling, I’m certain, a similarly outrageous price-tag. I had to take action. Judiciously picking my way through the impossible, I first discarded the duplicates and most banal, anything that could be bought later, that never goes out of stock, then shaving at the edges more carefully, manipulating facts, rationalizing bits and pieces away until I was left with only the most unique, red in tooth and talon, and fun.

    In the end, however, I couldn’t manage to cut it down past a final batch of twelve. Some colourful tights for the upcoming summer, a pair of expensive, breathy thigh highs, some knee highs, a set of microfiber arm warmers, a pair of slate gray socks printed with birds on a wire, and a pair of criss-cross button fingerless gloves.

    You ask for my favourite? Nay, you ask for madness.

  192. Women's dresses Says:

    I really like the sailor style socks!!!

  193. Adrian Says:

    I’ve been oogling and lusting after the stock on Sock Dreams for many years now! I’ve recently been going through a “why can’t I wear lacy patterned tights!?” phase [most of my guy and girl friends are too butch to understand my accessorizing compulsion!] So those have caught my eye….but also the spat-influenced socks fill me with glee!

    I really need to fill out my closets with more things that complement and show off my socks…this lazy punk art student garb is a drag!

  194. Erin Says:

    I LOVE their petticoats and garters, but as a poor part-time worker, I’ve only been able to grab stuff from the bottom end of the sale section…
    A gift certificate would really help!! ;)

  195. Alexa Mar Says:

    The floral tights above are GORGEOUS, but my favorite item is the sock garter because it makes wearing all the cozy thigh-highs so much more comfortable!

  196. kat Says:

    I’ve mostly bought arm-warmers and gloves from here in the past. But I am seriously eyeing the stockings from the pictures you just posted, the ribbed otk with the buttons on top!
    … which would of course necessitate my buying a new skirt to match >.> hehe

  197. Loaf Says:

    I’m pretty much in love with all of the over the knee socks, but especially the zebra striped ones!

  198. tona b. Says:

    It’s impossible to pick a favorite, but the ones I wear the most are the Sock It To Me Metallic Stripe socks. I have several pairs of both black/pink and black/silver!

    I love Sock Dreams for their friendliness & enthusiasm, and for their care in researching the quality & fit of the products for every shape of leg.

    What I really want to order next is pairs of the NERD and EVIL socks, then swap the individual socks from them so I get EVIL NERD legs! ;D

  199. RockLove Says:

    I love and want it all! And have had my share in SD purchasing…

    But the socks that really go unsung are their Tabi’s – my bf and I wear Tabi boots and finding socks for their Ninja Turtle split toe anomaly was a terrible pain. Thank goodness we found some with Sock Dreams:

    New website is beautiful!

  200. Stew Says:

    It is a toss up really.

    The “Lycra Sheer Cubans with Lace-Up Tops” are just so sexy and incorporate the classic-ness of a Cuban heel with the lacy detail of a regular sexy thigh high.

    The “Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks” are just fun soft and comfortable. They have the hight and the style that is just so awesome.

    Sock Dreams is the one stop shop for all sock, leg covering and arm covering needs. Anytime I need some thing Sock Dreams is the default go to place. If they don’t have it then chances are no one does. Plus the prices are so reasonable!

    I use Sock Dreams when I am buying a gift or looking for something unique for a photo shoot. They are great resource for me.


  201. Jill Says:

    this is the BEST site and the best socks! I have a pretty big obsession with the knee highs~ and they are all exquisite! the black with brown polka dots strangely goes with everything I wear, and the ribbed over-the-knee socks magically stay up on my tiny pixie legs. I LOVE the leg warmers with brass buttons but a friend borrowed them on a crazy night out and I never got them back ;(
    good work with the new website! It looks like there are all new things for me to lust over since my last visit as well

  202. Catrina Says:

    I love Sock Dreams! I have a dozen or so pairs of stripey knee-high or thigh-high socks and a handful of tights from them. My favorite is a pair of tights that alternates solid black with fishnet between the knees and the waistband, with solid black below. They’re PERFECT for wearing with knee-high boots.

  203. Hailey Smith Says:

    Damn you Haute Macabre!
    Shamefully I’ve never heard of Sock Dreams before… but thank you for introducing me to an online shop which is sure to be added to my my list of shops which regularly take money as a result of my online shopping addiction.

    The Super Long Open Crochet Leg Warmers are quite possibly the hottest thing ever… if a good looking girl walked past me in a pair of those… I fear I’d be compelled to hump her leg.

    Thanks for the heads up! I can’t wait to rock a pair of these on stage in the near future! :)


  204. kassi Says:

    <3 sock dreams. I can't pick a favorite sock specifically, but I love all their OTK socks!
    Maybe Derra, Joelle and ribbed button ones. So hot.

  205. Kate Says:

    Button Ribbed OTK ~ So adorable

  206. Teer Wayde Says:

    I am so very in love with the Victoria Over the Knee ( could they be any more perfect!

    For tights the Betsey’s Cozy Heart Cashmere Tights

    Then to match my old school mens sock garters (yes I wear them) the Cotton Lace Anklets!

