New in the Shop :: BPAL presents Haute Macabre

Haute Macabre has teamed up with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab to bring to you the very essence of our aesthetic :: a rich, sultry, and mysterious assault to your olfactory senses. A mix of oak leaf, sultry bourbon vanilla, almond husk, and black leather accord darkened by a 13-year aged patchouli, this blend is available […]


Etsy find: Jenfashion

Dark blue bat sleeve hoodie, $115 I live in San Francisco. This means that for me spring, like most other seasons, has a great deal to do with layers. It means I am supposed to abandon my sweater collection for a few months, but it’s still chilly and foggy and windy out there. I am […]

New From The Midnight Archive

The Midnight Archive has released a new addition, speaking with photographer Shannon Taggart about Victorian Spirit Photography. If you’ve never before watched any of The Midnight Archive’s videos, take some time soon to go through them all. I’m still working my way down the list, but have enjoyed them all immensely so far.

dollhouse duckings 02

Dollhouse Ducklings

My husband is an incredibly patient and understanding person. He is tolerant of all of my whims, smiles and nods when I start ranting about ancient alien theories, and forgives my habits of leaving half empty cups of tea and tarot decks all over the house. However, there are only two things he’s ever put […]


Sleepless Storyteller

Our advertiser, Sleepless Storyteller, is excited to announce the launch of a new website, SleeplessStoryteller.com! After several years of bouncing around between Facebook, Twitter, and her personal site, Christine-Hart.com, Sleepless Storyteller designs finally have their own home. Browse between a large selection of her best designs, including custom orders and one-of-a-kind creations never posted online. Read […]


The Haute List: $100 and Under

  Step Hem Maxi  ‡  Ruched Jersey Top  ‡  Silk-Crepe Dress Prickly Platform  ‡  Jet Romper   ‡  Tarney Boot  Metallic Leggings  ‡  Vegas Dreamy Maxi  ‡  Striped Leigh Jeans  


Casual Friday: Studded Sneakers

Here’s something we don’t often discuss on HM: Sneakers. I haven’t owned a pair of sneakers for fashion reasons in YEARS. Sure, I have a pair to run in, and when they explode they become for taking the dog to the beach, but I mean sneakers for the sake of sneakers. Suddenly, however, I find […]

Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 5.08.51 PM

House of Widow

Crop Hoodie Pullover, $49  ‡  Removable Hood Tunic, $68  ‡  Pentagram Strap Cami, $49   There was some excitement over the hooded sweater featured in this post (and above, and below), so I thought I would track down where to get it. This led me to discover House of Widow, which has quite a few interesting designs, and is […]


The Haute List :: $75 & Under

Viola Shoes* :: Claw Ring :: Crusader Boots Holy Chic Dress :: Nightfall Necklace :: Vegan Leather Leggings Cowboys & Indians Boots :: 55DSL Short Dress :: Spike Mary Jane* *both of these shoes frightened me in the way that Lady Gaga frightens me, so I felt obligated to include them. I’m working on this whole […]


Roadkill Couture

Normally, we don’t like to post fur here at Haute Macabre, unless it’s on some weird old taxidermy. But I have to admit that the phrase “Rat Jacket” made me perk up my ears. Jess Eaton’s Roadkill Couture is exactly what it sounds like: roadkill. Dead things hit by cars, and scraped off the side […]


From the Black Lodge

Our friend and talented jewelry designer, Amanda of Adelina Mictlan, is running an IndieGogo campaign to fund her upcoming project, From the Black Lodge. From the Black Lodge is a popup shop that will travel to different venues, featuring independent, handmade and small batch business. They are currently seeking contributions in order to launch the […]


As Above, So Below

Sam says we should do more outfit posts. She did not specify that they actually needed to be OUR outfits, however, so this one is one stolen from the always adorable Alex is a Teacup. Dress: Black Milk “Ribs Black Dress“ Sweater: Widow Necklace: BloodMilk “As Above So Below“


Rest in Pieces

Earlier this week, I received a copy of Bess Lovejoy’s new book, Rest in Pieces: The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses. Bess is one of the contributing writer on one of my favorite blogs, The Order of the Good Death. Check out their mission statement to get a little more comfortable with your Momenti Mori! […]


Etsy Find: Lookalikes

Vintage Men’s Moss Agate Ring, Sz. 14, $95  I am totally enchanted by how much this vintage moss agate ring (men’s, and far too large for me, sadly) resembles a flock (platoon? herd?) of UFO’s. And, yes, my new iPhone case. Because, I really am that much of a dork. I Want to Believe iPhone Case, […]


Shoe Obsession

Janina Alleyne’s “Exoskeleton” The Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York presents “Shoe Obsession”, running now through April 13th. Showcasing over 150 pairs of “the most extraordinary shoe styles of the 21st-century”, the exhibit presents shoes from top names (Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, and Prada) as well as avant-garde  and up-and-coming designers, and includes shoes from the personal […]


The Haute List: $50 and Under

Black Pleat Skirt Dress   ‡   Mounted Deer Necklace   ‡  Cream Cap Sleeve Dress  Castlebara Boot   ‡   Juddge Boot   ‡  Wanted Boot Wyatt Sweater   ‡  Butterfly Top   ‡   Tunic Dress


Sciences Occultes #2

The Winter Issue of Sciences Occultes magazine is available for order currently. I have the first issue that was released, and it’s beyond stunning. Full of ethereal imagery and dreamy landscapes, this issue features photographer Krist Mort, artist Janeth Davalos, independent designers and occult remedies. You can order the paper version or view it online.