I have to say, I’ve never been really big on Dermablend as a tattoo cover. In my experience, it cracks and, worse, it darkens over the course of several hours, leaving whatever tattoo you covered looking like a big bruise just starting to form and leading total strangers to ask me if my boyfriend hits me. But then, I haven’t tried the new tattoo primer, which is specifically for tats. And of course, I’ve never tried it with a team of three makeup artists.

In general, however, for the money my vote goes to Revlon Colorstay base and a solid powder coat after. There was a time when I had to cover my tats regularly for work (funny, considering some of the things I didn’t have to cover for that job), and it did a fine job without leading to too many awkward questions.

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2 Responses to “Mask”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Cool video! I’ve been seeing this guy everywhere lately, good on him.

  2. .typhoid Says:

    I think nearly everyone is grateful to Dermablend for the chance to see what Rick/Zombie Boy “actually looks like” / looked like before he got his tats. I bet it was fun for him as well to see a blast from the past like that, I bet it’s been many years since he saw his face apparently without ink. They couldn’t’ve picked a better model for promoting the product either. Great video.

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