Coilhouse 5

That’s right kiddies, your favorite loveletter’s newest issue is out and ready for you to purchase.

Folks who order #05 through our web store get a lot of additional bang for their buck – every single mail-ordered copy of Coilhouse 05 comes with two exquisitely produced, limited edition postcard playbills featuring the “Before and After portraits” of our fashion darling Dylan Monroe as Dorian Gray. Additionally, each and every mail-order copy of this issue will be signed, with gratitude, by all three Coilhouse co-editors. Unlike past issues, which shipped immediately, Issue 05 will start shipping next Wednesday, July 7th. (The extra week is to give us time to sign several hundred magazines and insert all of those postcards. Phew!)

Issue #05 will retail in stores for $12.99.  Details on where to buy in person coming soon.

Coilhouse 05 from Courtney Riot on Vimeo.

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8 Responses to “Coilhouse 5”

  1. .typhoid Says:

    GOT COILHOUSE? should be a new thing. Said in a gruff, threatening, manly burr of voice.

    And yes. Yes I do got.

  2. Zo Says:


  3. fanciful Says:

    yummy yummy in my eyeball.

  4. Colorful_Amoeba Says:

    aw, the video is amazing! great job!

    May I ask what song is playing in it?

  5. Zo Says:

    Colorful Amoeba, that’s “Good Times” by Crystal Castles

  6. Colorful_Amoeba Says:

    thank U very much! ^^

  7. ~Lily Says:

    can someone tell me who the artist is, of the three wonderful baroque-indian sexpots?

  8. Samantha Says:

    @Lily – The artist is our very own Zoetica!

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