  207. Patty Johnson Says:

    <3 Fishnet Anklet with Lace Tie-Ups <3

  208. LovleAnjel Says:

    I’d have to go with the Sock It To Me breakfast socks. Bacon makes everything better!

  209. Catherine T. Says:

    I love the opaque thigh high with v-neck lace back! So sexy. The sock garters are awesome as well.

    Sock Dreams=<3

  210. Yume Ninja Says:

    I love their O Bastics Over the Knees, in all colors!

    I think I have bought and re-bought so many of those in various colors!

  211. nicole Says:

    My favorite? all of course :]

  212. HWolff Says:

    That’s a tough one. My favorite is probably the brown velvet gloves with copper leaf pattern – I wear them pretty constantly.

  213. Galia Says:

    The super-slouchy socks! The go on for oodles of miles and keep me ridiculously warm, and I can fit a *book* in them. In each sock! I can walk around with two paper-back books in my *socks* even when I don’t have a backpack or deep pockets! In fact, I’ve kept a few other things in them, but then they slip down and get lost somewhere around my ankles. So I like them best for their book-carrying capabilities. Plus, you know, the part where they keep me toasty. (and they match surprisingly well with knee-high boots, where I just leave scads of sock poofing out over the top. Fun)

  214. Sarahbelle Says:

    I love the Lurex & Sheer striped thigh-highs with sparkling bow because the are so fun and crazy!

  215. annie boomer Says:

    Their Over the Knee Super Basics are SIMPLY THE BEST OTK socks on the market. Stay up perfectly without being to tight on the thighs. And at $10 with shipping, they are a GREAT deal. I wear them all winter long and must have given out the website 100 times!

  216. Wendy Says:

    I am in love with their Codori crochet tights in burgundy, they look so comfy and cute!

  217. Jaclynn Says:

    Sock dreams has the most amazing selection ever! I adore their Patchwork Fishnet Leggings, Suspender Clip Industrial Garter Belt, Striped Fishnet Knee-highs, Harajuku Super Loose Socks, and Kawaii Skeleton Over the Knee stockings (in black x white of course).

  218. Lauren Says:

    I love every stocking under the Victoriana category, especially the Button Ribbed OTK, Slouch Lace Anklets, and the D Ring Garters. Wonderful!

  219. wheezyx Says:

    I’m actually wearing the socks in the second picture on the top row as I write this – they are one of my absolute favorites (I also own them in red)! My favorite tights right now are the split-tone layered tights by Foot Traffic and the super long ribbed leg warmers have already gotten me through a few long winters. Gray arm warmers, striped thigh highs, patterned stockings – I love you Sock Dreams!

  220. Mimi Says:

    The Cronert Faux Laced Boots OTK rock my socks. Pun very much intended.

  221. Wolfie Says:

    I have to choose? D: But they’re all so lovely! I wear the Sheer Vertical Stripes with Lace all the time, and love them dearly, but the Two Tone Tights are certainly next in line on my wishlist.

  222. Madison Says:

    I really love the socks with the bone design on them. As a science nerd, sometimes it’s hard to combine my love of knowledge and fashion and these socks do just the trick! All the socks on this website are awesome, for costumes and just everyday fun. :)

  223. Margaret Says:

    I love their huge selection of thigh high socks.

  224. jes Says:

    i love their thigh highs and thier sock garters

  225. Starbat Says:

    My favorite sock-dreams treats are the striped ones. Combinations of two colors are the best. I love to look like a Pirate or a Circus performer. Adding the striped socks to my outfit can add just the right touch. I am a trapeze artist in orange and pink socks. I am a Pirate in black and white.

  226. Libby Bulloff Says:

    Anything stripey, which SD has in spades, which explains why my sock drawers are overflowing. Happy!

  227. Adri Says:

    I love all of their OTK socks, especially my button-ribbed OTK (Steampunk awesomeness!) I am dying to get a pair of the new patchwork leggings.

  228. Alessandra Says:

    Sock It To Me are my favorites. I love fun socks with clever designs and catchy colors. I wear them all the time.

  229. Olga Says:

    All the knee socks. ALL OF THEM. :D

  230. Cate Says:

    My favorite are the Le Chat Noir sock! So pretty and the sizing is great. I ordered a pair for myself and then some as gifts. I’m hoping to get the other designs as well soon. Really, everything on the site is fabulous and I am so happy they have all the plus size goodies clearly marked.

  231. Sarah Says:

    I love the knee-high rugby stripes. I got a pair in yellow/black as a gift, and they’re my favorite socks. I’d buy EVERY color combo if I could! They look awesome and stay up really well.

  232. Rachel Says:

    Oh goodness, you want me to pick just one? I lust after so many of their products, but I think my favorite-favorites are the Crochet Net Thigh High. So cute, and they stay up perfectly though a night of bar-crawling and dancing.

  233. Hayley Says:

    I love the herringbone trouser socks!

  234. Lorien Says:

    I can’t remember what they’re called, but my favorite socks from Sock Dreams are the most plush, thick, awesomely amazingly soft socks EVER. They are so awesome for winter.

