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Charmingly creepy editorial by Craig McDean for Interview.

But then, I’ve always had a thing for mannequins.

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  1. So, there really is someone out there who’s more fake than Megan Fox? Yes, but that “person” just so happens to be a mannequin.

  2. @dysnomia

    Yeah, ’cause Pulp Fiction totally invented the bob with a fringe.

    And at least Megan Fox has some kind of personality (bad or not) unlike many models I’ve heard open their mouth.

  3. Excellent pics. I really like them. I like Megan Fox, too — she’s bright and down-to-earth, from the interviews I’ve read. She’s just been in some awful movies, that’s all.

  4. I am guessing that they edited the photos so the mannequin would have Megans’s face.

    Very disturbing…but cool.

  5. Every image is absolutely sexy. Megan Fox should just steer clear of movies and vest her time in modeling endeavors like this!

  6. or is it supposed to be a real girl’s fascination(?) with a mannequin. I love a shoot that makes you wonder…

  7. lol; I guess this is part of the point, but I have a hard time deciding if it’s a mannequin a real person in some of the pieces. Like the third one from top. Is the girl on top a person? but then again, the post is about mannequins so maybe it’s a mannequin… omg I’m confused. (haha) Love the shoot.