Shoeturday: Stitches

Dolce Vita June Trapunto  Stitched Boot, on sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call for $225.

NMLC is also currently having a general 30% off sale until November 14, on top of that. Soooo…around $160?


EDITOR’S NOTE: November 9th and 10th the sale is 40% off a single item. That makes them $135.  Done!

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2 Responses to “Shoeturday: Stitches”

  1. Catrina Says:

    I dropped them into my cart and it gave me 40% off of $225, so $135. *enabling enabling enabling*

  2. NixonSixx Says:

    @Catrina- I just grabbed them, too. Updating the article- the extra 10% is Nov. 9th and 10th only. God, I love a good sale…

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