    I ? Sock Dreams so much. :D

  235. Kristin Says:

    There’s two things I’ve been loving about sockdreams lately –

    One, their sock garters. So handy, and they have them in so many wonderful designs.
    Two, and this is a big one – their descriptions and details! They really are great about letting you know if a sock really fits as at-the-knee instead of the advertised thigh-high or mid-calf is the packaging insists it’s only ankle length. These notes really sway my purchasing decisions!

  236. lily Says:

    I love my black thigh highs with the V lace back! You posted a picture of them above, which reminds me how great they are (can’t really wear them in this heat right now). I also love my various pairs of OTK dream stockings, and I love the sock garters I don’t own yet but will someday! Or I guess I just covet them, rather. hahaha.

  237. Ahna Says:

    So difficult. My Sock It To Me kneehighs are my everyday wear, but I think the Ozone Surprise Ribs are my all-time favorites. They’re just beautiful.

  238. Jenni Says:

    I love everything Sock Dreams sells. But my favorite is gonna be the Body Adhesive. I’m going to use it to stick on my pasties for a burlesque act!

  239. gretchen Says:

    those button over the knee socks you have shown are pretty damn cool…

  240. Christina Says:

    I adore the Foot Traffic bamboo socks. Even though they only come in grey, they are my daily indulgence.

  241. Phoenix Says:

    I love pretty much of all Sock Dreams’ knee highs, but my absolute favorite would have to be the Portland Stripes. I love how… “Portland” they are! They are by Sock It To Me, a Portland company, sold at Sock Dreams, a Portland company. The stripes just fit in with the city vibe somehow. And I used to live in Portland, and am dying to move back.


  242. hologhost Says:

    Definitely the fingerless gloves – keeping my typing parts warm and toasty.

  243. jo Says:

    i just love over-the-knees. especially the Stirrup Thigh Highs. and the Mohair Jambieres. they look really comfy. and look at those Leg Warmers with Brass Snaps. yum. uh, Orkney Angora Wrist Warmers. do want. all time favourite: O Woolies. or N40s…

  244. Ali Says:

    I love their Vertically Inclined stockings! I bought them in black/green, then as soon as those arrived I ordered them in black/red and black/charcoal. They’re amazingly comfortable and flattering!

  245. Shannon Says:

    I’d say it’s a tie between footie and over-the-knee.

  246. Tea Says:

    I love the striped stockings, button-ribbed, and the patchwork fishnet leggings! I’ve been shopping SockDreams since ’07. Everything they make is gorgeous!

  247. Laurie Brown Says:

    I love the thigh high cotton stockings! They’re wonderful for cold weather and come in yummy colors.

  248. sharyn Says:

    I adore ALL of your knee-his..and have found some amazing men’s socks for my boyfriend who LOVES them too.

  249. Wendy Withers Says:

    I love the OTK striped socks, especially in crazy sherbert colors. I also love some tight-material OTKs I got with skulls and crossbones on them.

  250. Kaitlyn T. Says:

    I’ve actually never had the chance to own anything from Sock Dreams (usually because of lack of money), but I’ve perused the website many a time and have to admit that I’ve been lusting after a pair of five-toed tights.
    ESPECIALLY the ones in that lovely bright “Merlot” color.
    Lately I’ve had a thing for weird tights (I have black ones with rainbow paint splatters and, just recently, a pair of black and fluorescent yellow houndstooth ones) and I’d love to get the gift card so I could add to my new collection.

  251. eme813 Says:

    What the heck, maybe lady luck will be on my side this time around.

    I’m definitely a thigh high kind of girl, and if I win this thing, I’ll be spending those $50 on some gorgeous pairs to wear along with my home made basques, garter belts, or waspies. (I will confess that I once did a “dream shopping trip” and went through the site and just put everything I wanted in the basket… justifying spending $200 on thigh highs is surprisingly hard to do).

    I want some “Super M’s” in at least 3 different colors; opaque mini polka dot thigh highs; fishnet stockings with back seam bows; Super longs in brown; and some cotton tabi socks.

    Thanks for hosting such a cool give away

  252. Alise Says:

    This has been one of my favorite sites for so long!

    When I first heard about sockdreams I was like- what? Socks? But there are so many cool and unique things to choose from!

    I particularly am crazy about their gloves. I am thinking of getting the sheer mesh gloves with rhinestone trim

    I’m also looking at the Foot Traffic Space Dye Cotton Tights which I think are pretty unique and the crinoline skirt with lace trim

    Love this give away! Everything on the site is gorgeous!

  253. Kirsten Says:

    I have several of the thicker knit OTK socks in solid or heathered colors that I love for autumn and winter. Would really love to try some of the wilder patterns in the future.

  254. Andrea Says:

    I adore the Floral Tights en bronze. They have the perfect color to match darker skin tones like mine and can be it’s own centerpiece for an everyday plain outfit. The Super Long Open Crochet Leg Warmers though are also so excellent for daily wear, especially for randomly cold climates.

  255. Lindsay Says:

    My three current favourites are the Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks, the Topless Industrial Net Stockings, and I am newly loving the Harajuku Super Loose socks!

