Given to Fly

Photos by Dancian for Z00.

I’ve been noticing latex creeping into shoots a lot lately….

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6 Responses to “Given to Fly”

  1. Ganoh Says:

    It’s true, I believe latex is getting more and more popular thanks to Lady GaGa, Katy Perry and co. This is great for latex and fetish fashion/design on the whole, not so great for those who are new to latex and flock to overpriced, poor quality latex without researching the fantastic designers out there.

    I remember Topshop selling a few latex basic garments at outrageous prices a few months ago, and I felt so sorry for those who bought those garments without realising that they probably could have bought the same thing if not better in many more colours, made to measure for far cheaper!

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Ok, love the latex, love the lace gloves, but i really MUST have those boots in photo #3

  3. stephane malingue Says:


  4. RockLove Says:

    Still in love with that Borgo Bracelet.

  5. fashion_fiend Says:

    those boots in the 2nd & last pic are redonkalous!

  6. Lissa Says:

    Just say no to latex. At all times.

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