New Advertiser :: Manic Panic

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Manic Panic!

I have a feeling everyone here has dyed their hair with Manic Panic at least once in their lives (I left an old apartment with a permanently stained Vampire Red bathtub), so we are very excited to welcome Manic Panic to Haute Macabre!

Founded on 7.7.77 by sisters Tish & Snooky, the original Manic Panic started off as a punk boutique on NYC’s Saint Mark’s Place. Becoming an icon of the first generation of punk, color was infused into the 1980’s with rainbow shades of hair dyes and cosmetics. To this day, Manic Panic remains 100% vegan and cruelty free products!

Find them on Facebook and follow their boards on Pinterest!

To celebrate Manic Panic’s new advertising run on Haute Macabre, we’re giving away one prize pack full of items from The Creature of the Night cosmetic collection, valued at $100! To enter to win, just leave a comment below!

 A winner will be selected at random on Wednesday, May 23!

**Due to postal restrictions, winner must be in the United States. Items pictured above may not be the same as items in prize pack.

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117 Responses to “New Advertiser :: Manic Panic”

  1. pogostick Says:

    I currently have about 7 open containers of manic panic in my bathroom right now, ha ha.

    I like how soft it makes my hair after applying, especially when I’ve bleached too much. Almost like a conditioner. I also have la-riche but I feel like it doesn’t do as much in that area.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I love Manic Panic hairdyes! They always leave such a nice, vibrant color. Knowing that they have lovely hairdyes, I would love to try their cosmetics. I’ve been looking for a good black lipstick for a while now. :P

  3. Jelly Says:

    Oh wow!! I didn’t realize they were vegan!! So cool! Now I gotta start making my christmas list for make up supplies from this company and hand it to my family :) and now I just have to pick out the perfect hair dye.
    This is gonna be harder than I thought!!! X3

  4. Rachael Says:

    Oh man, this brings back the memories.

  5. RockLove Says:

    Ahhh Manic Panic – my very first foray into hair dye. As a little obnoxious goth (and the only Jewish kid in my rich conservative republican Midwest school) I dabbled with the hair dye pretty young. It was the only rebellion I could think of, since the Piercing Pagoda at the mall would only do ears with your parent present.

    The rule was “nothing permanent and do it before mom get’s home.”
    (because clearly once it was in, she just had to accept the blue/hot pink/green/red)

    And this was so much better than dying it in fifth grade with Kool-Aid. You guys remember that fad? Blue bangs, blue fingers for a week.

    Thank you Manic Panic! To this day I’ve never left my high-school-burgundy “phase!”

  6. Jon Fulton Adams Says:

    My God…

    Manic Panic and Haute Macabre – that’s a marriage made in…

    I love to see Manic Panic coming back strong – they got me through my “Blue Period”.

    Good to see you again, old friend!

  7. Iris Says:

    I love Manic Panic, especially the Amplified colors. I have been dying my hair with Manic Panic for about 8 years now, literally the whole rainbow at one point or another. It’s funny, with blue hair (my current color of choice, been that way a few years) strangers come up to me almost every day and ask how to get their hair blue like me, people I would never expect to dye their hair let alone dye it blue, and I always suggest Manic Panic Amplified After Midnight Blue. I have never used the cosmetics before, and winning this would be the perfect opportunity for me to try them, and become a walking advertisement for whatever I get, as well.

  8. Jey Says:

    Manic Panic made the turquoise ends of my hair possible before I chopped most of it off. Hooray for vegan war paint!

  9. Rachel Says:

    Yay manic panic!!!

  10. Nero Says:

    i used some of their colors in my hair back in the day..
    manic panic, how we’d do without you!! =D

  11. camilla Says:

    Love Manic Panic!

  12. Lauren Says:

    I love manic panic vampire red lipstick! It’s the best lipstick I’ve found for myself that’s red! Matches my skin tone perfect!

  13. April Says:

    Manic Panic … more like nostalgic assault.

  14. Raven Nightshade Says:

    I love Manic Panic! I still can’t believe they’ve been around for 35 years!

  15. TheBloodyStarr Says:

    Manic Panic brings back such great high school memories!! I STILL use their makeup. Never used their hair dyes though, was always afraid of bleaching my hair!!

