A is for Arsenic Giveaway

Amelia Arsenic’s A is for Arsenic line has released its first installment, Night Terrors Act 01.  Each month, Amelia will launch a collection to the series, each limited prints and editions.

To celebrate Act 01, Haute Macabre and Amelia are giving away a his and her prize package to one randomly selected winner.  To enter, just leave a comment below from now until Sunday, October 17!

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297 Responses to “A is for Arsenic Giveaway”

  1. Julie Says:

    I love the prints, especially the Night Terrors tank dress.

  2. Ash Says:

    I absolutely love the blindfold grey men’s shirt.

  3. Cate Says:

    I love these prints absolutely stunning xoxo

  4. Ivy Says:

    black tank dress <3

  5. nomfaux Says:


  6. Amber Says:

    Aww, this is awesome!

  7. Valerie Says:

    Those are pretty much the raddest shirts ever!

  8. Birgitte Says:

    The prints are beautiful and fierce! <3

  9. Kristy Says:

    ooh I want to win! the contest ends on my birthday!

  10. Angela Says:

    Beautiful! I love your drawings- always have such wonderful things

  11. Dinah Says:

    Love this! Also great logo and packaging ;)

  12. Kayley Says:

    I fucking love Miss X! I ordered a set of Night Terrors buttons because I was too poor to order anything else, so hopefully I’ll get lucky! <3

  13. Steph Says:

    Simply gorgeous. Can’t wait for part 2.

  14. Deex Says:

    Damn, what a gorgeous print. *__*

  15. Erin Says:

    Very nice, very versatile.

  16. Leroy Says:

    A is for Amazing…

  17. Em Says:

    Me & the mister would love to win…

  18. Olivia Says:

    LOVE IT!

  19. tea Says:

    gorgeous stuff, count me in please!

  20. Lucifin Says:

    I hope it’ll be in stock again, but I’m guessing not… so I really hope to win. :)

  21. Lauri Says:

    I love the prints!

  22. eris Says:

    these are so beautiful!

  23. Melissa De la Fuente Says:

    I love it, the artwork is incredible!

  24. xenia Says:

    The prints are gorgeous and so are the models!

  25. pogostick Says:

    I would love them.

  26. Lady Julianne Says:

    I really like the shades of grey that were chosen for these. I’m a bit obsessed with grey at the moment, so I’d love to win.

  27. Jackie Says:

    Love her work! The shirts are beautiful.

  28. Claudia Says:

    The prints are gorgeous, like every Amelia’s work.

  29. Holly-Rae Says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you for the generous give away ^^

  30. essylt Says:

    i’m craving for that tank dress and tee! i love the design, anatomic sketches have always been faves of mine. i can already see myself wearing the tank dress, and my best friend wearing the tee. perfect match.

  31. EvilAngel Says:

    Beautiful prints, love her work!

  32. Kirsten Says:

    Beautiful! Would love a prezzie.

  33. Ronin Says:

    Ooo, I would LOVE this. :)

  34. Valek Says:

    Love the work, it would be just super to win :D

  35. Alina Says:

    Damn, I love Angelspit!)

  36. Miss Macabre Says:

    That’s a beautiful tank dress. :) I’d love one in my closet~

  37. dysnomia Says:

    Mmmm that looks beautiful

  38. Sam Says:

    I like the detail in the prints

  39. Christine Says:

    Oooh! Amazing prints! Love them! <3

  40. Synesthesia Garden Says:

    Awesome prints!

  41. Mia Regine Says:

    “I” is for “I-wanna-win-this” <3

  42. PonPon Says:

    Yeahhh I love angelspit and Amelia~! She is so amazing.

  43. Lillian Says:

    Those are some nice bugs on that tote detail.

  44. Lauren Says:

    Raised in the Greek Orthodox Church, I’m also very fond of the background they chose! Very cool.

  45. Meredith Says:

    This is fabulous stuff! Keep up the good work; I cannot wait to see more creepy/pretty.

  46. Rebbie Says:

    I’m in love with the tank dress *^_^*

  47. Tze Says:

    Amazazing shizz! <3 Have been drooling over the art since it was released!

