Giveaway :: The Viper’s Dream Collection by Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Viper’s Dream is the premier collection by Shien Lee of Shien Cosmetics – yes, the same lovely lady behind the Dances of Vice festival!

Informed by centuries-old beauty secrets found in Chinese herbology, each lipstick by Shien Cosmetics is infused with a powerful blend of nutrients, vitamins and rick emollients including while camellia oil, red algae extract, green tea extract and vitamins C and E to nourish lips and prevent premature signs of aging. Each shade is a lush, semi-matte lip treatment, leaving your lips nourished and soft as silk. Shien Cosmetics Viper's Dream

The Viper’s Dream collection is ten seductive shades, formulated with gold and olive-toned Asian skin in mind, with the hues enhancing a wide spectrum of skin tones. Inspired by the Legend of the White Snake, a Chinese legend that carries themes of transformation, magic, and seduction, each shade expresses ultimate femininity, fantasy, and romance.

Want to win the full set of ten shades? 

Of course you do. To enter to win, visit Shien Cosmetics’ shop, and leave us a comment below telling us what your favorite shade is! For added points, like Shien Cosmetics on Facebook & follow her on Instagram!

We’ll pick a winner at random on Saturday, February 22! Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers.

Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Shien Cosmetics

Shien CosmeticsShien Cosmetics

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162 Responses to “Giveaway :: The Viper’s Dream Collection by Shien Cosmetics”

  1. Mannie Says:

    Viper’s kiss! I love it ;-)
    I liked the FB page and followed the instagram ;]]

  2. lizz Says:

    i’m really loving cobra lily! i’ve done the facebook and instagram as well

  3. Ophelia Autumn Says:

    Thank you for the opportunity! These lipsticks seem great, and my favorite shade is Cobra Lily I think: I just love burgundy :)

  4. jesse Says:

    Oh I love these lipsticks they are all so gorgeous, my favorite is cobra lily though.

  5. sylvi shayl Says:

    Wow! These are gorgeous colours. I especially love Shanghai Rose…great for redheads.

  6. Mish Says:

    I love the look of Cobra lilly the most. I’ve also liked her fb page and followed Shien on instagram.

  7. Sophie Says:

    I think I’m in love with the Cobra Lily shade.

    That’s the exact hue I’ve been looking for – that deep, deep burgundy, not quite red, not too dark, right in between. Im my mind, that’s the perfect color for the apple Maleficent offered to Snow White. Poisonous, intoxicating, and yet absolutely irresistible. Enthralling.

    Thank you so much for the reference!

  8. Rose Says:

    My favourite lip shade is Gold Viper! They are all such scrumptious colours though

  9. Rose Says:

    Are these lipstick shades made especially for Asian skin tones?

  10. Laura Says:

    Cobra lilly! Liked on both FB & instagram

  11. D. Says:

    I have a really hard time picking a favourite shade, but I’d say both Shanghai Rose and Viper’s Kiss are probably my favourites. I really LOVE that the colors are based on working for golden/olive toned asian skin. It happens so often that I love a color, but when I try it on it absolutely does not work for my skintone, which is really sad. I would truly love to try these beautiful matte shades!
    (Also I’m really happy to see that the shop allows international orders!!)

  12. Jacoba Lee Says:

    Cobra Lily is my favorite shade!

  13. Nancy Says:

    Gold Viper!!! I could rock that out *hard.*

  14. Nomad_Noir Says:

    Red lantern is lovely. A versatile red that begs for a vintage inspired outfit and some ultra-coiffed hair.

  15. chelsea williams Says:

    Cobra Lily is exactly the shade I’ve been searching for! A deep, rich red and the formula sounds amazing!

  16. Evangalia Kanaraki Says:

    Viber’s kiss is the shade for me! :)

  17. Kris Says:

    Cobra Lily! It’s that perfect vampy red shade I’m always searching for. I find most lipsticks too drying, so I think it’s interesting that these lipsticks have camellia oil in them. I will certainly have to give these a try!

  18. Christina Says:

    These are amazing!! I loved Cobra Lily, Red Lantern, Viper’s Kiss, Forbidden City, couldn’t choose just one!

  19. Mary Says:

    Cobra Lily, which I already own) is just gorgeous. A lush burgundy that can be subtle or striking, I love it so much I’ve been giving most of my other lipsticks away.