  256. Saldi_Mada Says:

    I love all that socks but especially these:

  257. Alice Says:

    Friend gave me a couple of tights for a gift recently. I’ve been wearing them so much – I absolutely love them! She got me the Floral Tights, the Bamboo Diamond Tights, Nordic Texture and the Pinstripe Leggings. :D

  258. Jen Says:

    I love the Maya over the knee socks. Even on my curvey legs they still go over the knee. Yay!

  259. Claudia Says:

    Oh, i love all kind o socks! But i think my faves so far are the over knee ones, they are so charming, sexy and comfy at the same time, and you can wear it everywhere! Laced for the night and funnies for the day!

  260. Meghan O'COnnor Says:

    It’s so hard to decide, I love sock dreams! I personally do love the softness of the Space-Dyed knee highs, but the new Extraordinary thigh highs work AMAZING for plus sizes!

  261. Amethyst Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Polonova Floral Lace Trouser socks. They are just gorgeous! I wish I had every pair! And they look awesome layered on top of sheer stockings and worn a with a pair of heels! Love love love!

  262. laural Says:

    i am loving the patchwork fishnets and the sheer pinstripe thigh highs (with bows!!!) also i am a littl obsessed with sock garters right now.

  263. Molly Says:

    So many to choose from!

    My absolute favorite pair of socks right now are Sock Dreams’ Birds on a Wire knee-highs. Brilliant teal background, crisscrossed by delightfully ominous bird-silhouettes. I love them. So dang much. (I often wear them with a pair of tights underneath for warmth during the winter. The fishnet star stirrups are great for this, both for the look and the practicality — I sometimes get sore spots from wearing flats, but this pairing somehow protects against that! Love love love.)

  264. tousleddolly Says:

    I adore these but have not tried them as of yet

    but my faves of all time are these they fit perfectly on my generous calves! and they are so cheap you can get them in all the colours!

    and i really want to try this! looks cool..and looks like they actually work! seems like they woould look good on the outside or things too ..i can see some interesting possibilities!

  265. natalie Says:

    i love, love, love the stripe-y ones!! if i won, i would buy those ones and then my boyfriend would probably steal them and wear them because he loves anything with stripes….

  266. Tifa Says:

    I love the Betsey’s Cozy Heart Cashmere Tights in Heather Grey. They look so luxurious!

  267. Amanda Says:

    I’m currently in love with a pair of New Zealand bed socks, white with red hearts all over them. I have super cold feet at night, but these socks are lined with wool (!) and make them delightfully toasty without cramping them. :)

    I’ve got some of the new Extraordinaries on the way too; I’m excited to try them next.

  268. J. Says:

    I just adore my gray and white knit socks. They kept me warm through out the winter. And I love my naughty thigh high striped socks. Sexy and funky. That is the way to be.

  269. Laura Says:

    My personal favorites, especially in winter, are the Super Dreamy Stockings. They are so soft and warm, and so long that my husband calls them my “hoo-ha” socks. But I can’t get enough stockings with stripes and bows, I just love sock dreams! :)

  270. Diane Says:

    I love sock dreams! They have the best selection. I’m glad to see that they have updated their website. The new look is great!

  271. SuzyQ Says:

    My favorite would be the Sheer Pinstriped Thigh Highs with Bows! ( It’s the perfect mix of High Femme, School Girl, Stripper, Cabaret Dancer, Steampunk. Their sock garters are also pretty snazzy.

  272. Ondine Says:

    I love all of their socks, but the Ashi Dashi ones are my favorites!

  273. Julia Noble Says:

    Oh my, I love SO many of SockDreams products…but you know what I’m coveting most right now? Their purple Cronert Wide Stripe over-the-knee socks. They’re so funky and cool and I have so many different shades of purple & so much purple clothing that they’d be the finishing touch on dozens of outfits.

    Then again, I wouldn’t mind the Venetian black lace trimmed petticoat for ‘in home wear’, if you know what I mean! ;)

  274. Amber Says:

    black and grey super stripes!! the very best!

  275. Ashley Says:

    I live in hot, humid, disgusting Florida and I’m eternally grateful for Sock Dreams’ OTK O Rayons. I have a pair in Carbon and they are SO COMFORTABLE I never want to take them off! Plus they don’t overheat my legs so I can give my outfits that extra bit of evil Catholic schoolgirl flair! ;)

  276. Lola Says:

    If I had to pick just one favorite…. I’d say the patchwork fishnet leggings. I was looking at those a week or two ago – but I’m also in love with lots of the arm and leg warmers. Mmmm, cozy softness…

  277. Sabrina Says:

    My favs are my black & red striped tights! :)

  278. June Says:

    I have so many socks and warmers it’s hard to say. Many of the Sockdreams and Tabbisock brands are my favorite. Definitely the place for thigh-highs. Oh ya, the garters too. I don’t know where else I could even find unique garters. I enjoy just perusing the site as a pastime.

  279. Dana Says:

    I have been lusting over sock garters for awhile. Love the stockings with the birds, too.

  280. Ash Says:

    I currently am in love with the pink & grey Super Warmer-Long. <3

  281. Brit Says:

    I like pretty much anything from their striped collection, but I *love* their net stockings with backseams and the red fencenets.

  282. Hannah Says:

    I adore the teal judi rib cuff leg warmers, cant wait to order them!

