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Sock Dreams Giveaway!

Please welcome back Sock Dreams to our advertisers!

Sock Dreams loves making your little feet happy, so to celebrate their newly redesigned shop and new ad run on Haute Macabre, weโ€™re giving away a $50 gift certificate!

To enter to win, just leave a comment below telling us what your favorite foot treats on Sock Dreams are! ย Winner will be announced on Friday, June 4.

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  1. I’m completely addicted to Sock Dreams… they have the best customer service i have ever seen, free shipping, and wonderfully affordable prices too! My current focus of obsession is the Joelle Over the Knees. <3

  2. I adore nearly everything! My nieces get loaded up on the craziest OTK’s for birthdays and holidays and actually love them – teenage girls getting excited over socks as gifts! I adore the Polonova designs for myself, they always get compliments. My style wouldn’t be half what it is without Sock Dreams helping me put it all together.

  3. vegematarian sock garters, fingerless moto gloves, anything with stripes, argyle, lace, polonova floral trouser socks, fairytale knee highs, bones, muscles, hook and eye knee highs, bows, fishnet, spiderwebs, microfiber & wool tights (mine all have holes in them!)………..!!!

  4. Their new website looks great! My favorite foot treats: Florence trouser knee high socks, white Floral lace knee highs, thigh high fishnets with backseam bows…

  5. Hee, I am also a June 4th child (I saw someone post above they were too) I have reynauds to my feet and legs freeze terribly in winter, I love the heavy thigh high stockings, and DEARLY love the fact that someone with fairly solid thighs can get them to fit and stay up without cutting off circulation! I desperately want some tabi and toe socks as well….but my all time WANT NOW is a pair of black and white over the knee striped socks as I just bought a pair of 3 1/2 inch glittering Ruby Slippers ala wizard of Oz. I totally want to do the wicked witch the house fell on for halloween, I’m going to hang my legs and shoes out under the walkway to my door and rap on the flooring as people come up to get candy to get them to look down, LOL!!!!!

  6. Oh man, my favorite? Tough call!
    I’ve drooled over a lot of different items pretty consistently without having the extra cash to buy any of them. ๐Ÿ™
    Yes, it is terrible because some of them aren’t even expensive!

    My favorite items:

    Leg Warmers w/Brass Snaps

    Polonova Velvet Wrist Warmers

    Striped Stirrup Knee Highs

    Sock It To Me Fancy Pants Metallic Stripes

    I could go on honestly…
    But I think i’ll leave it at that.


  7. I like pretty much anything from their striped collection, but I *love* their net stockings with backseams and the red fencenets.

  8. I have so many socks and warmers it’s hard to say. Many of the Sockdreams and Tabbisock brands are my favorite. Definitely the place for thigh-highs. Oh ya, the garters too. I don’t know where else I could even find unique garters. I enjoy just perusing the site as a pastime.

  9. If I had to pick just one favorite…. I’d say the patchwork fishnet leggings. I was looking at those a week or two ago – but I’m also in love with lots of the arm and leg warmers. Mmmm, cozy softness…

  10. I live in hot, humid, disgusting Florida and I’m eternally grateful for Sock Dreams’ OTK O Rayons. I have a pair in Carbon and they are SO COMFORTABLE I never want to take them off! Plus they don’t overheat my legs so I can give my outfits that extra bit of evil Catholic schoolgirl flair! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Oh my, I love SO many of SockDreams products…but you know what I’m coveting most right now? Their purple Cronert Wide Stripe over-the-knee socks. They’re so funky and cool and I have so many different shades of purple & so much purple clothing that they’d be the finishing touch on dozens of outfits.

    Then again, I wouldn’t mind the Venetian black lace trimmed petticoat for ‘in home wear’, if you know what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I love sock dreams! They have the best selection. I’m glad to see that they have updated their website. The new look is great!

