A is for Arsenic Crime & Punishment Giveaway

The newest installment of Amelia Arsenic’s A Is For Arsenic range was released last month, and it lives up to the standards she set for herself last fall with Night Terrors.

Crime & Punishment is a collected inspired by vintage fetish magazines, the drama of the silent screen, and a dash of murder.  The imagery combines film noir inspired bondage portraiture with monochromatic graphic interventions.

A latex counterpart of the collection will be released in collaboration with Jane Doe Latex  in the future.  For now, Crime & Punishment consists of unisex t-shirt collection, girls’ tanks, fine art prints, stickers, and a tote.  I still use my tote from Night Terrors on almost a daily basis!

Amelia has put together a prize pack of this limited edition collection for one Haute Macabre reader to win.  To enter, just leave a comment below!

*Winner will be announced Friday, September 2, provided NYC doesn’t get swept away in Hurricane Irene this weekend.

More look book pics after the jump!

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282 Responses to “A is for Arsenic Crime & Punishment Giveaway”

  1. Caro Says:

    Ohhh I have been drooling over this ever since it came out, but I just can’t afford to buy all of it!
    I don’t want this, I NEED this!

  2. Spikedcolor Says:

    LOVE the mixture of fabrics!

  3. Sónia B. Says:

    That’s just gorgeous!

  4. Cindy Says:

    OOooo. *oogles* I just LOVE it ;D!


  5. House of Ankh Says:

    All of the models have such awesome hairstyles. I love everything about these pictures!

  6. Filipa Moreno Says:

    This is so fantastic! And the photos are incredible!

  7. pogostick Says:

    This looks great; I would love to see her work with Jane Doe Latex, definitely looking forward to that.

  8. Clove Altre Says:

    I absolutely ADORE this style! Nothing short of inspiring.

  9. perfectself Says:

    Soooooo lovely!

  10. Red Says:


  11. LovelessArcana Says:

    Okay, there are so many pieces here that I just adore. The mixture of fabrics are perfect, it all works so well together. I would wear these pieces forever. Love it all so very much. ^_^

  12. Jocelyn Says:

    I have been ogling this line for weeks!

  13. wade Says:

    Your bringing suspenders back. They’re starting to grow on me…with the right attire of course.

  14. Honeydew Pickletoes Says:

    This collection looks stunning!

  15. Jasmine Says:

    Mmm Arsenic.
    Great pieces!

  16. Anouska Says:

    Gorgeous images, I love the inclusion of screen prints in this collection because the photography used is amazing.

  17. paperfood Says:

    This is lush!

  18. Shannon Says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m sized out but wow what a beautiful collection. Really gorgeous.

  19. Piper Says:

    I like the way the T-shirts are styled in this. Very interesting.

  20. Catrina Says:

    Beautiful collection; love it!

  21. kate s. Says:

    the collection looks gorgeous! i adore this style! thank you both so much for doing a giveaway!

  22. lily Says:

    black latex…you complete me

  23. Angela Says:

    !!! <333 a total dream

  24. AlanVext Says:

    Just insane design work, genius imagination. I love it!! And Angelspit are so awesome too!!!

  25. maxine Says:

    I’m really impressed with this!!

  26. Becca Says:

    LOVE/WANT the btk (below the knee) stocking garters. So very Caponesque!

  27. Vivka Says:


  28. Laurel Says:

    Good luck to everyone. As a long time Angelspit fan, i’d just like to add, DO WANT

  29. Paulo Andrade César Says:

    I do want it…but do i need it?

  30. Julia Says:

    Yes, YES, a thousand time YES

  31. Malice Says:

    I’m just bananas for those fingerless gloves with the darling garters! Also, the shiny suspenders are dreamy.

  32. Jessie Says:

    The ball gag image was so striking – I just couldn’t resist buying this tee! Sooooo tempted to get a tote this time around too ^_____________^

  33. Sheol Says:

    Fucking Love <3

  34. muffin Says:

    “when life gives you razorblades, you make a baseball bat… covered in razorblades.” – hobo with a shotgun

  35. Bethan Says:

    Amelia Arsenic is only going to get bigger and bigger. A talented lady indeed!

  36. Haybee Says:

    i have wanted to get me some a is for arsenic since the last collection came out (the skull tees etc)!

