Snow White and the Huntsman


Thanks to academy-award winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (know to most of you guys as the genius behind the costumes for Edward Scissorhands), this movie is going to be absolute fashion porn: gowns covered in feathers and beetle wings, elaborately geometrical everything, and dark,dark,dark. The only drawback is that the designer’s Snow White-inspired line for HSM seems to consist mostly (and bizarrely) of velour pajama pants and matching overly-embellished lounge tops of the sort found in mail-order catalogs aimed at women of a certain age. Why???


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7 Responses to “Snow White and the Huntsman”

  1. Julie Says:

    I think the credit should go to the concept artist who actually came up with a lot of ideas.

  2. Megan Missfit Says:

    ^ I believe this guy is one of the concept artists:

    He posted some early concept work for Queen Ravenna on his deviantART: :)

  3. pogostick Says:

    Because everything HSM puts out is like that.
    I did like the choker chain necklace:
    –and I like this but it doesn’t really look like anything from the movie:

  4. Shai Says:

    Wow those outfits look stunning!

    I can’t wait to see the movie…


  5. Isaac Says:

    Ok now I have to go see this :)

  6. Riff Says:

    I heard KStew kills this movie with her lifeless, deadpan stare, but I might be willing to go for a matinee for Charlize Theron in awesome outfits… and some Chris Hemsworth.

  7. en Says:

    I saw it this week. Absolutely stunning fashion – my favorite was a gown seen toward the end that has bird skulls around the collar.

    And in an interesting juxtaposition, you see some of the main characters spend long stretches of the movie wet and covered in mud.

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