  283. Bri Says:

    I love the whole Victoriana collection, especially the “Polonova” items and the “Ethereal Arm Warmers” :).

  284. Annie Says:

    Any and all of their vertically striped, above-the-knee socks are dreamy.

    … See what I did there?

  285. Stephanie Says:

    Oh man, my favorite? Tough call!
    I’ve drooled over a lot of different items pretty consistently without having the extra cash to buy any of them. :(
    Yes, it is terrible because some of them aren’t even expensive!

    My favorite items:

    Leg Warmers w/Brass Snaps

    Polonova Velvet Wrist Warmers

    Striped Stirrup Knee Highs

    Sock It To Me Fancy Pants Metallic Stripes

    I could go on honestly…
    But I think i’ll leave it at that.


  286. Rhiannon Says:

    Hee, I am also a June 4th child (I saw someone post above they were too) I have reynauds to my feet and legs freeze terribly in winter, I love the heavy thigh high stockings, and DEARLY love the fact that someone with fairly solid thighs can get them to fit and stay up without cutting off circulation! I desperately want some tabi and toe socks as well….but my all time WANT NOW is a pair of black and white over the knee striped socks as I just bought a pair of 3 1/2 inch glittering Ruby Slippers ala wizard of Oz. I totally want to do the wicked witch the house fell on for halloween, I’m going to hang my legs and shoes out under the walkway to my door and rap on the flooring as people come up to get candy to get them to look down, LOL!!!!!

  287. Vivacious_G Says:

    Their new website looks great! My favorite foot treats: Florence trouser knee high socks, white Floral lace knee highs, thigh high fishnets with backseam bows…

  288. Bella Says:

    I love Sock Dreams, and in particular, the Opaque Thigh Highs with the Lace Backing.

  289. Nicole D Says:

    I love their petticoats and sock garters. So sassy!

  290. Lilly Says:

    The Zurich Texture Tights are pretty great.

  291. Deanna Says:

    I love the legwarmers on there site (well I love everything but Id choose legwarmers if I had to pick one category!)! I like to pair them with tights underneath especially in fall and winter. I have a pair of dark orange tights and I always love to wear these
    over them!

  292. melissa n. Says:

    i love everything, but the sheer & opaque vertical thigh high stripes are a staple.

  293. Karli Says:

    I absolutely adore the Codori Crochet Tights and their 100 inch Super Ruched Socks.

  294. Kitty Maer Says:

    love the sheer vertical stripe with lace and the long scrunch socks!

  295. dara Says:

    vegematarian sock garters, fingerless moto gloves, anything with stripes, argyle, lace, polonova floral trouser socks, fairytale knee highs, bones, muscles, hook and eye knee highs, bows, fishnet, spiderwebs, microfiber & wool tights (mine all have holes in them!)………..!!!

  296. Mary Says:

    I adore nearly everything! My nieces get loaded up on the craziest OTK’s for birthdays and holidays and actually love them – teenage girls getting excited over socks as gifts! I adore the Polonova designs for myself, they always get compliments. My style wouldn’t be half what it is without Sock Dreams helping me put it all together.

  297. Belinda Says:

    I’m completely addicted to Sock Dreams… they have the best customer service i have ever seen, free shipping, and wonderfully affordable prices too! My current focus of obsession is the Joelle Over the Knees. <3

  298. Valerie Says:

    These pretties are my favourite from the site: Simple design, so stylish and versatile!

  299. Boudica Says:

    Ahhh! My favorite footsy treats are- way too many!

    Here’s a list:

    I’m also partial to their beautifully affordable lace gloves which I plan to modify into finger crop with metal cat claw accents. :D

  300. Rebecca Says:

    I love them all! With that said, my favorites are the home brand Dream stockings’ Vertically Inclined!

  301. Noree Says:

    To be honest with you, I’ve got a huge feet fetish. And an even bigger one for stockings. So asking me to choose my fav from so many brilliant designs would be like asking me to choose between eating and breathing! Sock or hold-ups or pantyhose – love them equally. Victorian and lolita, modern and crazy – bring them on! As long as the model has a touch of elegance and I can find it a use in my wardrobe, it’s a want-want-want! And if on top of that, the material has a lush, soft feeling – well, I just might sleep with them on *heeheeeh*

  302. Gin Says:

    My favorites are the Skull & Bones OTK. LOVE THEM!

  303. Stacey Says:

    Oh jeez, how can I pick just one? Or a few? Or several? Criminy.

    OK, favorites are ALWAYS anything w/ vertical stripes, fishnet, fencenet, or lace. And the super dreamy thigh-highs. And spiderweb thigh-highs. But… maybe my fave are the shimmery lurex thigh highs? They’re pretty durned cool… :-D

  304. Linda Says:

    There are almost TOO many favorites on Sock Dreams!!

    1) I think the “Faux Corset Cuban Heel Pantyhose” are the sexiest pair I’ve seen in a long time. I love the spin they put on the classic simple seam.

