The Way You Look Like You Do

Shot by Dusan Reljin for Numero

goth girl topless sexy fashion

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5 Responses to “The Way You Look Like You Do”

  1. Ana Says:

    I guess I’m supposed to be thinking “sexy”, but I’m thinking “cute”. I find the orange sweater and face-close-up photo quite endearing. I don’t know about the bow-tit-stickers and pants-as-a shirt, though…

  2. Lyzah Mc Says:

    OMG!!!!! I love Jessica Stam – my favourite model for years now. She just gets better and with styling and hair/makeup = totaly captivating!

  3. S Says:

    I hope she really “gets” why she is a great model and that it’s not as simple as being lucky and having the genes that allow you to look like whatever the photog and stylist want you to look like without you “doing” anything. I will choose to believe the former. In any case, these photos are effing cool.

  4. fashion_fiend Says:

    those little toy looking pasties are pretty neat & i don’t hate her hair

  5. Ribela Says:

    I love the makeup int the pic with the pasties.. the pasties not so much lol. its such a wearable look (the makeup)

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