  48. Nikinack Says:

    Awesome designs.

  49. maria theo Says:

    fanastic! love that tank dress. so versatile!

  50. Mimi Says:

    Luuuuuve it.

  51. Sarah S. Says:

    That Night Terrors dress is gorgeous!

  52. tDIYm Says:

    omg *grabby hands*

  53. mary Says:

    love these designs!

  54. Sally Says:

    Looks incredible! I’d love to be a winner. :)

  55. Steff Metal Says:

    Amelia’s work is beautiful! Count me in!

  56. Wendy Says:

    i like the design

  57. Ruth Says:

    Ooooh…I love the anything to do with skull prints and this looks like a really cool brand and great looking skulls.

  58. Maggie May Says:

    me! me! me!! I was already planning on buying pretty much everything she is selling! :)

  59. Nik Says:


  60. Jo Says:

    I think these prints are killer, I really enjoy all of the details; pretty impressive work.

  61. Lane Says:

    Gorgeous! I love the black tankdress.

  62. Chelsea Says:


  63. Riff Says:


  64. Michelle Says:

    I think the Night Terrors dress is my favorite, hands down.

  65. Melissa Dominic Says:

    way neat :D!

  66. Mym Says:

    I am poor and like free things.

  67. Rheanna Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful!

  68. Minou Says:

    Would love one!

  69. amelia Says:

    If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’.
    John Lennon

  70. Hendrix Says:

    Love the Night Terrors art. Perfect for Halloween. :D

  71. Blaire Says:

    This line looks super awesome!

  72. Katie Says:

    Looks amazing!

  73. mechamuffin Says:


  74. Hacky Says:

    I’m so excited for her collection to be out!

  75. Carly Says:

    So much love.

  76. Arkady Says:

    So many pretty pretty prints!

  77. Lily L. Says:

    Me me me !!! I’m a french follower of Amelia’s blog, and I’m sooo in love with this collection ! ^^

  78. Boudica Says:

    I love these!

  79. Emmaline Ridley Says:

    I had been thinking about buying the awesome skull Tote bag. Love the print!

  80. Stephanie Says:

    LLLLOOOOOVVEEEE amelia’s work!!

  81. Husblah Says:

    The Black Tank Dress is amazing! I must have one.

  82. whittles Says:

    oooh, fun. I like this game!

  83. Elyse Says:

    I WANT!

  84. maraluce Says:

    i just love everything amelia does.

  85. rachel Says:


  86. Aillecks Says:

    Ah, was so excited when I found her collection! Plus the website is damn shiny.

  87. Brecker. Says:

    DO WANT.

  88. Maria Says:

    N is definitely for Night Terror <3

  89. Cindy Says:

    YEA! This is so awesome!!!

  90. Jessica Says:

    Amelia is so talented! <3 I have one of the Miss X bracelets, but I've been wanting something from A is for Arsenic since the line was released…

  91. Morgan Says:

    It is all very gorgeous! :)

  92. Comorbid Says:

    Mmm tshirt loooove.

  93. Daisy Apodel Says:

    want that tank please… :)

  94. Camilla Says:

    Ah, super exciting. What gorgeous clothes!

  95. desiringmachine Says:

    very nice!

  96. despairofdoll Says:

    Those designs are GORGEOUS~! I definitely want that tank dress.

  97. Jewell Says:

    Pick me pick me!

  98. yume ninja Says:

    love this line. i especially love the tank dresses.

  99. David Says:

    Love the print on those shirts!!!!!!!!! A must buy

  100. Alice Says:

    Huzzah for Amelia making more pretty things. She’s so damn talented.

  101. Melissa Says:


  102. Lulu Says:

    Gorgeous. *crossing fingers*

  103. Jenna Says:

    Simply adore those prints. Thanks for the rad giveaway.

  104. mlleghoul Says:

    Oh, I saw these last week over at biorequiem and fell in love! Grim gorgeousness.

  105. claire Says:

    These are beautiful! I’m in love with the Night Terrors tank dress!

