Least Comfortable Shirt Ever

anatomical cage shirt

From Manish Arora’s S/S 2012 collection.

Reminds me of the wooden dinosaur skeleton on top of my grandparent’s TV when I was a kid.

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4 Responses to “Least Comfortable Shirt Ever”

  1. maggie battles Says:

    i love this. it’s like if carpentry, stencil art & fashion had a baby.

  2. Red Says:

    Wow! True, comfort doesn’t enter into it, but wow!
    Maggie Battle’s description is spot-on.

  3. brandy Says:

    the idea is innovative, I’ve never seen something like that before. But it’s more for medical students than for fashionistas

  4. Elle Says:

    I bet the neck comes in handy when you’re trying to take a nap on the subway :). Although I’m not entirely sure you can sit down when you’re wearing it.

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