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Black Friday

Wouldn’t you rather do your holiday shopping with these independently owned businesses?

Bellalili jewelry is Victorian Couture jewelry, or “pretty with an edge”. Autumn, the creative genius behind the brand, surrounds herself with sketches and tools, as she welds, hammers, and creates each piece. Each creation is as unique as the artist herself – eclectic, quirky, and yes, very pretty with a distinct edge. Autumn stands behind all of her work by offering a one year warranty on each piece.

Harem Royal’s founder, Srdjan, polished his creative background as a costume designer in a theatrical environment continuing to rich experience in the movie industry. While admirers will be busy connecting the dots, whether you’re armed or adorned, you’ll be already on the move to leave them out of luck. Blown minded with a ripped heart, no money, and a smile.

MGDclothing has been designing and manufacturing clothing since 2001. The designer loves to mix and match genres to come up with ideas not seen elsewhere. MGD is devoted to bringing you unique, high quality Goth, Steampunk, Lolita, and Burlesque fashions.

Miyu Decay amalgamates macabre fineries with varying accoutrements of the Old World.

Wings of Sin is a combination of harsh wasteland living and graceful, fluid movements. It is a reflection of the designer, an apocalypse obsessed belly dancer. The clothing is meant to get the wearer in touch with the primal elements from the darker corners of the earth. Check the store for unique, one of a kind items, and a variety of custom fit listings.

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