  106. Shay Says:

    The prints are sublime. Love love love.

  107. nikki Says:

    i would absolutely love to win this!

  108. Wyldsage Says:

    Truly unique. Would be a wonderful addition to my world.

  109. Photographer Leia Says:

    Oh I love the black tank dress. These are some very lovely prints. Consider the side bookmarked.

  110. Klarzia Says:

    How awesome that picture is! Love the black tank dress and her hair. :)

  111. MaliceInWonderland Says:

    Very great shots. I love all of the grey and black. Thank you for the generous opportunity.

  112. Annastasia Says:

    Miss X is pretty much my favorite designer. That girl goes all the way.
    Fingers crossed!

  113. Nee Says:

    <3 <3 <3!

  114. Amechan Says:

    I’m in love with the Blindfold print!

  115. Ellen Darker Says:

    Amazing, very unique pieces.

  116. Patricia Says:

    Truly beautiful designs, from a truly amazing, gifted designer.

  117. Susan Says:

    Do want!

  118. Katie Says:

    my fiance and i dig these shirts.

  119. Laura Says:

    These shirts are awesome.

  120. Stella Maris Says:

    omg!! how cute are nina kate and her hubby!! not that i’d ever look as good in them but i’d love to try ;D

  121. Tara-LiNN Says:

    WHY ARE THEY LIMITED ;__; so pretty..[both models and their garments]
    Amelia is one hell of an amazing designer : D

  122. angie Says:

    love it!

  123. Cyn Says:

    i love it all!!!!

  124. Amelia Says:

    They make great stuff, and I am a sucker for anyone who shares my name!


  125. Jade Says:

    I loved Amelia Bedelia as a child.
    I love prints.
    I love free giveaways.
    Gimme gimme [please].

  126. Shaneyl-Lynn Says:

    Hook it upppp!

  127. lucinda.lee Says:

    Oh my god! Everything she makes is so GORGEOUS.

  128. M.Rose Says:

    Loving my tank dress from Act 1 :D can’t wait to see what’s next xxx

  129. Hannah Says:

    I love the tank dresses… But all would be perfect for me and Boyfriend in the hot Aussie summer!

  130. Madame G Says:

    Me and Mr G are huge fans! Check out my blogpost from last month: http://baroqueboudoir.blogspot.com/2010/09/night-terrors-act-01.html
    MG xx

  131. Miss Peregrin Says:

    This collection is full of amazing.

  132. sayuri Says:

    Love it!

  133. Kelly R Says:

    Ooo how spookly pretty :) xo

  134. Nicci Says:


  135. Alexandria Web Says:

    Oooooh want so much *prays to chance*

  136. Autopsy Jude Says:

    Destroyx is my god. holy shit.

  137. Zenovia Says:

    I love her stuff so much! :)

  138. Charly Says:

    Awesome as usual and very inspiring stuff.

  139. RageIncarnate Says:

    As expected an amazing collection with stunning designs from the beautiful Amelia ^^

  140. Ollie Sovereign Says:

    Free stuff? From A is for Arsenic? Yes plox.

  141. Jacki Says:

    I would love to win!

  142. Kamaria Says:

    LOVE the pic and LOVE A is for Arsenic even more <3

  143. arthur Says:

    my girlfriend and i would be overjoyed if we won this!

  144. Kamaria Says:

    LOVE A is for Arsenic!!! Keep up the beautiful work

  145. prettycannibalgirl Says:

    i have been a massive angelspit and amelia arsenic fan for years. i absolutely love the aesthetics and want a singlet top badlybut im brokeit would be increxible to win this prize pack! thanks for the giveaway!! -brittany.

  146. Sunny Says:

    These are absoloutly amazing!the packageing is gorgeous too!

  147. Leah Says:

    The black tank dress is gorgeous! Love angelspit!

  148. Eric Says:

    Madam Arsenic is full of awesome.. please let me be random

  149. Vinessa Says:

    The bf and I must enter!!
    Long time LOVE for Amelia and all her awesome art/creations.
    Hope we WIN!!

