Erythromycin Oral

Erythromycin Oral, The question in, can I get away with wearing this as a bathing suit?

Black Milk knocks it out of the park again, this time with printed bodysuits.

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17 Responses to “Erythromycin Oral”

  1. Stew Says:

    Oh how I wish they had some for men. Or in black.


  2. Rachel Says:


  3. Rachel Says:

    btw: on the bathing suit thing…. I’m going to vote yes cuz they seem to be lined:

  4. .typhoid Says:

    Oh, man, how much? At first I thought the top one was a little bit off but the other two are perfect.

  5. merlin513 Says:

    No snaps at the bottom, lined…yep, bathing suit!!!

  6. Anny Says:

    The ribs suit is awesome!

  7. TheOsakaKoneko Says:

    I think the real question is why are they NOT bathing suits? I mean…why aren’t they made for that purpose? I want the last one SO BAD as a proper bathing suit!

  8. RayRoo Says:

    I love the image of the skull, but did you notice the top of the skull that was cut off at the top was placed at the crotch? Gee, just what I like in a swim/body suit, some weird shading to draw everyone’s attention between my legs.

  9. Camilla Says:

    I think that she’s making the swimsuits separately, and that they aren’t released yet. That’s what I gathered from her blog, anyway. I wish I went to the pool more often to laze about so I could justify buying the moonwalker.

  10. Lori Hedrick Says:

    I love these!!

  11. james Says:

    Camilla is right – she is making swimsuits separately. They’re not quite ready yet…


  12. james Says:

    RayRoo – well they’re meant to be worn with pants… but you have a point. Fixed it.

  13. MM Says:

    Here she says that the bodysuits are unlined, and they also have less firm fabric than the swimsuits. That probably means that they will sag and/or go see-through when wet, so I’d wait for the swimsuits.

    I’d probably get more wear out of a bodysuit, actually! I almost never go to the beach anyways.

  14. mary lee Says:

    oh hell yeah

  15. ffiend Says:

    HOLY SHIT COW!!!! I want!

  16. tDIYm Says:

    *grabby hands* Ribs!!!

  17. L Says:

    By all means. These “suits” are fantastic & more than just passable for a day at la mer. I’d get one myself if I had money to spare!

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