Yes, There is a Monster Under Your Bed

Joshua Huffine _02

And your dad photographed it.

Joshua Hoffine uses his young daughters in his amazingly creepy photographs of children’s nightmares, recreating the terror you can only feel when you are that young. In a recent article on The Huffington Post (who I didn’t think could be more awesome, and then they posted this), Hoffine says that his kids “love scaring the audience”, and he is “interested in the psychology of fear” because it “loses its intensity in adulthood”. So very true.

Joshua Huffine _03

Joshua Huffine _04

Joshua Huffine _05

Joshua Huffine _06

Joshua Huffine _07

Joshua Huffine _09

Joshua Huffine _01

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5 Responses to “Yes, There is a Monster Under Your Bed”

  1. Lori Says:

    I have admired Joshua’s work for years now. Incredible

  2. D. Says:

    I wish my Dad was this cool.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Adults no longer fear the monster under the bed because we know the real ones are human beings walking among us.

  4. Dingus Says:

    @Sharon Did you feel like you needed to post that to reinsure yourself they aren’t real ?

  5. Sandra Says:

    The really scary one where gigantic faces appears your bedroom wall is missing. After that you can only sleep in the middle of the room.

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