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Bits to Atoms

Bits to Atoms is totally unapologetic geek chic. These rings are as much about process as they are about final product. With phrases like  “sculpted with 3D CAD parametric software” and “Select Laser Sintering usually used as a rapid prototyping tool”, I get the feeling I’ve finally found jewelry the men in my life will enjoy talking about! The pieces are custom-made to order, and come in a mindboggling array of materials: Black or Transparent Acrylic based photopolymer, ABS, Nylon, Bronze infused Stainless Steel, Alumide, Glass & Gold Plated Stainless Steel (but the Bronze infused Stainless Steel & Alumide have a ‘tessellated  texture’.)

Erin is a web developer and lover of tiny dogs, ghost stories, and too much eyeliner.

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