Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities

Errr…  does the phrase “Butt Rogers” mean anything to you? I don’t often cover super-duper steampunk stuff, but this time around I just had to share. Lady Clankington’s  Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities produces “Infernal Devices” you could get away with wearing to your next Steam Punk Tea Party. Assuming you washed them first.  Via Unplggd.

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9 Responses to “Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities”

  1. Calluna Dellamorte Says:


  2. EvilAngel Says:

    Those bring a whole new meaning to stickup! *dies laughing*

  3. Sara Says:

    HAH! That is hysterical. And clever. She’s obviously cornered a very unique market. Good for her xD

  4. Boudica Says:


  5. Hazy Says:

    I find that ingenious, absurd, and hysterical all at the same time. Bravo!

  6. jenni Says:

    EWW! First rule of tea party etiquette: if it’s been in your twat or up your butt, leave it at home.

    Novel idea, but still isn’t as cool as the light saber dildos.

  7. fashion_fiend Says:

    ..trying to figure out if those are glass or do they vibrate? hmm, anyway I hate steampunk but i can see some neckbeards buying that for their wives/girlfriends. ew indeed.

  8. Sally Says:

    Hilarious. The descriptions totally make it.

  9. Brackles Says:

    *cringe* A big miscalculation was made here. This fails on account that steampunk as it stands today has all the sex appeal of wet cardboard.

    The family-friendliness (it’s been called goth that dosen’t alarm your parents), flippancy, goofiness and just plain juvenile nature of this tasteless, plagerized (and hopefully short lived) fad makes any forced association with the sensual or carnal deeply creepy. Registered sex offender-grade creepy.

    Now the REAL Victorians could teach us all a thing or two about eroticism.

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