Half-light Beach // Limited-time GHST RDR Promotion

Just as the sun began to slide into the ocean, the evening chill crept onto the shore. Wind brushed against taut straps, billowed skirt corners and sent horse hair flying with the current, as we set out along a stretch of damp Malibu sand to bring you the Half-light Beach editorial.

Photogaphy: Lydia Hudgens // Featured: GHST RDR jacket and skirt, AllSaints parachute gown // Most accessories: Miyu Decay // Model & styling: Zoetica Ebb

Before you check out the images below, we have a special announcement! For a limited time only, our readers will receive 20% off the GHST RDR collection when purchasing the jacket and skirt together, or a 10% discount when buying individual pieces. Just enter the code “HT MCBR” at checkout to reap the sleek, tailored, supervillainess-worthy rewards.

Offer ends December 1, so straggle not!

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10 Responses to “Half-light Beach // Limited-time GHST RDR Promotion”

  1. TransgressiveInsomniac Says:

    Lovely and inspiring. Someday I’ll be able to afford them; until then I’ll just keep admiring from afar x)

  2. Filipa Moreno Says:

    The photos are fantastic!
    And I love the pieces, I would love to buy them both, but unfortunately I can’t =(

    Love, pi*

  3. zoetica Says:

    Thank you both! Remember: you can probably remind someone that the holidays are coming <3

  4. Sally Says:


    Stop being such a stylish goddess. Leave some pretty for the rest of us.

    -The Haute Macabreians

  5. zoetica Says:

    Dear Haute Macabreians,

    You da best, but you jest! There’s enough weird-looking Russianness to go around!



    P.S. Proof [I’m sorry].

  6. Maggie Says:

    better than any spread in the fashion rags. <3
    the parachute gown photos/styling are especially out of this world!

  7. Joy Says:

    feels very soft and edgy at the same time, exactly what the chic corp goths of the world have been looking for ^_^ feel very inspired by the metal finger armor as well…looks like the perfect shape for your hand and I always have trouble finding one like that which doesn’t dwarf my rather petite hands.

  8. GiniColorful Says:

    I love Zoetica.. She is AMAZING!

  9. Natasha Says:

    Zoetica is giving me stella tennant . fabulous !

  10. ffiend Says:

    did nobody click to link? omg!! that crazy looking Russian dude. ahhh!! nightmares for weeks!!

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