  37. Stephanie Says:

    I’d absolutely love to win this! That is, as long as the giveaway extends to people in the U.S/

  38. Viktoria Says:

    All of her pieces are just beautiful, with such wonderful attention to detail! All of Amelia’s designs are simply stunning. <3

  39. Natalie Says:

    Oh cool, I’m so glad there’s a contest for this. I couldn’t afford to buy it, but maybe now I have a chance! ^_^ And I can’t wait for the latex collection, its going to be amazing!

  40. Alex 'Smudgefish' Campbell Says:

    OOO! Me Me Me! (i hope these comments aren’t judged on creativity).

  41. Jemma Says:

    I hope I win! I use my Night Terrors tote pretty much everyday too!

  42. Adatom Says:

    Oh I’d love to win! As long as this is available to be in the uk!

  43. Andrea Says:

    I always love seeing what Amelia will come up with next, and this does not disappoint! Bloody sexy.

  44. Aishe Says:

    I love Amelia’s work because it helps me bring out my deviant side from under my shy exterior. I can’t wait to see this in latex!

  45. sapphire Says:

    This is such an amazing collection! I adored the first a is for arsenic line & this one has grown & developed beyond expectation – I’m in love!

  46. Marcus Says:

    Amelia is one of the most creative persons I´ve ever seen. She can do anything she wants to in the world of design and fashion. Just a few things to name: she can do amazing graphic designs (as seen on these shirts or on many sites she helped to do), she launched her own make-up line called Miss X Aesthetic Laboratoires – making amazing eye shadows that are more pigmented than nature itself. Launching eyelashes line called “Paris 2050″ which look both futuristic but still retaining that cabaret feeling. Designing jewelry that you´ve always dreamed of. And if that isn´t enough for you, she sings in a band called Angelspit. If you wanna know more about Amelia Arsenic then I suggest you check her blog at http://www.destroyx.com – there you can find much more about her. For instance she is going to launch new jewelry collection! Keep your eyes for it! I sure will. Rock on!

  47. eve Says:

    Want. With Daphne Guinness hair.

  48. Liza Says:

    Love it.
    Yet again, Amelia kicks ass. Her design skills are impeccable.

  49. Melanie Says:

    Wow (drools over *everything* on their site) . . .

  50. Angie Says:

    I’ve been in love with Amelia’s aesthetic since Angelspit first hit the scene, and I’ve loved watching her evolution since then.

  51. AnT ManN Says:

    erm i have no idea what to say as im half asleep =D wud love a t shirt tho as this stuff is awsome.

  52. Mel Bell Says:

    Words can not describe what I would do to [and in] this line 0_0

  53. Katie Says:

    Amelia is just too awesome for words. have loved Angelspit for years as well :)
    she really does produce the most amazing stuff and she works so damn hard.
    inspiring woman!

  54. Tracy Says:

    Ahh so in love with Amelia’s line! This would be a blessing to win!

  55. trills Says:

    Stunning, eye candy!

  56. Kelly McAllister Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the latex and harnesses!!!!! I would love to use your designs in some photoshoots with my jewellery – they would look perfect together!! Myself and my friend are currently working on a collaboration collection featuring my chainmail & feather jewellery with Sarah Hutton’s amazing knitted snoods. THE LATEX SUSPENDERS ARE MY FAV <3 xxx

  57. Amelia Says:

    I adore this collection, I was gutted not to get something from Night Terrors (everything sold out in my size too quickly!) so I want to get as much as I can from this one!
    Creative genius as its best.
    Also, all of the models are fantastic too, a wonderful team for A is for Arsenic! Truly stunning visuals!
    P.S. I think it’s really great that HM & Amelia have teamed up!

  58. Sysihilkka Says:

    Wonderful photographs and absolutely delicious pieces of clothing! I especially love the steampunkish belt. :P

  59. Zylphia Says:

    I love Amelia so much! Her style is sooo amazing, she always looks gorgeous no matter what she wears. She’s one of my fashion icons ;)

  60. Bridget Says:

    Exquisite – such dark sexy graphics. Perfection.

  61. Nero Says:

    I wish i could afford some of this right now but i can barely afford rent! stupid Italy =P
    I really really really hope i can win this, believe it or not i have an Amelia poster (the krankhouse one) near my computer! =D

  62. Maria Says:

    Are the models included in the prize? That would be even more awesome :)

  63. Jaime Dahms Says:

    The designs, the styling of the photos- absolutely breathtaking. I feel like I’m thumbing through old issues of Bizarre magazine that were screen printed onto clothing! Amazing!