  20. LauraT Says:

    They are ALL so beautiful, it is hard to choose just one! I do have a weakness for a good hot pink matte, so Wild Peony is I think my favorite. Or Lust Caution. Or the Lip Veil in Pink Jade.

    Yes, those three will be the ones I order (if I don’t win, of course!)

  21. Emily Says:

    Cobra Lily – yumyumyum

  22. Mal Kin Says:

    Favorite is Viper’s Kiss.

  23. Kat Says:

    Pink Jade is the perfect pink for me.

  24. Ryder Says:

    I love the Cobra Lily, but boy was it tricky to access all ten shades; I had to try about five different avenues through the website before I could find the full collection page.

    tanx a heap,

  25. Larissa Says:

    Love Forbidden City! Such a pretty orange red.

  26. Dante Says:

    Gold Viper

  27. Gillian Says:

    Oh man… for me it’s got to be Gold Viper. Warm, creamy, and shimmery, it’s just my luck I always pick the most expensive one out of the bunch.

  28. Moonchild Says:

    Love the “Cobra Lily” shade!

  29. J.L. Says:

    My favourite shade is Cobra Lily, the rich burgundy struck me immediately and looks like it would compliment pale skin beautifully. And who wouldn’t want to feel like a serpentine femme fatale?

  30. Aggeliki Obsolete Says:

    They all look fantastic. If I had to choose one, it would probably be Viper’s Kiss. Or maybe Cobra Lily! <3

  31. Liz Says:

    They’re all lovely, but my favorite is Cobra Lily.

  32. Hillary Says:

    Gold viper! Though they’re all lovely

  33. Hellen Says:

    Very hard to choose a favorite – I love all the reds – but Cobra Liky is an absolutely gorgeous shade.

  34. Lena Says:

    Awww I love Lust Caution! Been looking fort the perfect red color fort ages now!

  35. Isobel Says:

    Hmm….I think cobra lily- seems to be a favourite with a lot of people here, but it really is gorgeous.

  36. Lucy Says:

    Got to be Cobra Lily, no doubt about it. Would definitely help me nail the Clara Bow look down :)

  37. Kohlea Says:

    I’d probably wear Cobra Lily more, but Gold Viper has its charm, too.

  38. AtomicSean Says:

    Wild peony for sure!

  39. Melisande Says:

    Cobra lily! So gorgeous!

  40. Megan Says:

    Viper’s Kiss, all the way. Gotta love me some femme fatale red :p

  41. Kat Says:

    I love Red Lantern. It’s dangerous yet classy and young.

  42. Margot Meanie Says:

    They are all really lovely shades, but I would say Cobra Lily is my personal favourite, followed by Shanghai Rose & Lust caution.

    Just followed them on both instagram & facebook!


  43. Amanda Says:

    I’m really digging lust caution… it’s one of the few bright pinks I’ve seen that I like!

    I liked on fb and followed on instagram as well!

    Thank you!

  44. Ruby Says:

    oooo Cobra lily has got to be my favorite! Such a pretty color!

  45. Alexa Says:

    I really love Viper’s Kiss and Cobra Lily, but I’d have to go with Cobra Lily as my favorite! I just love that deep red/burgundy shade. :)

  46. Mari Says:

    My favorite is Cobra Lily, I love that shade and the name! Haha
    And all the shades are really pretty and it was hard choosing just one <3

  47. Jennie Says:

    And of course the rest of them are close seconds!


  48. LittleTiern Says:

    Lust Caution! The color looks fantastic, and the novella (and movie!!) are so breathtaking I can’t resist. Thanks for the introduction!

  49. Kirsten Says:

    I think I like Cobra Lily best, but all the shades are beautiful!

  50. Nicollette Says:

    Cobra lily!!!!

  51. Orvokki Says:

    Ugh! So hard to pick a favorite! I think I’ll go with Vipers Kiss, I’ve been looking for a shade like that for a while. Great to have lipsticks that won’t make me look like a yellowish green swamp monster. :D
    Liked on fb. :)

  52. Brandi Says:

    Cobra Lily is the perfect shade to hypnotize and ensnare unsuspecting victims.

  53. steph vr Says:

    Liking the look of pink jade too… but (predictably) it’s got to be cobra lily!

  54. Erin Says:

    They’re all pretty gorgeous but I think Cobra Lily is my favorite!

  55. xenia Says:

    If I had to choose one I guess forbidden city but I honestly would like to try them all!

  56. lauren Says:

    loving viper’s kiss!