  16. Lateesha Golden Says:

    I love Manic Panic! I always tried to get a hand on their products when i can. I love the variety of colors hair dyes that manic panic has my favorite so far is forest green.

  17. Inkblossoms Says:

    Love Manic Panic and the vibrancy of colors in the line. It would be lovely to win this set to try out the Creatures of the Night. <3

  18. Melissa Says:

    Manic Panic! Would love to win this prize pack…I’ve been coveting their stuff since high school. My first tube of black lipstick was MP ‘Raven.’

  19. rachael Says:

    my first experience was in 7th grade…some shade of purple. then onto chartreuse and others. vampire red was a good one! thanks for an opportunity to win this. so good to see a cruelty-free company doing well after all these years.

  20. Cindy L. Collins Says:

    i love the colors! I am uberr exited to see skin and makeup care now! who knew!

  21. Lacey Says:

    Love the name and the packaging too..!

  22. Valerie Says:

    Huge fan of Manic Panic

  23. Angela Says:

    Love these! I tried almost every Manic Panic color in high school, and I am filed with happy anticipation by this make up line. Great packaging and colors!

  24. MaliceInWonderland Says:

    Thank you for partnering with them and offering this giveaway. I thank you for the opportunity to be considered.

  25. Holly Lucination Says:

    Ah, my first true love and my hair’s best friend… always nice to see MP in the best places, unexpectedly… . .

  26. Miloko Says:

    Manic Panic produce some fantastic quality products. I had my hair pink for a good three years solid. Lately I’m using Manic Panic ‘virgin snow’ as my white toner of choice for pristinely white hair.

  27. Mary Says:

    This is awfully exciting! Ive been wanting to try their makeup for some time now.

  28. Becky Says:

    What a wonderful prize to be won! Manic Panic makes a pretty great range of hair dye colors – have a few of them myself through the years. To try their make up out would be bodacious!

  29. Retail Therapy Jewelry Says:


  30. maria ryan Says:

    Hooray Manic Panic!

  31. Karen Says:

    I’ve been using Manic Panic for over 15 years now. Currently, my hair sports a blue streak. I plan on keeping up the freaky colored hair until I die!

  32. Cecile Says:

    So many nice colours, I love Manic Panic sooo much *-*

  33. Kor Says:

    Aaahh… these colors look so nice and saturated, and I’m fascinated by the model’s atypical eyes, since they look like mine, and I never see models with my type of eyes.

  34. Nicole Says:

    I’m rocking Cotton Candy Pink hair at this very moment. I LOVE their dye.

  35. Vixen Says:

    Manic panic ultraviolet is the most beautiful shade of hairdye <3

  36. Kylla Says:

    Ooh, I love the colors.

  37. Kristy Says:

    woo enter me please!

  38. Leslie Says:

    I never tried manic panic products, but some of my friends did to have funky hair and they were so happy of the quality of the products and variety of colors ! I would be very glad to try it. :D

    Regards from France,



  39. mouse Says:

    i love manic panic :) my hair is cotton candy pink right now!

  40. Melissa Hansson Says:

    I’ve been a Manic Panic fan for years. Always wondered who Tish & Snooky were. Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Gingerbedlam Says:

    Pretty, pretty….

  42. DLeigh Says:

    Oh I love Manic Panic! We sell the hair dye at the store I work at and everybody comes in for it {:

  43. kendra Says:

    Most splendid, glorious, marvelous. Baby hedgehogs, rainbow sprinkles, crescent moons.

  44. RayR00 Says:

    Manic Panic is the only hair dye I’ve every used and I love it! I haven’t tried any of their make up yet, but I’m going to check it out soon.

  45. Stew Says:

    Manic Panic RAWKS!!! I remember the late 80’s and early 90’s like it was yesterday. I would totally love to win this and use the products on a model for a kick’n photo. Woot!


  46. April Rose Says:

    Hurray for Manic Panic and Haute Macabre! What a wonderful giveaway :)

  47. Angel Says:

    Ha! you left a red-ringed bathtub, mine was more like red splashed walls. looked like someone had been slashed to death in my bathroom. would love to win this!

  48. Georgiana Marie Kateri Waldron Says:

    I am a Manic Fan!!! Used it on my kids too! Lovely stuff that holds tight, vegan, and devine!!!

  49. KT Cowden Says:

    Oh man, Manic Panic was part of my first teenage rebellion.

