Colchicine Muscle

Charmingly creepy editorial by Craig McDean for Interview.

Colchicine Muscle, But then, I've always had a thing for mannequins.

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21 Responses to “Colchicine Muscle”

  1. Style Odyssey Says:

    oooh that IS creepy. could be the makings of a darker, weird sequel to the 80s movie “mannequin”.

  2. Lucifin Says:

    lol; I guess this is part of the point, but I have a hard time deciding if it’s a mannequin a real person in some of the pieces. Like the third one from top. Is the girl on top a person? but then again, the post is about mannequins so maybe it’s a mannequin… omg I’m confused. (haha) Love the shoot.

  3. Lucifin Says:

    or is it supposed to be a real girl’s fascination(?) with a mannequin. I love a shoot that makes you wonder…

  4. figaro Says:

    That’s Megan Fox, right?

  5. Lynn Says:

    Yep, that’s Megan Fox. There are more photos over at just search The Mannequin.

  6. chearly Says:

    I really love these pics! The colours, the game between them that let you guess everything… Amazing.

  7. Jamie Says:

    Wow, I didn’t even recognize her. She looks better than ever!

  8. Randi Says:

    Wow, I love the way Megan Fox looks in this shoot. Talk about a pure transformation.

  9. HeatherGE Says:

    Every image is absolutely sexy. Megan Fox should just steer clear of movies and vest her time in modeling endeavors like this!

  10. ffiend Says:

    Maybe I have a dirty mind but I do believe they are about to scissor in the last pic.


  11. Katie Says:

    Megan Fox. I can’t.

  12. Finnle Mae Says:

    I am guessing that they edited the photos so the mannequin would have Megans’s face.

    Very disturbing…but cool.

  13. Red Says:

    Excellent pics. I really like them. I like Megan Fox, too — she’s bright and down-to-earth, from the interviews I’ve read. She’s just been in some awful movies, that’s all.

  14. dysnomia Says:

    Well that hairstyle doesn’t look like a total ripoff of Pulp Fiction, not at all

  15. Ana Says:

    She’s awful, but these are great.

  16. Ysault Says:

    Gloriously creepy and probably the only Megan Fox-involving thing I do not mind.

  17. Riff Says:


    Yeah, ’cause Pulp Fiction totally invented the bob with a fringe.

    And at least Megan Fox has some kind of personality (bad or not) unlike many models I’ve heard open their mouth.

  18. Ribs Says:

    This shoot could have been done better.

  19. Nona Says:

    Really striking stuff, better than hanging out with Transformers don’t you think?

  20. Cameron Says:

    Why is Megan so perfect??? Well she does look old…nevermind.

  21. Ghouldilocks Says:

    So, there really is someone out there who’s more fake than Megan Fox? Yes, but that “person” just so happens to be a mannequin.

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