  64. Monday Says:

    I LOVE the first one. I need that! *-*

  65. Merrick Monroe Says:

    Beautiful collection; I would love to incorporate *any* of these items into my daily wardrobe! Esp. the super slick harnesses and garters… oh yes. :)

  66. Justin Says:


  67. Lemunkytoto Says:

    This collection is stunning! The latex, gangster under the knee stocking suspenders, hairdos and tattoos go together so well! Another great job amelia!

  68. BlutAura Says:

    Been a fan of Angelspit since nurse grenade years and naturally found and fell in love with A is for Arsenic clothing. Winning this would be awesome too because I live in London and I can’t wait to wear this stuff round camden.

  69. Lemons Says:

    My only complaint about Amelia’s stuff is that it doesn’t come out more quickly! I’m a big fan of her Miss X jewelry and cosmetics (and Angelspit!), but have my eye on A is for Arsenic as well…

  70. Jamie Says:

    Beautiful stuff, and stunning photos.

  71. Carly Says:

    Ahh, I love your clothing!!!
    Amazing <3<3<3

  72. Lauri Says:

    A tote would be nice :)

  73. Sarah V Says:

    What a great prize – I love everything!

  74. Morgan Kitsune Says:

    The pictures are amazing.looking fodward to the jane doe items as well

  75. Jess Says:

    nyum! so sad i missed night terrors but this is beauuutiful! <3

  76. Lindsay Says:

    Love the harness! Wish I could do my hair like that.

  77. Katie Says:

    Sweet Zombie Jesus it MUST BE MINE!

  78. Catherine Says:

    I love Amelia’s work! This is an awesome chance to win some awesome loot!!

  79. poppy Says:

    oh my gosh it would be incredible to win this!

  80. mouse Says:


  81. nicci Says:

    I really regret not buying anything from the first collection!

  82. Kate Says:

    I love Amelia’s design aesthetic, she is pretty damn talented.

  83. Sandra Says:

    Everything looks fantastic! Congratulations to her for bringing these designs to life! They’re gorgeous!

  84. alumiere Says:

    Beautiful images, gorgeous things, what’s not to want?

  85. GothFaerieQueen Says:

    I’ve been wanting some of this since Amelia first announced it. I love it!

  86. Fiona Says:

    Love these pictures!! Very inspiring & gorgeous!! Plz let me have a book for my table!!!

  87. Loraine Says:

    Oh. My. I never bloody win anything, but this… I think I may stroke out just at the chance. Count me most assuredly in!

  88. Ambrrr Says:

    Count me in, I love a good makeup adventure!

  89. Alexandria Luminere Says:

    I love the suspenders with the t-shirt. The designs are the right mix of scandal and class ( at least in my opinion)

  90. pensive Says:


    wow. and i thought nothing could ever top my set of Bettie Page buttons.

    thanks for clueing me in…. where do you FIND this stuff? you rock.

  91. Corey Says:

    Love Amelia’s work! She is such a talented designer.

  92. Terry Paauw Says:

    Awesome imagery! Retro yet SuicideGirl. Absolutely gorgeous.

  93. Julie Says:

    I wanted to buy so any items from the first collection, but everything was sold out! :( Now I need those shirts for real

  94. Leigh Says:

    Amazing photos and simply a beautiful collection.

  95. Melody Says:


  96. PonPon Says:

    I loooooove angelspit, and Amelia is so inspiring! She’s so ambitious, she’s making music, makeup, clothes, I can’t imagine how she does it. She is amazing!

  97. Laurie Brown Says:

    Wow! Somehow I missed seeing this collection before! It’s awesome!

  98. Liz W Says:

    I want it all and I want it now!

  99. liz Says:

    i wish i was bad-ass enough for this.

  100. camilla Says:

    Oh dang, I want! I love the accessorizing in these photos.

  101. Rachel Says:

    MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE but i never win anything. lol.

  102. Victoria Says:

    I love this range! Just the right amount of forbidden with a dash of fun vintage imagery! The buttons look great on jacket lapels :)

  103. Queen Titania Says:

    I hope I win as I have been too lazy to order one myself!

  104. eekzombies Says:

    Love the sock and armwarmer suspenders!

  105. christine Says:

    oh I adore Amelia Arsenic! Everything she does is amazing! I ordered some a tank/ booty short set from her European tour leftovers! !!!

  106. Kayley Says:

    I’m lucky enough to own one A is for Arsenic tank but I would love another!

  107. Phizz Says:

    A is for Amazing!

