The Color of Night

Shot by Thomas Whiteside for Elle.

This is one of those haircuts that makes me painfully jealous of people with straight hair.

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7 Responses to “The Color of Night”

  1. Lotus Says:

    This is very reminiscent of John Koviak and Propaganda Magazine. Love it.

  2. dora Says:

    Are the boots in the middle by Emporio Armani? must have!!

  3. ms.ryan Says:

    that girl has straightened hair -if she has no natural curl, i’m no hairdresser no more.
    just look at the awful texture of her back hair.

  4. .typhoid Says:

    And the frazzled texture at the front, it’s either been straightened or dyed multiple times (or both).

    Still. Beautiful, traditional editorial work. Thank you for delivering, as ever.

  5. pensive Says:

    Must. Have. Those. Thigh Highs.

  6. Io Says:

    Lotus: I am so glad I’m not the only one who thought this (much less remembered it). Ahhh, Propaganda: the source of my 15-year-old fantasies.

  7. Joana Gomes Says:

    Agreed! If I were to cut my hair like this, I’d look like a sad poodle.

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