  50. Dee Says:

    manic panic!! still an integral part of my life at 29 :-p

  51. Jasmin E. Says:

    Yay! I’m a huge fan of Manic Panic. (?????) I haven’t tried their other products but I love their dyes and the fact that they’re vegan is a plus!

  52. Natasha Says:

    I would love to win this prize pack! c:

  53. Gabula SanGuine Says:


    I remember my shoulder length Midnight Blue hair…

    It had a wonderful hue and looked like the night sky ^_^

    I would definitely love try out their cosmetics.

  54. Samantha Levin Says:

    My dear, you have the best advertisers evvaaaar. Yay, Manic Panic!!

  55. Anne B. Says:

    I’ve used Manic Panic for years and always got amazing colours on dark hair as well! (And a bathtub from a horror movie set.)

    Whenever someone wants bright colours and asks me for hair dye advice, I always suggest MP.

  56. Kate Says:

    I’m always down for some new fantastic colors for my head… be it my hair or cosmetics. And of course, like everyone else here, I’ve used Manic Panic hair dye to fun effect. :) I had no idea they also did make-up!

  57. Kelli Giles Says:

    In a humble voice… Pick me!

  58. Alexandra Says:

    This is such a cool collection!

  59. Krystal Says:

    I’ve always loved Manic Panic. One of the only hair dyes that will actually stay in my hair a good amount of time. I’ve even got my mother dyeing her hair with it.

  60. Anne Says:

    Yay! I love Manic Panic products. I died my hair Infra Red for years!

  61. Rebecca Says:

    Love Manic Panic. Especially the color tinting shampoo. Helped keep my fire engine red hair vibrant.

  62. olive flower Says:

    oh man, awesome giveaway. i love manic panic. colorful and 100% vegan.

  63. MizMargo Says:

    I was ‘Pillarbox Red’ or ‘Plum’ for many years! So awesome that they are vegan!

  64. Jesika Says:

    I love Manic Panic! Its one of the only products that I started loving as a teenager and that has continued being a staple now that Im 29. <3

  65. Husblah Says:

    I love Manic Panic, I’ve stuck by them since I was in high school. They are still one of the few companies that make foundation light enough for my skin.

  66. Maggie Says:

    I do need some new makeup … :)

  67. Lyd M. Says:

    Urban decay discontinued my favorite red eye shadow, looks like manic panic has a great replacement!

  68. Paula Says:

    I’m so glad they are here! I’ve wondered if they’d advertise here any day… it seems like the perfect spot!

  69. Cristina Says:

    omg i love their creature of the night collection! so many gorgeous colors and products! enter me pretty please!

  70. Carrie Says:

    Awesome. I’m planning on checking out their amplified dye in the very near future ! :D

  71. Rory Says:


  72. Fae Says:

    Manic Panic is the best! Great giveaway!!!

  73. Kathryn Says:

    Welcome to Haute Macabre, Manic Panic! Love your goods!

  74. etchmiadzin Says:

    oh, manic panic. you’ve made my hair every shade of the rainbow–and then some!

  75. Arkady Says:

    Oh Manic Panic, you were one of my first forays into gothdom and my 14 year old self is eternally grateful for the wonder pink streaks you gave me!

  76. Allana Says:

    Excellent giveaway. MP is the best!

  77. Kathleen Says:


  78. Nina d'Anvers Says:

    Oh the pillow cases and towels I have stained various shades of the rainbow from my Manic Panic days. Not to mention shower curtains, tubs and sinks…

  79. Blake Says:

    Awesome! Love it!

  80. shaneyl-lynn Says:

    So, so appreciative of the vegan aspect.
    Vegan isn’t easy and you guys help a lot. I love it and appreciate it, truly!

  81. Laurel Says:

    Manic panic got me through high school ;)

  82. Beth Sennesh Says:

    Love your website, love Manic Panic – match made in heaven!!

  83. Zach Salwen Says:

    Yesss! On my way to check out their website.

  84. LK Says:

    Yesss! My first hair dye… Everyone should experience purple hair at age 13!! I’m all permanent black now but I miss those days. Gonna grow out my natural color so’s I can see my grays, then see how they take to some manic panic now! <3

  85. dianne Says:

    so fun! i definitely had some pink and blue once upon a time. i wonder if i could still rock a streak of magenta?

