Cheap Flagyl

Creepy baby doll steampunk spats

Professor Maelstrom Cheap Flagyl, 's super creepy spats, available in her Etsy shop.

Anatomical skull spats goth steampunk

skeleton anatomy spats steampunk goth etsy

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4 Responses to “Cheap Flagyl”

  1. Heather Jean Says:

    Those are the coolest spats I’ve ever seen… and they’ll match my corset from Louise Black!

  2. Vivian Says:

    I find those awesome! Creepy though… Would you wear them?

  3. laural Says:

    those are amazing!

  4. marylittlegoth Says:

    @Vivien. I have worn them! (Well to demonstrate whilst selling them at a festival.) They look amazing over pretty much everything, even DMs.

    She also makes amazing jewellery and fascinators too.

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