    2) I also love the regular OTK socks. I have 4 pairs, and they go with EVERYTHING. They’re so great in the colder months when you still want to wear a skirt, but want to feel a lil sexy, too. ;)

    Linda, Baltimore MD

  305. katie Says:

    i LOVE the Vertical Crochet Tights with Lace Detail. So little girl victorian looking :)

  306. Sara Says:

    I love the Double Grip Clips by SockDreams because I didn’t find them anywhere else yet.

  307. Miranda Says:

    The entire OTK section; mostly the Hot Sox Rayon and Soft & Dreamy. Love!

  308. Kat Says:

    I love the Hansel from Basel Kneepad Tights, but they have been sold out for a while :( Though everything form sock dreams is fab!

  309. Rienne Says:

    I have to pick? No fair!

    Short of listing the entire site, I think I’m gonna have to go with these.

    Yum. Although I’m also in love with pretty much all of the lacey and stripey thigh highs.

  310. NikiNack Says:

    Thigh-high and Garter belts. Garter belts are easily the sexiest thing out there.
    And these card suit tights

  311. Erica Says:

    I’m still swooning over those sock garters! Rawr ; )

  312. Nadia Says:

    I like the tuxedo over the knees, the cherry stockings, and the opaque striped nylon leg warmers. :)

  313. amelia Says:

    I love everything on their site and that is the honest truth sweeties


    Two mismatched socks do I wear
    down upon my feet;
    one is old and loose and worn,
    the other snug and neat.
    And as I skip and walk and stroll
    all about the town,
    not a worry’s paid the younger sock;
    its mate keeps falling down!
    Perhaps I should too mention
    that the elder sock,
    despite its threadbare, stubborn nature,
    sure has seen a lot.
    And though its younger counterpart,
    trustworthy and fair,
    may not have seen as many steps,
    together they’re a pair.

  314. Dani Manning Says:

    Anything striped! I own so many pairs of socks from this website and looking at all of them the general theme is stripes as well as being colorful.

  315. Aubrey Says:

    Oh my. I’d have to say the Lace Top Lycra Faux Lace-Up Stockings are my favorite. I’ve been admiring them for a while now. I love the laced-up look up the back of the leg.

  316. Corvida Says:

    Over 300 replies? And yet I seem to be the only person in my town who shops at Sock Dreams…

    My go-to cold weather leg coverings are the Long, Cuffable, Scrunchable socks. Cute, warm, can be worn on top or under pants, and they go all the way up my leg! I’ve even made one pair into zombie nurse arm warmers.

  317. Riff Says:


    *Not actual name, but they are something like 100 inches of sock or something.

    Also, June 4th is my birthday! ^_~

  318. Duckie Says:

    I love all types of socks and so I love all of the socks on Sock Dreams :)

    My Dad’s entire family has this weird sock thing. When I was growing up he would always as if I needed anything or socks. It’s like the necessity of life or something. Haha!

  319. Thea Says:

    I <3 the snappy garters! what a great way to keep your socks up.

    I also love their fingerless gloves… I have an entire list of loves from this company.

  320. Kira Says:

    I love all the goods. <3

  321. Jennifer Says:

    Oh! There are almost too many to choose from! But those Two-Toned Cuban Heeled thigh highs are just darling! And the pinstripe thigh highs! Squee!

  322. Amy Says:

    They have some of the most affordable socks and stockings around. You can spend hours in the store, which is local in Portland. They are constantly bringing in more items and they have great style. It’s an amazing store! If your ever in Portland, it’s worth the trip!!!

  323. Erin Says:

    My boyfriend got me the Bones Tube Socks for Xmas, and they were my favorite gift that year!

  324. Marina Rios Says:

    I can’t decide between the ones that look like pencils and the ones that look like notebook paper. One of each at the same time? Whole theme going?

  325. Acid Says:

    I just love all kinds of thigh-highs and over the knee socks because they give and outfit a bit of sexyness and funkyness. From sock dreams I especially love vertically striped ones.

  326. Michelle Says:

    The bounty of retro and burlesque-esque socks keep me coming back for more. That and the fact that any time I wear them, people always ask, in awe, “Where did you get those?”

  327. pet Says:

    I have this amazing pair of black thigh hi soaks…drives me crazy to wear them and I love them so much!

  328. Deadzie Says:

    I really love the wool stockings. I bought a couple of pairs before a trip to NY and they kept me comfy and warm. I plan to purchase more soon. I really do love everything that sock dreams has to offer. I love their huge selection!

  329. Crystal Says:

    Super warmers! Extra looong leg warmers in dark brown and olive are my favorites. They’re on my wish list!

  330. Genevieve Says:

    OH SockDreams…. how could you pick a favorite. No one, for nearly a DECADE, has shown me the selection/variety, as fair of a price or as great of quality, or as sweet and personal with each and every order. I’m glad to see SockDreams is getting the credit & publicity it WELL DESERVES. Rock on with your socks on!

  331. Analiise Says:

    Oooh, spiderweb tights…lovely!!!

  332. wenzdai Says:

    Candy striped footies!

  333. Bella Says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the sheer thing high pinstripes with bows. Anything with pinstripes is awesome in my books. Too bad they’re sold out!

    I bought a pair of Angora & wool slouch socks that are amazingly comfortable. I call them my bunny socks! They make me incredibly happy every time I put them on.