  57. Christina Says:

    I also liked their page on facebook!

  58. Melanie Says:

    Ooh, Cobra Lily for sure! Although Viper’s Kiss looks very alluring as well.

  59. Melissa Alice Says:

    I’d love a Vipers Kiss!! ;’)

  60. Michelle Says:

    My vote is for either Red Lantern or Lust Caution…but really, all of the colors are amazing! Liked on FB :)

  61. Sara Says:

    Viper’s Kiss, without a doubt!

  62. Mjorf Says:

    Golden Viper! Looks like it would look stunning this summer (yes I’m holding out for the summer, begone dreary Arctic Winter)

  63. Alina Blix Says:

    I love Viper’s Kiss, but Gold Viper is definitely a close second.

  64. Ritsa Says:

    Forbidden City!!! Stunning orangey red to wear al year round!!!

  65. Daniela Says:

    They are all so beautiful, but I think my favorite is Shanghai Rose. I’m also following on Instagram.

  66. Esther Says:

    Cobra Lily is calling my name!

  67. Crystal Says:

    I’ve been going back to the site since I discovered it last week… I have 3 tubes from other brands that are really similar to Wild Peony, so I’ve talked myself out of that one. I’m torn between Cobra Lily and Viper’s Kiss. I may have to snag both!

    Also following on IG & liked on FB :)

  68. JennieB Says:

    Gold Viper is STUNNING. Would love the chance to add that to my arsenal!

  69. Sam Says:

    I like cobra lily, I tend to like dark lipstick when I wear it. It makes things more dramatic.

  70. Dani Says:

    my favorite is the Viper’s Kiss, I’ve been in need of a good red for a while now. I liked the FB page too

  71. DC Says:

    My o my, I normally do matte blue-red or nothing, but I’m entranced by Gold Viper. Also just generally excited and heartened by the collection concept, as a notably olive-y Asian.

  72. Gloria Says:

    In love with Cobra Lily (and Viper’s Kiss too!!)!! So happy to know about this brand..such an amazing and beautiful shades and the texture looks brilliant!!!
    Following them on instagram and liked their page on facebook :)

  73. Su TheHeartless Says:

    I’ve spent so much time watching all the pictures on fb to try to help me out to choose just one of them.. damn! so hard. I must say I will go for the “Cobra lily”
    Never heard of this bran before, and they look just amazing, matte but not so dry, just perfect. And I loved the photo editorials, the logotype, the name.. everything!

  74. melissa Says:

    I’ve been enjoying red-oranges lately, so Forbidden City is my favorite! I am intrigued by the other shades, though, especially Gold Viper.

  75. Ronda Says:

    Shanghai Rose is my favorite :)

  76. raquel Says:

    Vipers kiss is bold and I love the name! – Raquel

  77. Mirona Says:

    My favourite is Shanghai Rose!

  78. Jennifer Says:

    Who wouldn’t love a lipstick with a name like Cobra Lily? Liked on FB, followed on Instagram.

  79. Kimberly J Says:

    Cobra Lily is my favorite, but they all look amazing. I also liked on facebook and followed on instagram! <3

  80. Lixe Says:

    Hi Hautemacabre, i’m Lixe from France, i’d like to say that without your amazing website i would not have discover all those beautiful things you publish. Thank you for that.
    It’s hard to choose but i think my favorite shade is gold viper !

    wish me good luck !

  81. Chromella Says:

    Cobra Lily, most seductive..but all gorgeous!

  82. Holly Says:

    I love Cobra Lily! There are definitely a few other shades I would love to try as well.

    Liked on FB and following in Instagram.

  83. Claudia Says:

    Really love cobra lily, every aspiring villain should have one in their purse!

  84. Justred Says:

    I love Cobra Lily, such a lovely shade

  85. allana Says:

    I think Shanghai Rose. It looks so phenomenal in the promo photo.

  86. Chris Says:

    Cobra lily is pretty sweet!

  87. Cynthia Says:

    I love Cobra Lily! Viper’s Kiss is nice too. I’m really digging the names. Will like on Facebook and follow on Instagram!

  88. Blake Says:

    Vipers Kiss. But i really want to try Shanghai Rose

  89. Sarah Says:

    I love all of these, but my favorite has to be Cobra Lily.

  90. Jessica Says:

    I was immediately drawn to Shanghai Rose, but all the shades are gorgeous!

