The Haute List : $25 & Under

Vero Moda Drape Side TankSlash Back CardiganRuffle Zipper Back Tank

Bumble Bee RingAnkle Stud LeggingDraped Chain Necklace

Mesh Lace ShirtWrap SweaterCut Out Vest Dress

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3 Responses to “The Haute List : $25 & Under”

  1. .typhoid Says:

    I have, thus far, purchased three different variations of a draped chain necklace, but why should something as banal as that be a reason NOT TO BUY MORE?

  2. Morgan Says:

    I thought this was delicious as well! :)*&Mrsavf=*&Mpper=3

  3. Nee Says:

    @ Morgan: Ooh, me likey!

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