Kiryuyrik Spring/Summer 2011

Am I only loving this collection because I just watched Slueth?

Nah. I’m just a sucker for vests.

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3 Responses to “Kiryuyrik Spring/Summer 2011”

  1. bixx Says:

    2nd image is somewhat charming.

  2. Clint Catalyst Says:

    Good catch; good catch… I’m a sucker for vests, as well.

    (Yet currently have but one in my possession, & it’s ehhh, at best.)

    A ± S I T U A T I O N ± T O ± B E ± R E M E D I E D *

    *I’ll, uhh, add it to my list… ?

  3. jeno Says:

    whos that guy? whos that guy???

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