Subaquatic Beauty

Subaquatic Beauty Alix Malka01

Subaquatic Beauty :: Photographed by Alix Malka
Numero Tokyo 15
Since finding these images, all I’ve wanted to listen to was PJ Harvey singing “We Float”.

Subaquatic Beauty Alix Malka02

Subaquatic Beauty Alix Malka03

Subaquatic Beauty Alix Malka05

Subaquatic Beauty Alix Malka06

Subaquatic Beauty Alix Malka07


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4 Responses to “Subaquatic Beauty”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Gorgeous images. I recognize half of them from my own various folders of tear sheets. <3

  2. thor Says:

    wow! absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Joani Says:

    Beautiful underwater photos. Reminds me of the Aquarina
    Springs and the underwater ballet. Love it.

  4. Roxanne Jefferson Says:

    amazing pictures with such a mystical feeling behind the scene. Amazing dresses.

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