    Sock Dreams is just too goo sometimes.

  334. Cris Says:

    I have to say my favorite items have to be the textured tights i positvely adore them especially these!

  335. Julene Says:

    Personally I’m a huge fan of the OTK tube socks, soooo versatile!

  336. Duchess Von Doom Says:

    I love their Super Stripes Knee highs, I cant tell you how many pairs of those I have and they are so durable too! They last longer then any other knee high stripey socks!

  337. mechamuffin Says:

    can’t repress my inner spookling: over the knee skeleton socks. out of hundreds of pairs (seriously, they make a 09″ high pile when spread out over the entire surface of a queen sized bed), they are my absolute favorite.


  338. Amelia Says:

    I don’t own a single pair of thigh-high stockings. You’d think that was a glaringly obvious wardrobe deficiency given that I’m also an inveterate corset wearer, yes? Well, I didn’t realize it was until I went out to the local burlesque bar last Friday (and yes, my “local bar” IS also a burlesque venue)…to guzzle an unspecified number of cocktails…on a cold autumn night….in all my long-line corseted finery…and wearing tights up to the waist underneath.

    The resulting, er, late-night bathroom hijinks were a tad embarrassing, and I’m sure every lady who has worn a tightly laced corset out will Know What I Mean.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is why I would dearly love something that will keep my legs warm without sacrificing dignity. I’ve been eyeing the O Woolies for a while:

    Or, when things start to…hot up, the Leg Avenue opaque thigh high with lace up back. Perfect with a corset!

  339. Melody Says:

    I love the Striped Thigh High with Heart Tops. They’re so cute! Like something you’d see in a Japanese magazine.

  340. Monika Says:

    Sheer pinstripe thigh hihgs with bows. Adorable.

  341. Nep Says:

    Thigh highs and tights have always been on my wish list!

  342. ladyfalcon195 Says:

    I love their huge collection of cuddly scrunchy over-the-knee socks the best!

  343. Eva Says:

    i adore the opaque vertical stripes in bright pink, the top stripped OTK tubes with black&white colors, the sheer pinstripped thigh highs with bows in white and black, the opaque tigh high with lace up black, the floral tights with the floral patterns in hot pink… any of these would make me jump out of happiness! they’re all great and so original as almost every product in the shop!<3 ^^

  344. bioephemera Says:

    The Kawaii skeleton socks of course – but they’re out of stock. So sad.

  345. Ingrid Says:

    I have a sock fetish, I confess. I also would be ever so thankful if I won the Sock Dream gift certificate <3. These socks are so beautiful, I've been to this site so many times, but I finally just got my job and my first paycheck is coming next month, if I don't win I can still buy these gorgeous socks! I love the way the new website looks, everything's so fancy, I'm glad Sock Dreams is one of the new advertisers!

  346. Kathryn Says:

    I love their vertical-stripe black and white stockings. They remind me of this photo from the famous Storyville in New Orleans at the turn of the century:

  347. Steff Metal Says:

    I own SO many pairs of sock dreams socks. At the moment, my fave pairs are tied between the Leonardo’s machines socks and the red ribbed thigh high socks.

    Their new website looks awesome and I’m so glad they’re doing so well :)

  348. EmoSeal Says:

    I can’t even begin to list the number of things I love and need from Sock Dreams, but two things that are high on my list right now are the Patchwork Fishnet Leggings and the Candy Stripe Footies. I love their site SO much and I definitely plan to be a long-term shopper.

  349. Aimee Seaver Says:

    I love love love anything like the bottom left ones, pretty pretty floral designs. Especially with a black background = drool


  350. Deeb Says:

    Tough decision. I found pretty much the perfect Cuban heeled backseam sheer stockings there. At the same time, I can’t resist all of the stripey goodness that is offered by Sock Dreams. Color combinations beyond my wildest imagination. Oh and I also love their leopard slipper socks. Super cute and comfy. Can’t choose just one! I love love love Sock Dreams!!!

  351. Nomie Says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Spiked Sock Garters for a while. So impractical! So awesome!

  352. Cerise Says:

    Ak! tough one! since socks have been my obsession for the last 5~ or so years, Ive filled two drawers already!
    My faves are by far OTK socks, the redxred card print ones are awesome! Although I do love the plain acrylic OTK, its hard to find good OTK in white; Ive been eyeing some with textures, Ive never tried textures ones. :)

  353. Angela Says:

    I have so many favorites from Sock Dreams… I think I have to say I love my striped cronert with purples and reds. They always get compliments, they stay up, and they are great for the cold weather here in Wisconsin. xoxox sock dreams!

  354. Regi Says:

    I love ALL the tights on SockDreams! I live in a place where the winter gets really cold, so the tights are a lifesaver come the snow storms!

  355. Mary Says:

    I have a collection of Sock Dreams but my recent purchase of the sheer Argyle Trouser Socks are amazing!

  356. Shelby Says:

    I think my favorites are the solid opaque thigh highs–simple, versatile, and so comfy. Others may be more exciting, but these are a must-have basic! I also love all the super-long socks (like the Super Ms); they’re great for layering over tights in cold weather. I’m only sad it’s summer, since now it’s too warm to wear them. ;)

  357. Kaylee Says:

    Cashmere blend socks make me happy, so I love my Nelly crews. And they have to-die-for cuban heel seamed stockings.