  150. Natan Says:


  151. Noah Says:

    Amazing. This is relevant to my interests

  152. Rachel Says:

    excellent digs. :)

  153. Natalie Says:

    Simply GOREgeous! The models, the design, the clothes. Its perfect. Amelia never ceases to amaze me with her creativity, and she’s never once disappointed me. <3

  154. OpheliaAutumn Says:

    Really nice!!

  155. Salina Says:

    Unf, they’re amazing.

  156. Gary Says:

    great stuff, so good they make my eyes bleed with lust like the light of a 1,000 black suns (xo)

  157. Sammi Says:

    I love it was. Was thinking of ordering a couple of things. :)

  158. A Says:


  159. ShavedMonkey Says:

    Awesome, awesome designs.

  160. Andrea Says:

    I adore this collection, and I love the A is for Arsenic series concept. So much want!

  161. Spikedcolor Says:

    Very nice!

  162. Victoria Says:

    I love me some A is for Arsenic.

  163. Joe Says:


  164. Razor Says:

    Everything Amelia Arsenic does is wonderful! I envy that girl! :O

  165. M. Says:

    Love it :). Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  166. Catrina Says:

    Beautiful prints!

  167. Katherine Says:

    I adore Amelia’s art. c:

  168. Christina Says:

    I envy your eye for detail and sense of creativity. Great work!

  169. Mija Says:

    Amazing work – her shop site+packaging is really done well. I can’t wait to see what she designs next!

  170. Moko Says:

    Amelia inspires me so much. Everyday I read about her music and designs and makeup and I just want to have that much talent and drive. Love it all so much…!!

  171. Lovette Says:

    Amelia is such a talented person!Amazing collection!:D <3

  172. Holli Says:

    I’d LOVE to rock those duds!

  173. Carrie Says:

    Love the prints! excited to see more! :)

  174. Dori Says:

    Amelia’s printed tee’s are f**king amazing! Wish I would have got this for my birthday last week. Why do boyfriends never ask?

  175. Rachael Says:

    Man, I should really wait until after the giveaway’s over to buy one…but if I do win another, the more the merrier, right?

  176. jes Says:


  177. christina monk Says:

    please randomly select me. even if it means making it less random!

  178. Chris Says:

    Sounds good!

  179. RockLove Says:

    What a great photograph! Dear random generator, I don’t know what you’re favorite cookies are, but I’ll bake you a batch if you pick me!

  180. Luridpretty Says:

    I love everything Amelia does. Angelspit, her designs, her modeling…she’s so amazing. <3 I will be the happiest girl on Earth if I can win one of these.

  181. Quiddie Says:

    Amazing. That tank dress is SICK. I’d be an idiot not to enter!

  182. Rebecca Says:

    Yesssssssssss. I’d love to.

  183. Mary Says:

    I must say that all these designs are more than lovely!

  184. Claire Mae Says:

    Heck yes I’m entering! That tank is gorgeous. :)
    Good luck to everyone else as well <3

  185. Jack Says:


  186. Yasmin Says:

    The tanks is so pretty <3

  187. Sara Says:

    I want one :)

  188. Linda Says:

    I absolutely adore these, everything Amelia does is gorgeous.

  189. Kari Says:

    Love this collection, amazing photography too.

  190. Karli Says:

    Gorgeous. I absolutely love that tank dress.

  191. dementia Says:

    Damn! I love them all!

  192. Mooshka Says:

    very nice!

  193. Sonia Says:

    Love the tanktop.

  194. Baxt Says:

    Is there anything this woman can’t do?

  195. Mikaela Says:

    Oh yay!

  196. Louise Says:

    As with anything Amelia does Night Terrors act one is awesome (as is the packaging loving the care and detail that went into that!) Can’t wait to see what she does next :D

  197. Anouska Says:

    Gorgeous designs! I love the fact that they’re being released in “parts” – it’s so theatrical, I can’t wait to see the next installment!

  198. chan ngoc Says:

    Emjoying the designs.
    Being sensuous w/ each. =]

  199. Mikasiya Says:

    I’m totally in love with her work.

