A is for Arsenic Crime & Punishment Giveaway

The newest installment of Amelia Arsenic’s A Is For Arsenic range was released last month, and it lives up to the standards she set for herself last fall with Night Terrors.

Crime & Punishment is a collected inspired by vintage fetish magazines, the drama of the silent screen, and a dash of murder.  The imagery combines film noir inspired bondage portraiture with monochromatic graphic interventions.

A latex counterpart of the collection will be released in collaboration with Jane Doe Latex  in the future.  For now, Crime & Punishment consists of unisex t-shirt collection, girls’ tanks, fine art prints, stickers, and a tote.  I still use my tote from Night Terrors on almost a daily basis!

Amelia has put together a prize pack of this limited edition collection for one Haute Macabre reader to win.  To enter, just leave a comment below!

*Winner will be announced Friday, September 2, provided NYC doesn’t get swept away in Hurricane Irene this weekend.

More look book pics after the jump!

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282 Responses to “A is for Arsenic Crime & Punishment Giveaway”

  1. angsturban Says:

    ooooooooooh, I’d like to win please, I’ve seen Angelspit live a few weeks ago and they didn’t bring any A is for Arsenic stuff, I was so disappointed. So please, make me win. 😀

  2. Sebastian Östlund Says:

    Tasteful and spectacularly aggressive.

    Terrific work Amelia, the models and every one else who’s been part of the work needed to accomplish this.

  3. Thom Says:

    Loving the new stuff Amelia keep up the great work

  4. Chun-Zi Says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful collection. <3 I can't wait to have my own little mini-collection from this some day. I'd really love to show off one of these shirts!
    Love you work Amelia =)

  5. Kaela Says:

    Seriously I am in love with your newest collection and the look books are just outstandingly beautiful. Amazing work as always.


  6. Vanessa Says:

    WOW. Gorgeous line! I would be ecstatic to win! I must own one of the Jane Doe/A is for Arsenic collab pieces!

  7. Emily Says:

    So pretty~

  8. Abbie Says:

    Wow I think this might be the best collection yet!! Beautiful combination of materials and I am addicted to the monochromatic look! <3

  9. Lovette Says:

    Wow! This is such a beautiful collection! 😀 Amazing work & of course I’d really want to have one of these, hehe! x <3

  10. SatanInHeels Says:

    pleeease! I must have this 😀 love love love!

  11. J.Lannan Says:

    Love the design work.

  12. Katrin Krawall Says:

    fuckin’ beautiful girls! <3

  13. Emily B Says:

    I’ve been an Angelspit fan for a number of years and have followed DestroyX through A is for Arsenic. Can’t wait for the latex launch with Jane Doe! I remember meeting her and Zoog in Seattle and they both couldn’t be nicer people. :)

  14. M. Says:

    Gorgeous work! Thanks for the giveaway

  15. Kitty Thunderstone Says:

    I absolutely loooove this! If there’s something I love more than pin up girls..!
    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed, hehe. :)

  16. Chris Says:

    Breathe taking. Truly amazing works of art.

  17. mörqö Says:

    Elegant and murderous.

  18. toxxicdoll Says:

    I always end up falling in major love with her wickedly beautiful designs<3

  19. Jessica Says:

    I cannot wait for the latex counterpart!! These are all so beautiful!

  20. kitty Says:

    Amazing shirts!!

    U girls rock!

  21. Karen Says:

    I heart A is for Arsenic. Very Fierce! <3

  22. Stephanie Void Says:


  23. Rainadelmagick Says:

    Oh how I wish I would have seen this collection sooner. I can think of nothing hotter to wear while celebrating my wedding night. I will definitely find a way to incorporate A is for Arsenic’s clothing line into my aerial acrobatics routines.

  24. miranda Says:

    <3 you rule : )

  25. Anna Says:

    These are so great, all I can do is look and adore…

  26. natasha Says:

    absolutely in love with this collection! already have two items and am always looking on here thinking about purchasing more! cannot wait for the next line to come out 😀

  27. Baxt Says:

    Holy smokes, these are lovely. Why am I always late to the party?!

  28. Abigail Says:

    So, so lovely :)

  29. Jackie Says:

    I just love what Amelia does! She’s so very inspiring <3

  30. SaraTonin Says:

    I would LOVE anything at all from this amazing range.So kick ass,I love how its so edgey and modern but also so classic and pin up in the campaign.Amazing.Gimme gimme 😉

  31. Kerri Says:

    Oh my… I think I’m in love! NEED this! x

  32. Samhain Moon Says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous lookbook!

    I haven’t seen anything this inspiring hit the roads of Puerto Rico yet, and would be thrilled to see more of collections as the months roll by.

    You should let me read your tarot! Free of charge, I’d love to see if my cards have any helpful messages for you.

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