    I’ve liked the FB page as well (:

  91. Mae Says:

    My favourite shade is definitely Lust Caution

  92. Jin6655321 Says:

    Yup, definitely Cobra Lily.

  93. Lea Says:

    Cobra Lily’s my favorite shade! I followed her on Instagram.

  94. Rachel Says:

    I’d wear shanghai rose to work, and wild peony to party on the weekends!

  95. Vesper Says:

    Hard to pick, and these all could work on my skin, but I’ll go with Viper’s Kiss!

  96. Haute Recessionista Says:

    I love the Red Lantern shade SILK MATTE Lipstick and VIPER’S DREAM COLLECTION from SHIEN Cosmetics!

  97. Wretchen Says:

    The entire collection is lovely but I am fixated on Gold Viper! Facebooked and Instagramed…wondering how I did not find this company eariler!

  98. Rosanna Says:

    my favoite shade is gold viper, so pretty!

  99. Aise Stewart Says:

    Got to be Gold Viper. They’re all lovely shades though — it was a tough call between Gold Viper and Shanghai Rose!

  100. Esz (@em_originals) Says:

    Um WOW what an awesome prize!! I love Red Lantern – of course!!

  101. Ms. Natasha Says:

    I’m head over heels for Cobra Lily!

  102. Fee (An Honest Drug) Says:

    Oooh, has to be either Cobra Lily or Viper’s Kiss!

  103. Rina Says:

    Personally I love Viper’s Kiss, because it looks deep and bold and glorious. Exactly the type of shade needed to steal hearts – figuratively and literally!

  104. Val Says:

    Viper’s Kiss – rich sensual, a powerful statement.

  105. L. Says:

    My favorite is Cobra Lily!

  106. Becky Says:

    I must have Lust Caution! Love!

  107. Elizabeth Says:

    Lust Caution is my favorite. Gorgeous.

  108. Veronica Says:

    Gold Viper!

  109. Emilie Says:

    Cobra Lily is my favourite… Reminds me of femmes fatales from Hollywood’s golden age.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  110. Alexandra Says:

    I love Cobra Lily! All the shades are just stunning.

  111. Venin Says:

    Cobra Lily! Dark and seductive.

  112. Roisin Says:

    Cobra Lily is amazing! It was hard to choose between that and Viper’s Kiss though.

  113. Lunaria Says:

    Seems that I’m with the majority here in loving Cobra Lily. Just can’t resist a deep burgundy lipstick.

  114. Chelsea W Says:

    Forbidden City is just gorgeous!

  115. Clio Says:

    Viper’s Kiss is an incredible hue, the perfect blood red for my pale skin ;)

  116. Laura Says:

    Cobra Lily for the win!

  117. Fiorella Says:

    They are all to die for, but since I have to pick one, it’s going to be Cobra Lilly :)

  118. Danielle Says:

    Cobra Lily is gorgeous! :D

  119. Sarah Says:

    Oh wow, Gold Viper is just incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it!

  120. Christina Godinez Says:

    I am utterly in love with Viper’s Kiss. Deep and sultry red.

    Liked Shien Cosmetics on Facebook as Chrissy Godinez and follow them on Instagram as FancyFaceChris.

  121. Jenske Says:

    Oh god I just love them all!
    If I HAVE to choose I’d choose “Cobra Lily” though!
    love love love it! <3

  122. Sira Says:

    Wow wow wow!!!!!
    Are absolutely amazing them all!!!
    Choose only one shade is the most difficult decission i had to make thia week!! But here i am choosing GOLD VIPER!!!!

    I follow on facebook and instagram.
    Hope i win!!!!

  123. OrlandoMakeup Says:

    My number one favorite is Shanghai Rose. It is the perfect nude for my olive complexion. My other favorite is Forbidden City. It is a delicate balance of orange wrapped in a red bow. It makes my olive skin glow.

  124. Natalie Says:

    Pink Peony.

  125. Kristina Says:

    I only own Gold Viper at the moment, but love that it has class written all over its lush creamy gold color. I’d like to expand my collection and keep my lipstick looks timeless.

  126. Tina Says:

    My favorite shade is Red Lantern, but they’re all gorgeous!

  127. Christina Says:

    Viper’s Kiss! But I love them all!
    Also liked the FB page and following on instagram!

  128. Christina Says:

    Viper’s kiss! But they are all so gorgeous!

    I liked the FB page and following on instagram!