  200. ghostette Says:

    These designs are intoxicating! Amelia always makes the greatest stuff <3

  201. John Says:

    Great prints ooooo, I hope I win the giveaway! I’m telling everyone on facebook.

  202. merlin513 Says:

    Would totally love to have a night terrors print/shirt, too cool!

  203. Danika Says:

    glorious designs

  204. Gerda Says:

    Fantastic designs!

  205. LunariaVex Says:


  206. Daniel Says:

    I love me some free stuff.

  207. Ariel Says:

    I love these prints and I love Amelia ; ___ : <3

  208. Serena Says:

    Canadian winter is aproaching, but I surely wouldn’t wait until spring to wear that tank

  209. Alexandria Luminere Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to see the whole series!

  210. Drucilla Says:

    Lovely prints.

  211. Hazy Says:

    Why is awesome striped material like that not findable in the US?

  212. kat Says:

    I’ll drink the arsenic to win these prints!

  213. Melissa McMillan Says:

    Awesome prints!

  214. Katrina Says:

    Ack! It’s just all sooo gorgeous :]
    I’m most certainly in love <3

  215. Ana Says:

    Eh, why not! I can’t afford to spend that much on just one shirt, but winning one would be amazing!

  216. Andrea Says:

    I’m such a fan of Amelias designs! I’m so sad I’ve been to skint to purchase one of these yet.

  217. Eve Says:

    Woot for giveaways!

  218. Megasus Says:

    Very cool. This would be a nice win!

  219. Jillian Rueter Says:

    Nice contest. I would love to spread the word about A is for Arsenic.

  220. Aishe Says:

    I Love. Love. LOVE! The prints. Total rock n’ roll with mystery and romance. I also love the icons in the background. I just spent a half hour trying to figure out with Saint is the young man. I thought for sure it would be the apostle Mark or the apostle John because of the pen and ink. Can anyone solve this mystery for me?

  221. Dede Says:

    so this is great. like my eyes are imploding from the awesome win of these designs. glorious :) <3

  222. Jia Says:


  223. Ann-So Says:

    the tank dress is beyond amazing…

  224. Jessica Shepard Says:

    For the sake of being a smart ass….:Comment. :)

  225. Nicki Says:

    I love everything Amelia does! Beautiful, beautiful clothing.

  226. Cora Says:

    So so pretty……. I want!

  227. Lorra Says:

    Ooh, I love these designs!

  228. Jovi Says:

    Ah! This is the print I wanted, but it’s sold out in my size!! TAT

  229. Stephanie Says:

    Very beautiful. Totally worth drooling over!

  230. georgiana waldron clair Says:

    To DIE for! Delish!!!

  231. Garnprinzessin Says:

    I love them, my work will hate them. :-)
    I wish you both success with your collections!

  232. Kathleen Says:

    Leaving my comment!!! Gorgeous Stuff!!!

  233. Alice Says:

    Gorgeous stuff!

  234. RayRoo Says:

    I’m so into insects, so I love that flies are incorporated into the design! I also like that the design is placed at the bottom of the shirt.

  235. geth Says:

    Very exquisite! Thank you for the opportunity.

  236. Dani Says:

    Loooove <3

  237. Katy Says:

    Need this! For some epic shows I’m going to with a dude I’m totally crushing on. Help me dress to impress!

  238. Nadia Says:

    The design of these shirts, like everything else Amelia has done, is absolutely beautiful. I would <3 to win this.

  239. Joshua Says:

    Fingers crossed

  240. ashley Says:

    thank you for the opportunity to win all of these wonderful prizes!

  241. Bishka Says:

    These are nummy. I love.

  242. Chelsea Says:


  243. Tatiana Says:

    Their designs (and website!) are amazing. I hope I win!!!

  244. James Paterson Says:

    I’ve loved absolutely everything I’ve seen in the A is for Arsenic range. I’d relish the chance to get my hands on some of this pretty kit.

  245. Hannah Says:

    Provides 100% of your recommended daily dose of cool skull motifs!

