Bibian Blue A/W 2011

Bibian Blue makes me want to play dress-up.

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3 Responses to “Bibian Blue A/W 2011”

  1. Flor Says:

    She is amazing. I love every design! A great designer, I hope to see some show in Argentina one day ?

    Great page:) I wait for my blog:

  2. drea Says:

    I love the clothes, but why do corsets in fashion shows almost never fit properly?
    It’s most apparent in the bottom right picture where there’s a noticable gap between the models hip and the hip of her corset.
    A well made corset should fit like a second skin.

  3. Lily Says:

    @Drea: Not if models are so skinny. In a catwalk you have to re-adapt the smallest size you have and sometimes “time” is not by your side 😉

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