Behold the Pale Horseman

photographed by Darla Teagarden :: modeled by Camille Nicole
horse by Apocalyptic Rocking Horses
wardrobe / styling by Summer Lawson & The Black Swan Theory

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4 Responses to “Behold the Pale Horseman”

  1. Rachel Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  2. rollo Says:

    looks cool! is that ‘eye of horus’ she has tattooed on her shoulder? I’m considering doing it too..

  3. Mike Says:

    That headdress is pretty fierce just by itself. I don’t know if “Black Swan Theory” found it somewhere or actually made it, but either way that thing is total perfection in these images. Really cool work, ladies.

  4. ffiend Says:

    Awesome!! so happy Summer & Black Swan Theory is getting more exposure.

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