Half-light Beach 2 // Final Days of GHST RDR Promotion

The Half-light Beach editorial is back with Part 2. Additionally, we’re now in the final stretch of the Haute Macabre + GHST RDR promotion.

You have just over one week left to receive 20% off the GHST RDR collection when purchasing the jacket and skirt together, or a 10% discount when buying an individual piece. Just enter the code “HT MCBR” at checkout to reap the sleek, tailored, supervillainess-worthy rewards.

Photogaphy: Lydia Hudgens // Featured: GHST RDR jacket and skirt , AllSaints gown // Model & styling: Zoetica Ebb // Most accessories: Miyu Decay. Receive free holiday shipping at Miyu Decay by entering “hautemacabre2011” at checkout.


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  1. Maddi Says:

    Absolutely stunning.

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