Engineer’s Metal Anatomica Body Suit, via Kingdom of Style.

Plus the sort of structural work you would expect from something caller Engineer.

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5 Responses to “Engineer”

  1. JaneG. Says:

    the first is very Giger-esque. Fantastic stuff!

  2. Red Says:

    Agreed! Beautiful design that combines body consciousness with industrial influence, and even some origami in that second set of pics.

  3. Zellain Says:

    I love these. The detailing is spectacular.

  4. MissMurphy Says:

    I have been following you for ages and this is my friend from design college in Brisbane, Australia. Just thought I would let you know that Engineer is actually her last name, some people were just born designers!

  5. tortoise Says:

    h.r. giger did a similar bodysuit for debbie harrie in 1981 as seen in her “now i know you know” video:

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