Antibiotic Cipro

A few affordable pieces that echo the look of the Givenchy 2011 collection:

Vintage Bib Necklace Antibiotic Cipro, , $40  † Pins and Needles Skirt, $29.99

Silk Beaded Dress,  $89.99 †  Mina Cosy Lace Dress, $37.50

Trip to Outer Lace Skirt, $37.99  †  Beaded Lace Camisole, $80

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  1. Ladyjane Says:

    There is no shortcut to any place worth going…the journey is the ride of your life… We only hope that the realization sets in before the end… Love the couture and absolutely love the artistic and inspirational work of bloodmilk! I own a sole piece of jewelry but one that touches my soul… Happy 2nd…the ring is phenomenal and an elegant statement! Brava! Lj

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