  86. Tiffany Valentine Says:

    I’d like to thank Manic Panic for the pink, purple, blue, and green hair that I’ve sported. LOVE you guys!

  87. Rachel West Says:

    What a treat! Thanks!
    I was just thinking I need to dye my hair purple again. Very glad they’re advertising on your site now.

  88. Alexis Says:

    I’ve always used them for hair dye, but I didn’t know they has such a nice, extensive, make-up selection!

  89. Vivka Says:

    I am leaving a comment below.
    I would be a mousy brunette if not for MP. ^.~*

  90. Atomic Sean Says:

    Manic Panic made my teenage dreams come true!

  91. Hopeless Romantic Says:

    I’ve been using Manic Panic hair dye for what… over 15 years now? I’ve never gotten to try any of their make up. It looks lovely.

  92. Leigh Says:

    What a perfect partnership. I’ve been a Manic Panic customer since 1994!

  93. susana Says:

    Manic Panic was involved with my first experiment with hair dyes and makeup! those years of discovery where you want bright red hair and lips to go with it.. confidence boosters are definitely manic panic products. i still use the products.. i bold hair color.. or vibrant lip color go a long way in making you feel sexy and fun. i’m definitely excited about these new gorgeous color palettes.

  94. tona Says:

    ah! to the greatness that is manic panic!

  95. Nyssa Says:

    manic panic will always have a special place in my heart, love the packaging!

  96. Sara Says:

    Ooooh, Manic Panic! Glad to hear they’re back and booming!

  97. Riff Says:

    Can’t fry my hair with bleach and dyes anymore – sadness! – but yay, make-up!

  98. Yuurei Says:

    Hay, love Manic Panic !

  99. LaLaLogic Says:

    My bathtub is permanently Enchanted Forest, and I would love this.

  100. Brit Says:

    I hear you on the permanent Vampire Red stain, more than one bathtub (and towel/sink/countertop) has suffered from my somewhat splattery application techniques. I’ve also loved their Raven lipstick and Virgin Pressed Powder for many years. It’s so great to see Manic Panic on Haute Macabre!

  101. Meghan Says:

    Love manic panic!

  102. Lunaria Says:

    Oooh, would love to try another go around with my old manic panic friends.

  103. Eliza Spear AKA Kostume Girl Says:

    I’ve been a Manic Panic fan since I figured out how to do my own eyeliner! This collection looks awesome!

  104. Karen Says:

    AHH! Can’t live without my white face powder, which I’ve been using for 16 years! Flawless!!! Congrats on the new location in Hollywood!

  105. Madz Says:

    DO WANT :D

  106. Sasha Says:

    Wow would love to win this! Shout out to Tish at Manic Panic! Love Sasha from Lip Service

  107. opifex Says:

    i’m a purple haze kind of gal myself — crossing my fingers for the prize! <3

  108. Collette Says:

    Wow!! Talk about a blast from the past!! I LOVE Manic Panic!!

  109. Kristen Painter Says:

    Ah, the days of fuchsia hair…good times. Must check out their cosmetics!

  110. AM Says:

    I never would’ve been a red head if it hadn’t been for Manic Panic. I’d love a chance totey their cosmetics. Fingers crossed!

  111. Carla Says:

    Although I love make up, I normally don’t get excited about collections, but this one in particular completely caught my attention, I love Manic Panic

  112. NyxAlexandra Says:

    Manic Panic powders and pure white foundation are staples.
    I’ve been mixing their white foundation with the lightest flesh tone foundation I can find, so that it will match my naturally pale complexion, for years now.
    Winning this would be killer ;]

  113. Ronda Says:

    I love manic panic! The colors of hair dye are top notch! And I’ve gotten my hands on a few of the makeup items.. So goulish!

  114. Marcie Says:

    Bonne chance to all the pretty shadows :)

  115. PattyAnn Says:

    It is nice to see manic panic still involved outside of mainstream stores/hair dye.

  116. Brianne Says:

    Would totally love to win this! My hair has been either pink, purple or red for the past 15 years now! : )

  117. Jay Says:

    I hope its not too late!

    I love Manic Panic

    I find it lovely that you can dye your hair so many lively colors without it burning your scalp of with any harsh chemicals!