  358. Rebecca Says:

    I love the Super Stripes. Groovy striped socks that really are thigh highs, even on me! ???

  359. Sara Says:

    I adore wearing the Microfiber Chenille Arm Warmers in cold weather, and I can’t even choose a favorite sock.. they’re all far too awesome!

  360. meganity Says:

    Definitely my favorite is my Super Dreamy stockings! Socks that go all the way to my butt and feel awesome too, i love textured things :D

  361. Stephanie Says:

    You can’t beat the O Basics. Soft and comfortable, and they stay right where they belong– over the knee. :)

  362. sonambula Says:

    oooh garters for me please!

  363. Lillian Says:

    I absolutely love the tabi socks on Sock Dreams, especially the over-the-knee tabis. I asked them a while back when they first began offering them if they could find any OTK tabis. They promptly contacted me back to let me know that they were working on it, but so far hadn’t found a manufacturer for them. Six or seven months later, I wrote them again to find out if they’d had any luck. They hadn’t, but they assured me they were still looking. Lo and behold, just two weeks ago I checked their site, and they finally found a manufacturer for OTK tabi socks! I’ve ordered a pair and they are my favorite socks now, possibly my favorite pair that I’ve ever owned. I know that there were probably other people asking for them, but the people at Sock Dreams are so personable and nice that it feels like they found the OTK tabis just for me!

  364. Stu Nami Says:

    Anything with stripes, the more stripes the better.

  365. Tala Says:

    My favorite pair of socks are the sharks, with their mouths wide open. AH! AH! MY FEET! MY FEET!

  366. Princess LuckyButtons Says:

    I love your selection of thigh-highs, especially the vertical stripes!

  367. Marika Says:

    I love my rainbow striped knee highs!

  368. Hendrix Says:

    Seriously anything with vertical stripes. I’ll use anything I can get to make myself look a little taller, lol!

  369. Jennifer Says:

    Sock Dreams has two OTKs in the most beautiful colours- lilac and seafoam- that I can’t get anywhere else. They’re FABULOUS.

  370. Ali Says:

    Without a doubt, the Lace-Top Lycra Faux Lace-Up Stockings:

    They are very, very similar to the ones Gaga wears in the ‘Paparazzi’ video, when’s she’s on the bed with Alexander Skarsgard. I’ve been looking for those damn stockings since the video came out!

  371. Kelly Says:

    I like the entire Victoriana collection (especially the patchwork fishnets), and also the arty Klimt and Chat Noir socks.

  372. Teague Says:

    I’m currently getting a lot of mileage out of these tights in bronze:

  373. Jaira Says:

    I love their tabi style socks. It’s very ethnic and wearable with flip flops.

  374. Chelsey Says:

    I love the Sock It To Me Superhero Socks because that’s exactly what they make me feel like! Zip! Pow!

  375. Jen Says:

    there are so many to love. I think if I had to pick just one I’d go with the longer O chevrons in charcoal.

  376. diana Says:

    i love the wooly leg warmers! they are really cool!

  377. ffiend Says:

    I love their sock garters. I have some with spikes also spiderweb ones & plain black.
    I love sock dreams.

  378. Atsuko Says:

    Thank you so much for introducing me to Sock Dreams! I love unique (and not wildly expensive) tights/socks, and this is just feeding my addiction. I would have to say that the Floral Tights and the Double Deco Diamond Tights are my favorite :) I need more tights that can push an outfit from casual to semi-dressy.

  379. Kitty Fields Says:

    Anything with lace ^_^. I love lace. I might pick up another petticoat too.

  380. flightless Says:

    The black velvet thigh-highs; they are so versatile, comfy, and SEXY!

  381. Nikki Says:

    I love the sheer pinstriped thigh highs, and so does my boyfriend ;D and June 4th is my birthday. It’d be awesome to win.

  382. Francine Naef Says:

    great advice and sharing,I will buy one this beautiful pants for me .thanks

  383. Jenn Says:

    I love the over the knee striped socks! They add such a nice and fun touch to any outfit :)

  384. Emily Says:

    I absolutely love the striped Dreamer Socks.

  385. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the faux leather sock garters! They have served me well and complete many looks.

  386. Melissa Dominic Says:

    cotton lace anklets, among other lovely things! i just love those bits of lace!

  387. Nee Says:

    Sock garters, definitely sock garters. ^_^

  388. ZeroRuby Says:

    thigh highs: ribbed M’s, M stripes, & super stripes all day!

  389. gold coast accommodation apartments Says:

    Interesting! But you should check your comment plugin more frequently. You seem to be getting hit some fake comments. I had a similar issue myself. So nowadays I go over everything as carefully as I can.

  390. Ba?lama Dualar? Says:

    thigh highs: ribbed M’s, M stripes, & super stripes all day!

  391. Dawn Baby Says:

    I like any of the over the knee socks. And I especially love the great selection of lacy stockings you have.

  392. Nancy Says:

    I absolutely love the Diamond Over the Knee socks. Thanks for the giveaway!

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