  108. Tam Says:

    Love love love it! Got the poster, now for the clothes!!

  109. MaliceInWonderland Says:

    Gorgeous collection with perfect photography. I really love the inclusion of the art images themselves as well.

    Thank you for the chance to enter!

  110. Missing_Inaction Says:

    Dramatic and daring- I would love to wig some straights with this stuff. ^-^

  111. Whitney Josephine Says:

    Purrrrrdy. *_*

  112. Ramona D Says:

    Oh how I’d love to make my conservative community’s eyes pop in some of this luscious gear….

  113. A Payne Says:

    I LOVE those suspenders!

  114. Hugh Says:

    Great work! The dearth of leather and chain-like accessories in a book like this is actually quite refreshing.

  115. Klarzia Says:

    Those tshirts are just delicious.

  116. Beth Says:

    Stunning clothes and gorgeous, gorgeous hair and styling!

  117. William Alexander Says:

    Wish this was something I could afford more often

  118. Pam Says:

    Huh. This is ine of the brand that just make me wish I could afford to buy to whole collection!

  119. Wei-Wei Says:

    The photos are simply stunning! An absolutely gorgeous collection and lookbook.

  120. Jomen Says:

    Love the collection, fingers crossed :)

  121. Drucilla Says:

    I need sock garters.

  122. Maggie Says:


  123. Anna Says:

    Oh gosh, this would be the best thing that could possibly happen to me, as I fell in love with “Crime & Punishment” instantly.

  124. Mariella Says:

    This looks really cool! Hope I get lucky.

  125. blackscarlett Says:

    Wow, as übercool as always…

  126. wobblinbetty Says:

    This giveaway is beyond amazing. wooooooooa! I need to win this. drooling.

  127. Kristen Painter Says:

    I’m in. Awesome!

  128. Sara Says:


  129. James Paterson Says:

    Striking and simple. I always look forward to A Is For Arsenic releases.

  130. Yasmin Says:

    Been a huge fan of Amelia for several years now, the collection looks seriously amazing!

  131. Jen Says:

    Do want. I love this collection.

  132. Amy Says:

    Oh my gosh, all their stuff is beautiful. If I won this, I’d die happy.

  133. Hacky Says:

    These are fantastic! I wish that I had gotten something from the Night Terrors line when I could. I am so excited that Amelia has released this!


  134. Chappacua Says:

    Ohhhh…. Loves it!! :)

  135. Clio Says:

    ooh want!

  136. Ellise Says:

    This collection is completely stunning, thankyou for bringing it to my attention – and the prize pack would be fantastic :D

  137. Katta Says:

    oof, so exciting & lovely..

  138. Samantha Says:


  139. Karolina Says:

    Adore this collection, need to get my hands on one of the vests when I have some spare cash…

  140. Nekura Says:

    Glad to see this posted. Amelia is a sweetheart and it’s nice to see her work progress and succeed so much these past few years.

  141. Lola Ebola Says:

    Oh, my. So much to love about all of this. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the latex!

  142. Sylphie Rouge Says:


  143. Valek Says:

    First time I have seen these, and they look awesome! Not only do I love the collection, the photography is also wonderful, with the bright accents of colour in a few.

  144. Therese Says:

    I find this all levels o’ awesome!
    Slightly hungover, and upon initial reading thought someone did a tribute to Edward Gorey’s “gashlycrumb tinies”.

    Pleasantly surprised, regardless!!!

  145. Chelsea Says:

    This collection is absolutely exquisite. I must have this!

  146. Michelle Says:

    Amelia has a great eye for style – I didn’t snag anything from her last collection, but I definitely want to pick up some things from this one!

  147. Riff Says:

    Here’s to a rainy weekend in New York City! :P

    Awesome collection, though.

  148. .typhoid Says:

    Fffffffyes please.

  149. AMG Says:

    Nice, wearable pieces. Loving the sock garters.

  150. Wolfie Says:

    Amelia’s done it again! What a beautiful collection and lookbook<3

  151. Monkeyrat Says:

    This is everything I’ve wanted to be when I grow up…hot brunette with a killer tshirt and latex sock garters! I WANT IT!

  152. Viorella Says:

    Harrr harrr! Of course I am entering! Would love to get my hands on ANY of these items!!

  153. belladonna Says:


  154. Klayter Says:

    Those latex accessories really make the collection pop. Looking forward to that collaboration.

  155. keighter Says:

    Stunning photos!