  129. Adrian Says:

    I fluctuate but I really love Last Caution at the’s the perfect classic red!

  130. Nini Says:

    Cobra lily is definitely my favorite. It’s the perfect matte, red lipstick and the name of the shade is genius. A dangerous combo ;)

  131. Rachel Grey Says:

    Gold viper is my favourite, with Shanghai Rose in second! I’ve wanted to try these lipsticks for so long but haven’t had the disposable income. My snake obsession makes me love it even more.

  132. Melinda Says:

    I was gonna pick Red Lantern, but then I saw a picture of Viper’s Kiss on their Instagram feed and I might actually be in love <3

  133. Elisa Says:

    I love Lust Caution!

  134. Bronwyn Says:

    I love Cobra Lily the most, but am also looking forward to Lust Caution! I’m following Shien on Instagram and Facebook.

  135. Rachel Says:

    Its so hard to choose a favourite, but I’d have to go with Viper’s Kiss!

  136. Ellie Says:

    I’m trying to stray from dark colors as I own too three shades of dark red already! So I have to say my favorite is lust caution!

  137. Vivian Says:

    I love all the colors and the concept. But the one I can’t stop staring at is Cobra Lily. I would say that would be my favorite.

  138. Clara Coquette Says:

    Oh, it’s a really hard choice, but I think Cobra Lily is my favorite. I’ve already liked her page and followed her on Instagram.

  139. Mather Says:

    Forbidden City is just dreamy!!

  140. Maeri Says:

    In love with Cobra Lily. ?? It is a luscious dark red that looks great straight from the tube or lightly applied! All colors are gorgeous. Liked fb & Instagram :)

  141. gail Says:

    I love them all! But shangai rose is my top pick! Thanks for this giveaway!

  142. Maeri Says:

    In love with Cobra Lily. <3 It is a luscious dark red that looks great straight from the tube or lightly applied! All colors are gorgeous. Liked fb & Instagram :)

  143. didi Says:

    Gold viper!!! already following shien cosmetics on Facebook and Instagram!! it would be awesome to win the whole collection. fingers cross!

  144. Colleen Says:

    Red Lantern please!

  145. Marcella Says:

    Lust Caution or Cobra Lily, though I’d love to try them all. The design for these is just gorgeous.

  146. OC Says:

    Gold Viper! but i really like the other ones too, hard to choose between that and cobra lily!

  147. Racheal Says:

    For the day it’s Shanghai Rose. It’s difficult to find a delicate matte lipstick that won’t pick out the pinks in my complexion making me look blotchy.

    And for an evening shade I’m torn between Cobra Lily and Viper’s Kiss. Both are beautiful.


  148. Cat Says:

    Shanghai Rose is SO beautiful, with Viper’s Kiss as a close second. All of these are jaw-droppingly gorgeous though!

  149. Liz Says:

    Gold Viper for days. It is such a unique and elegant shade that can be worn anyday. I also followed Instagram and Facebook.

  150. Emily B. Says:

    cobra lily, red lantern, and lust caution!

  151. Aria Says:

    Viper Kiss is my favorite shade. It is a beautiful shade that makes a woman look mysterious but tenderly sweet at the same time.

  152. Minx Says:

    Red Lantern and Cobra Lily are on my wish list!

  153. Dalila Says:

    Lust caution is my fave, red hot and pink all at the same time.

  154. Lydia Says:

    I can’t decide if I like Viper’s Kiss or cobra’s lily best!

  155. Ella Says:

    Ahhh, I love all of them! But if I had to choose my favorite would have to be Wild Peony!

  156. Eric Says:

    Red Lantern is absolutely gorgeous <3 xoxo

  157. Megan Says:

    Love them all. Excited the most by Viper’s Kiss. Following both on FB and Instagram ?

  158. Kat Says:

    Shanghai Rose is soooo pretty! xx

  159. Michelle Says:

    My favorite is gold Viper. I love all the gold tones. I feel like I’ve searching for them my whole life. I have even mixed gold eyeshadow into my lipstick in mimicry of these shades that did not yet exist. I am glad they do now!

  160. Hazel Panique Says:

    Gold viper is beautiful!!! I can’t wait to try it out, I’ve never seen anything like it!

  161. lynn Says:

    Cobra Lily! I’m always such a sucker for a blue or purple undertone. Every time I try to get a true red I end up with something more maroon or purple.

  162. Mara Says:

    Lust Caution looks lovely!