  246. Blake Says:

    love, love.

  247. Lauren Says:

    this is an awesome giveaway!! love the blind skull image

  248. Kristy Says:

    how amazingly dark and decadent..

  249. Maraluna Says:

    Love it, greetings from MOngolia!

  250. Karu Says:

    Absolutely love it! Amelia is super talented with these designs.

  251. Zanelea Says:

    Truly inspiring is the effort and care that Amelia puts into her creations.

  252. MizMargo Says:

    Love these prints! <3

  253. Diana Amancio Says:


  254. Emily Bleak Says:

    Most excellent! Definitely throwing my hat in the ring. :)

  255. Scott Ferry Says:

    excellent prints. i love them.

  256. Erin Elizabeth Says:


  257. Sebastian Says:

    That is really some beautiful clothing there. I’d just love to get a piece of that, but the best is already gone :(

  258. prisca Says:

    amazing pieces…i definitely need some of these…

  259. Alice Says:

    Yeah, I want to take part! :)

  260. Audra Says:


  261. fashion_fiend Says:

    pick us!!! :)

  262. Twiggy Says:

    Yay! I love giveaways, especially for darkly decadent couples. Would love to win! :)

  263. Msfracture Says:

    *{me me me me me}* <— as per The Others sample
    used in Ventian Snares 'Childrens Limbo'.
    // [<3]

  264. Sylvia Says:

    fingers †

  265. Megan Says:

    I love Ms. Arsenic and Angelspit ROCKS. Love the clothes!

  266. Helen Says:

    Love them! The white tank dress is my fav. xx

  267. Lolly Says:

    OMG!! That’s GOYJUS!!!!

  268. Leah Says:


  269. Jomen Says:

    I look at those designs and wish I could create something like that!

  270. Margaret Says:

    I heard about these over at Zoetica’s blog. I’d love to win one!

  271. LaLaLogic Says:

    I would adore one of these. :)

  272. Miranda Says:

    i will not succumb to fear; I won’t be intimidated <3

  273. aleckkk~ Says:

    are those hearts in the back something like frida kahlo´s style??? O.o

  274. Patty Says:

    I love her work.

  275. SVLPH Says:

    nice, i am so glad to have found this line! lovvvvely things.

  276. astrid Says:

    her attention to detail in the designs and packaging is so lovely! can’t wait to see more

  277. Toxxxicdoll Says:

    ahhhh it would soooo fuckin rock to win thiiiiiis!!!!! <3

  278. Ribela Says:


  279. Sylphie Rouge Says:

    Very cool

  280. Mina Says:

    I’m in for this contest. I love her work!

  281. Lydia Says:

    Fantastic – love the grey blindfold shirt – hope there’ll be more in stock soon!

  282. Marissa Says:

    Everything here looks lovely!

  283. Nancy Reynolds Says:

    This shit is right up my alley…..would totally rock for my persona

  284. Blitz Says:

    Absolutely love Amelia’s work!
    I have her Miss X black crest necklace, and a few odds and ends of some Angelspit merch she designed, and I must say, she just keeps getting better and better! :)

  285. Kaiser Says:

    Pure alchemy… each T-Shirt is a Baroque Death Jewel…

  286. Mafalda Says:

    I’m in!

  287. Kristin Costa Says:

    yay! Pick me pick me! These are awesome!

  288. Navi Says:

    Very cool! I cast my luck into the ring =)

  289. Sara Says:

    So lovely, I love the grey on black! Hope I win!

  290. SarahMalone Says:

    What a bloody lovely couple *w*

  291. Crystal Says:

    Ohhh, I can’t wait to see more designs like these

  292. Wendy Says:


  293. Rhianna Says:

    Love them all! Great designs. :)

  294. Edie Says:

    I love Amelia! And that black tank dress!

  295. lydia Says:

    love how it looks on them. I want to see it on me!

  296. Acid Says:

    love it!

  297. Tam Says:

    Huge Angelspit fan and I LOVE all of Amelia’s design work! She is massively inspiring! :)