The Maid of Orleans

debora haltizio makeup artist new york goth

I’m not sure what these pictures were taken for, or who they were taken by. I found them while poking around in New York makeup artist Deborah Altizio‘s portfolio, and liked the combination of warm, smokey makeup and Joan of Arc styling. I especially like the use of a metallic sweater with an even knit, worn with a leather bracer, as a  wearable alternative to chain mail.

Edited: Thanks to HM reader Jackie Puwalski for IDing the photographer: Lara Jade

Knock it Off

Jet Cross Necklace, $25 †  Guess Hematite Cross, $25  †  ASOS Rosary necklace, $13.95

Studded Stretch Gloves, $19.99 † Leather Bracer, $50 † Metallic Sweater, $74.99

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10 Responses to “The Maid of Orleans”

  1. Photographer Leia Says:

    Nicely chosen Knock-offs. those are some beautiful photographs btw.

  2. Baxt Says:

    I am all about this! These photos are divine, and this is a good historical-feeling look without getting into tavern wench territory. Also, good for the androgynous.

  3. Jackie Puwalski Says:

    The photographer is Lara Jade!

  4. León Says:

    The model is Daniela Botero and the photographer Lara Jade for Sheer Magazine

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