Gardem S/S 2014


Gardem S/S 2014. Best use of all this sheer panel/ cutout nonsense I’ve seen yet.



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7 Responses to “Gardem S/S 2014”

  1. Jantine Says:

    Love these. Love how tall the models (and skirts) are due to the platforms.

  2. Io Says:

    Bottom. Middle. Dress. Oh my God….

  3. DMgirl Says:

    Top row, first two (black): available soon? And workable for those of us not blessed with amazon model height?

  4. Cris - Now or Never Shop Says:

    Absolutely amazing. One of those (preferably the first or second on the third row) will be the perfect dress for my wedding.

  5. stix Says:

    Amazing, I dreamed about this dress ! Pretty cool to see for real

  6. Paige hunter Says:

    Are they selling these dresses?

  7. Michelle Says:

    Are these available for purchase!?

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