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Lady Symphonia

goth fashion pencil skirt violin

Work by Brazillian digital artist Nathalia Suellen.

Erin is a web developer and lover of tiny dogs, ghost stories, and too much eyeliner.

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  1. Everyone has their preferences and one is difficult to qualify over another. But for my money, the most meaningful and elegant of all Dark Artists and Art is Nathalia Suellen and her work.

  2. Good to see this girl here. Her artworks are different from what we have seen around, they are meaningful and very well executed. The girl who is comparing her art with Natalie Shaw doesn’t know much about both artists: different styles, different skills, different ideas.

  3. The girl has skills, that’s true, but this is all kinda cliche in my point of view: been done, been seen before. I also agree with Riff. Not to mention that this also seems a less polished Natalie Shau style.

  4. Rather Amy Brown-esque, in my view. And I also agree with Riff.
    (And not to pick nits, but I shall; a violinist would never wear gloves.)

  5. I’m inclined to agree with Riff about this kind of digital work but I can’t help but love the tentacles in the 1st one. And the fact that the top looks like something from Lip Service, made to look far sleeker and nicer than anything by them usually does. That amuses me.

  6. I’m never a fan of this sort of digital work… it always looks like a cover of a bad pseudo-gothic metal album like Evanescence or Epica. 😛