  13. My personal favorites, especially in winter, are the Super Dreamy Stockings. They are so soft and warm, and so long that my husband calls them my “hoo-ha” socks. But I can’t get enough stockings with stripes and bows, I just love sock dreams! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I just adore my gray and white knit socks. They kept me warm through out the winter. And I love my naughty thigh high striped socks. Sexy and funky. That is the way to be.

  15. I’m currently in love with a pair of New Zealand bed socks, white with red hearts all over them. I have super cold feet at night, but these socks are lined with wool (!) and make them delightfully toasty without cramping them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve got some of the new Extraordinaries on the way too; I’m excited to try them next.

  16. i love, love, love the stripe-y ones!! if i won, i would buy those ones and then my boyfriend would probably steal them and wear them because he loves anything with stripes….

  17. I adore these but have not tried them as of yet

    but my faves of all time are these they fit perfectly on my generous calves! and they are so cheap you can get them in all the colours!

    and i really want to try this! looks cool..and looks like they actually work! seems like they woould look good on the outside or things too ..i can see some interesting possibilities!

  18. So many to choose from!

    My absolute favorite pair of socks right now are Sock Dreams’ Birds on a Wire knee-highs. Brilliant teal background, crisscrossed by delightfully ominous bird-silhouettes. I love them. So dang much. (I often wear them with a pair of tights underneath for warmth during the winter. The fishnet star stirrups are great for this, both for the look and the practicality — I sometimes get sore spots from wearing flats, but this pairing somehow protects against that! Love love love.)

  19. i am loving the patchwork fishnets and the sheer pinstripe thigh highs (with bows!!!) also i am a littl obsessed with sock garters right now.

  20. I absolutely LOVE the Polonova Floral Lace Trouser socks. They are just gorgeous! I wish I had every pair! And they look awesome layered on top of sheer stockings and worn a with a pair of heels! Love love love!

  21. It’s so hard to decide, I love sock dreams! I personally do love the softness of the Space-Dyed knee highs, but the new Extraordinary thigh highs work AMAZING for plus sizes!

  22. Oh, i love all kind o socks! But i think my faves so far are the over knee ones, they are so charming, sexy and comfy at the same time, and you can wear it everywhere! Laced for the night and funnies for the day!

  23. Friend gave me a couple of tights for a gift recently. I’ve been wearing them so much – I absolutely love them! She got me the Floral Tights, the Bamboo Diamond Tights, Nordic Texture and the Pinstripe Leggings. ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. My three current favourites are the Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks, the Topless Industrial Net Stockings, and I am newly loving the Harajuku Super Loose socks!

  25. I adore the Floral Tights en bronze. They have the perfect color to match darker skin tones like mine and can be it’s own centerpiece for an everyday plain outfit. The Super Long Open Crochet Leg Warmers though are also so excellent for daily wear, especially for randomly cold climates.

  26. I have several of the thicker knit OTK socks in solid or heathered colors that I love for autumn and winter. Would really love to try some of the wilder patterns in the future.

  27. This has been one of my favorite sites for so long!

    When I first heard about sockdreams I was like- what? Socks? But there are so many cool and unique things to choose from!

    I particularly am crazy about their gloves. I am thinking of getting the sheer mesh gloves with rhinestone trim

    I’m also looking at the Foot Traffic Space Dye Cotton Tights which I think are pretty unique and the crinoline skirt with lace trim

    Love this give away! Everything on the site is gorgeous!

  28. What the heck, maybe lady luck will be on my side this time around.

    I’m definitely a thigh high kind of girl, and if I win this thing, I’ll be spending those $50 on some gorgeous pairs to wear along with my home made basques, garter belts, or waspies. (I will confess that I once did a “dream shopping trip” and went through the site and just put everything I wanted in the basket… justifying spending $200 on thigh highs is surprisingly hard to do).

    I want some “Super M’s” in at least 3 different colors; opaque mini polka dot thigh highs; fishnet stockings with back seam bows; Super longs in brown; and some cotton tabi socks.

    Thanks for hosting such a cool give away