Just the Tips

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15 Responses to “Just the Tips”

  1. C. Sipek Says:

    <3 this!

  2. Adelina Mictlan Says:

    i need these, asap!


  3. liz Says:

    i tried to have this done by a manicurist a couple weeks back… they ended up looking more like flames, but still pretty cool! next time i’m going to try on my own and see if i have better results.

  4. Meghan Mayhem Says:

    I tried this last year, only in a more cartoonish way. Loved it!!


  5. Amy ebel Says:

    I need to know the “drip” color !

  6. Samantha Nandez Says:

    Love this!!!

  7. Stew Says:

    LOVE IT!!! My fave part is the lighter color underneath and the darker on top. It looks like black was added to the small pools at the ends of the drips. FAB!


  8. Davee Says:

    I do something similar during Halloween time – – I do a bright orange base and black ‘drips’ like that – – I always get a compliment!! Yay for taking it to the next level!! Might have to do this style this year!

  9. Photographer Leia Says:

    Hey, is this from the Gothic Charm School tutorial that Jillian did last year? The tips look amazing.

  10. Daniel Says:

    I think having the drip come from the cuticles down would look insane! When its on the tips it looks like its dripping up.

  11. Alexandria Web Says:

    Ooooh inspiring 😀

  12. Julie Says:

    Here is the tutorial for this picture. The girl who does it is pretty amazing makeup wise as well!

  13. DoBatsEatCats Says:

    This looks amazing! I love how you can see different shades of red, and almost black, in there. I must try this!

  14. Amanda Says:

    I love these! They look so cool! I wish I knew how to do it.

  15. vivien_noir Says:

    I did a similar version for Halloween: i sloppily painted the very tips black, went over it with a gelly polish in blood red once, and didn’t just paint the nail, but the surrounding skin as well, to give it a look like the whole fingers were dipped in blood. Just like they dug guts. I applied a third coat of red on the outer half of the nails to further deepen the colour – let it dry, done. It’s a very effective, creepy and realistic, dramatic look, easy to achieve and easy to remove as well. Plus it lasts all night, or festival, if you want.

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