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Decadent Designs Dress Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Decadent Designs is giving away their Lace Back Cocktail Dress to one Haute Macabre reader!

This stretchy, form fitting dress comes down to just above the knee in the front, and is slightly longer in the back, creating an elongated look, accentuated by the lace backing.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us where you’d wear this dress – whether it’s a real place or event, or just a fantasy!

Winner will be announced Thursday, February 3, 2011.

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  1. It does strike me as a date dress, but I’d probably wear it for dancing at a club – we’re in the throes of a meltingly-hot summer just now, and this would keep me cool, while still sexy, but decent enough to continue my tradition of judgemental looks at the trashy teenagers populating most nightclubs in my area.
    I think it would look awesome with a pair of backseamed fishnets, black pumps, red lipstick and jet earrings 🙂

  2. I would wear where my mind and heart is. It is my state of mine that determines my look, not the place where im at. Could wear it with my filegree silver earings, on a “fado” day. Could wear it my black bolero on a “coquette” day. Could wear it with nothing else on a “femme fatale” day.

  3. I would wear this dress to tour the grounds and enjoy the topiary at the Evergreen Mansion in Baltimore, Maryland.

  4. I imagine walking in to a dimly lit restaurant. A pre-arranged scenario with my one true love. We meet as if it were the very first time, even though we’ve been together for over a decade. He notices me in the foyer the moment I walk in. A dark shadow, draped in lace, all curves and dark, dangerous eyes. My stilettos take me to him with sensual purpose. He rises and pulls out the chair for me, noticing my legs beneath the ruffle.

    “You look sensational in that dress,” he whispers to me and introduces himself.

    Later that night, I feel his hands on my skin as he slowly and carefully undresses me and places the dress over the back of the chair. I’m convinced the dress was the most seductive part of my plan for that evening.

  5. i’d wear this dress to walk down th street in mid day.
    i live in a city,altho not a huge metropolis,where most people dress up for
    functions,night outs,etc.. is when you are alone..and stand out amongst th crowd..
    that people really take notice of th ethreal allure ov individual style.

    Wow moments are meant to be handed out alone.

  6. I would wear it to New Orleans to go graveyard hopping. It would be the perfect excuse for the 3 1/2 hour drive there.

  7. I’d wear it in the mosh pit with a pair of combat boots and a studded leather (thrown over my arm of course, who would want to cover up that sexy lace?)

  8. I would actually wear this dress to a debate tournament – not only would it impress the hordes of hot debater guys dressed up in their suits, but it is also sophisticated enough to impress any judge. I could get into a fierce debate about NATO in Afghanistan, or plea bargaining undermining the criminal justice system, and then get the number of cute debate boy afterwards 😉 Just like debate, this dress provides an equal mix of hot passion and cool elegance. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  9. I want it, oh I want it… I want it for my own! I would wear this dress while drinking wine- some decadent Barolo or Bordeaux. I imagine many an eye would turn my way when the back of the dress was revealed, wither in lust or envy!

  10. I would wear this dress to my friends house who is a professional pinup photographer and get my photos done so I can feel like a beautiful gothic queen for the day! …. and then I would go out to the gothic/industrial bar =]

  11. There’s a most exciting Rasputina/Voltaire concert coming up in my town, and I’m pressed as to what I should wear—this would be the PERFECT thing!

  12. I would wear this dress to my fabulous Vegas wedding, in which, I shall be married to a cowboy by the fattest Elvis Las Vegas has to offer, who shall be munching a Nutter Butter and wheezing through the vows.

  13. I would wear it to the post office. Just because sometimes I have to spend all day running errands at dull places doesn’t mean it’s okay to dress like a frump. Pretty dresses should be worn everyday, all day.

  14. I would pair this dress with my vintage fur pelt, pearls, black velvet heels, blood red lipstick and big red roses in my hair. I’d throw on a black velvet jacket and wear it just about everywhere, including on stage. My man would love it.

  15. I would wear it to the next concert I attend. I’m thinking doll-face make up with red t-strap heals or full on vamp with thigh-high leather boots. Either way I’d own the night 🙂

  16. too sexy for the lab, so probably wear it at the next metal gig I go to. Or next week. For that thing. Yeah, I think it would be the perfect dress for next week.

  17. I would wear this, while shooting to kill on my nine foot Brunswick Gold Crown pool table. Slightly hiking the skirt up in the front to facilitate the shot, I execute a difficult bank shot and sink the nine ball, much to my opponent’s dismay.

    At least I gave my opponent a view he won’t soon forget. Victory is so sweet.

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