New Advertiser :: Manic Panic

Please welcome our newest advertiser, Manic Panic!

I have a feeling everyone here has dyed their hair with Manic Panic at least once in their lives (I left an old apartment with a permanently stained Vampire Red bathtub), so we are very excited to welcome Manic Panic to Haute Macabre!

Founded on 7.7.77 by sisters Tish & Snooky, the original Manic Panic started off as a punk boutique on NYC’s Saint Mark’s Place. Becoming an icon of the first generation of punk, color was infused into the 1980’s with rainbow shades of hair dyes and cosmetics. To this day, Manic Panic remains 100% vegan and cruelty free products!

Find them on Facebook and follow their boards on Pinterest!

To celebrate Manic Panic’s new advertising run on Haute Macabre, we’re giving away one prize pack full of items from The Creature of the Night cosmetic collection, valued at $100! To enter to win, just leave a comment below!

 A winner will be selected at random on Wednesday, May 23!

**Due to postal restrictions, winner must be in the United States. Items pictured above may not be the same as items in prize pack.

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117 Responses to “New Advertiser :: Manic Panic”

  1. Meghan Says:

    Love manic panic!

  2. Lunaria Says:

    Oooh, would love to try another go around with my old manic panic friends.

  3. Eliza Spear AKA Kostume Girl Says:

    I’ve been a Manic Panic fan since I figured out how to do my own eyeliner! This collection looks awesome!

  4. Karen Says:

    AHH! Can’t live without my white face powder, which I’ve been using for 16 years! Flawless!!! Congrats on the new location in Hollywood!

  5. Madz Says:

    DO WANT 😀

  6. Sasha Says:

    Wow would love to win this! Shout out to Tish at Manic Panic! Love Sasha from Lip Service

  7. opifex Says:

    i’m a purple haze kind of gal myself — crossing my fingers for the prize! <3

  8. Collette Says:

    Wow!! Talk about a blast from the past!! I LOVE Manic Panic!!

  9. Kristen Painter Says:

    Ah, the days of fuchsia hair…good times. Must check out their cosmetics!

  10. AM Says:

    I never would’ve been a red head if it hadn’t been for Manic Panic. I’d love a chance totey their cosmetics. Fingers crossed!

  11. Carla Says:

    Although I love make up, I normally don’t get excited about collections, but this one in particular completely caught my attention, I love Manic Panic

  12. NyxAlexandra Says:

    Manic Panic powders and pure white foundation are staples.
    I’ve been mixing their white foundation with the lightest flesh tone foundation I can find, so that it will match my naturally pale complexion, for years now.
    Winning this would be killer ;]

  13. Ronda Says:

    I love manic panic! The colors of hair dye are top notch! And I’ve gotten my hands on a few of the makeup items.. So goulish!

  14. Marcie Says:

    Bonne chance to all the pretty shadows :)

  15. PattyAnn Says:

    It is nice to see manic panic still involved outside of mainstream stores/hair dye.

  16. Brianne Says:

    Would totally love to win this! My hair has been either pink, purple or red for the past 15 years now! : )

  17. Jay Says:

    I hope its not too late!

    I love Manic Panic

    I find it lovely that you can dye your hair so many lively colors without it burning your scalp of with any harsh chemicals!