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The lovely Kat Bret Synthroid Storage Life, was in town last week, and popped by to see me at work. Kat has long been one of my favorite alternative photographers, 150mg Synthroid Storage Life, Synthroid Storage Life paypal, shooting designers like Antiseptic and Eirik Aswang for magazines like Digital SLR and Bizzare.  I admit I was a little saddened when she left the Bay Area a year ago to pursue high fashion photography in New York. However, 100mg Synthroid Storage Life, Synthroid Storage Life australia, I promised her I would take a look at her new project, Kat + Duck, Synthroid Storage Life japan. Synthroid Storage Life craiglist, I am happy to say that in collaboration with her partner (the Duck in Kat+Duck), Kat has managed to make the leap to high fashion without losing either her personal style or her alternative edge, 200mg Synthroid Storage Life. 250mg Synthroid Storage Life, Instead of losing a terrific alt photographer, we have gained a terrific fashion photographer- and are one step closer to world domination, Synthroid Storage Life india. Synthroid Storage Life coupon, Wait, did I say that last part out loud.

Kat + Duck Bret mohawk girl punk fashion

Kat + Duck Bret mohawk girl

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5 Responses to “Synthroid Storage Life”

  1. desiringmachine Says:

    Love the 1st pic. I’m a fan of photos of gorgeous edgy women looking like they’re having fun and yelling. I don’t know what it is about yelling pictures, they’re just so FUN.

  2. Amethyst Says:

    Reminds me of Ongina off of RuPaul’s Drag U :3

  3. fashion_fiend Says:

    @Amethyst- yes she does! I love Ongina.

  4. Requiem Says:

    I like Kat’s work and I think she’s very talented, but I was appalled by her lack of follow-through and professionalism with small designers. I hope that as she continues to progress she honors small gothic designers as a piece of her development, rather than a stepping stone in her trajectory.

  5. games Says:

    Could possibly you pls include way more information about this subject? By the way your web portal is cool. Take care..

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