  156. En Tze Says:

    Me want! I’ve been drooling over the designs ever since I first saw them. D:

  157. Evelyn Says:


  158. Suuz Says:

    I love the collection!
    Amelia is such a (multi-)talented designer.
    The tightness and innovative designs really speak for her.
    Would be proud to represent ;)

  159. Mary Says:

    Love the collection! The images are amazingly beautiful, completely and dangerously fantastic!

  160. Kitty Says:

    Oh this collection is so lovely, dark, and SEXY!
    Kitty (bornofgold@gmail.com)

  161. Raygun Robyn Says:

    Oooo she is really bringing it! I need some new swag!

  162. Kirsten Says:

    a comment

  163. Mary Says:

    i love amelia’s work!

  164. Io Says:

    Always loved her cute stuff & great style. I’m in!

  165. Xenadu Says:

    So many wants. That girl does it all, and does it all so well.

  166. Lili Says:

    I think I see a shirt for roller derby in there :)

  167. LaLaLogic Says:

    Want. I love this collection. I’m sure I’d wear anything from it constantly.

  168. Claudia Says:

    This is gorgeous.

  169. Deborah Says:

    Absolutely love the prints on the t-shirts. They don’t drown out the models by being overwhelming. They are dark and sexy.

  170. Lydia Michelson-Maverick Says:

    Lovely, gorgeous and darkly seductive photos.

  171. Anna Says:

    Every single one of those photos is incredible!!

  172. Ann-So Says:

    I love everyting about her last collection! I’ve order a tank, but would want them all!
    want to win this :)

  173. AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes Says:

    pick meeeeee

  174. Meghan Mayhem Says:

    The beautiful Ulorin Vex can make anything fabulous, but A is for Arsenic rocks with or without the awesome models! PICK MEEE! :)

  175. Catherine T. Says:

    This is inspiring me to finally get a pair of sock garters!

  176. Anna Gramm Says:

    Oh, wow. I especially love those hairstyles since they look almost plastic-like. Flawless.

  177. stacey Says:

    comment :D

  178. Twisted Says:

    I love Amelia, her art & her music soooo much. Went to see her in concert a few years ago & it was amazing.

  179. Alexandria Web Says:

    I love these so much :)

  180. Lynette Says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous.

  181. Cyan Says:

    I love Amelia’s work and it would be great to win.

  182. dementia Says:

    I need this in my life!

  183. RayRoo Says:

    Oh Wow. I’m drooling all over my keyboard.

  184. Jill Says:

    Wow! Everything looks amazing here. I really want to win!

  185. Dawn Baby Says:

    Very inspiring!

  186. Sally Says:

    Brilliant stuff! I loved her first collection and the second one is brilliant too. :) Great styling.

  187. Bea Says:

    I hope Christmas comes on September 2nd this year.

  188. pixellette Says:

    Stunning pieces and lovely style <3

  189. tophatmetroid Says:

    Wow, such a beautiful collection and shoot. The white tank and harness is a gorgeous combination, simplistic yet super edgy :3

  190. wenzdai Says:

    LOVE IT!

  191. Strider Says:

    wickedly dark and creative!!! As a photographer I always look forward to seeing these images.

  192. Belinda Says:

    Shallowest comment ever, but that female model has the most luscious lips :*

  193. Caroline Says:

    Mrow! So preetty. I want!

  194. Synesthesia Garden Says:

    Enter me, please!

  195. Cmgrrr Says:

    D is for delectably decadent.

    I’m quite infatuated with the presentation of this collection. The combination of the latex pieces such as the harness with the white tank doesn’t disrupt the print (imo,) but adds to its design and merges beautifully.

  196. Marie Says:

    I’ve been following both Amelia and Nina of Jane Doe Latex for quite a while and this collab is just mindblowing. The quality, concept and imagery is just so powerful, i’m truly in love with this collection.

  197. DieMaschinerie Says:

    I want it all *^_^* xxx

  198. Mari Says:

    I love it

  199. simone Says:

    I have a ridiculous amount of t-shirts but those are so fabulous, bring them on!

  200. Sheeria Says:

    LOVE the latex harness over the t-shirts and those prints are just beyond fantastic. Great work, and I sure would love to wear/have every single piece!

  201. Niki Says:

    Not bad, I can’t wait to see even more!

  202. Monique Says:

    Theres something about a latex harness!

  203. GingerBedlam Says:

    I love a good raffle.

  204. Michelle Says:

    Oh the eyecandy! I’m saving to buy myself a leather harness- I’m going to try and sneak it into my work wardrobe without anybody noticing- so I’m in love with that latex one!

    The sheer amaount of gorgeousness in this photoshoot from the clothing to the models is so inspisring!

  205. Marlies Says:

    This is amazing! I love it, I have to see more of this!

  206. Ruth Says:

    Would love to win this, Amelia is awesome. Hope New York and rest of USA effected by Hurricane Irene is calming down now. <3

  207. Kristen Says:

    Just out of sheer optimism.
    I will post this comment and enter.

  208. Andersone Says:

    I love this shirt.

  209. beetleginny Says:

    Loving all of this. These accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit.

  210. Charlotte Omega Says:

    After the week I’m having, I can only hope it gets a little brighter by my winning this. Such an amazing team of people worked on producing it, I’m entirely jealous.

  211. kat Says:

    Oh I want to see my boyfriend in that latex harness. ;-) Beautiful collection as always.

  212. dana Says:

    Wow, all the pieces are amazing and the styling is great in this shoot. I’d love to step out in any of these outfits (even those for the boys! heehee)

  213. CraftyFox Says:

    fucking epic as always

  214. jana Says:


  215. Msfracture Says:

    {Lsssst} want/drool/obsesssss/need {<3}

  216. Hellen Says:

    I love these pictrues of Sohui. She looks stunning. T shirts are pretty hot too ;)

  217. Erica Says:

    Amazing stuff!!

  218. lisa Says:

    I need this stuff! : )

    As an aspiring macabre/edgy accessories designer, this would be a dream come true!


  219. Kristy Says:

    Oustanding creations. I NEED!!!

  220. Emily the Horrible Says:

    Gorgeous! I need a bigger hint of kink in my life.

  221. Kuki Ariel Says:

    So in. Rock me.

  222. Joshua Says:

    For the win.

  223. Reelah Says:

    Very beautiful, I love everything about this.

  224. Roberta Says:

    Wow, that’s just beautiful. And so glamorous! Amelia Arsenic is definetely one of the greatest artists in the alternative fashion world nowadays.

  225. Ribela Says:

    awesomness i want!

  226. Julia Says:

    I neeed this. I love Amelia Arsenic aka Destroy-X and Angelspit since their first Album. She’s such a great designer and one of my Idols.

  227. Ashlee Says:

    Today (August 31st) is my birthday and I see that some of the pictures include Ulorin Vex (who is my inspiration for proceeding with alternative modeling, recently).
    Would love to win, it would just be the bee’s knees! <3

  228. Debs Says:

    Oh my god amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Angel Says:

    I am LOVING the vinyl sock garters! This collection is certainly going into my inspiration box for the next club event I need to dress for.

  230. Rain Says:

    Absolutely fantastic eye candy. I love it all. x

  231. Fushia Says:

    Stunning work. I would be honored to receive this beautiful art. :)

  232. Leslie Says:

    Wow, I live the tshirts!

  233. Annie Mac Says:

    I love love love this! I would love to wear this onstage w/my band Lola Black! Would go awesome with my mohawk!

  234. Electra Says:

    Haute Macabre… I’m addicted to you.

  235. yume Says:

    i adore this collection! the entire range is amazing!
    excited to hear about the collab with Jane Doe as well!

  236. Kelly Says:

    Am loving the screen prints and the harnesses.

  237. TheColorfulGoth Says:

    I think I’m in love. So yummy.

  238. Jazzhands Says:

    This line, is amazingly awesome, I wish I could afford all of it and have a Crime and Punishment complete with latex!!! xD Oh baby!

  239. Kate Says:

    Love, love, love their collection!

  240. Stacy Says:

    Everyone involved in this process is so talented. Both the posters and the line itself are to die for. Surely the Jane Doe latex collaboration is going to blow everyone away!! Anyone would be so lucky to win this set :D

  241. djaleksandr Says:

    This is FABULOUS.

  242. Fiorella Says:

    I’m in lust over this collection!

  243. Chelsea Says:


  244. Belakiss Says:

    These are delicious. A must-have addition to my collection ;)

  245. SatAnne Says:

    Love Amelias things!

  246. Loulou Says:

    I’d LOVE to win! Love your designs Amelia!

  247. Scarlettnymph Says:

    Love, love, LOVE! And can’t wait to see the full latex range!

  248. Poupee Debauche Says:

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    You should let me read your tarot! Free of charge, I’d love to see if my cards have any helpful messages for you.

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